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Manual Egg Tray Making Machine

Manual egg tray making machine is widely applied in small-scale farms or the related egg tray business. Because of low cost and easy operation, many farmers choose this type of machine to make egg trays, egg cartons, and other paper trays. Why this machine belongs to the manual type? The main reason is the drying line – natural drying under the sun. When taking this drying method, customers just spend a small cost. When investing in this machine, contact Beston now.

Manual Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale
Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

What are Manual Egg Tray Machine

A manual egg tray machine refers to the automatic egg tray production line with a manual drying line. All of Beston egg tray making machines have automatic systems. When customers wanna improve the automation level, customers should choose a suitable drying line. The natural drying line refers to the natural drying under the sun. Workers put the egg trays into the trolley and then put them under the ground or under the shelves. The final drying effectiveness is influenced by the weather, moisture and wind speed. All in all, this method just takes a small part of the cost. It is a great option for people who do small-scale businesses.

Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Bolivia
Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Bolivia
Natural Drying Way
Natural Drying Way

Forming Mould Quantity34121632404864
Total Power32kw36-60kw55-74kw58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas25-35m³30-40m³35-45m³48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³

What Can Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Used to Do

Besides common egg tray, egg carton, Beston manual egg tray making machine for sale is used to make all kinds of paper trays, like coffee cup tray, wine bottle tray, fruit tray, shoe tray, industrial packaging tray, seedling tray, quail egg tray, quail egg carton. Moreover, we also provide custom trays. Send your paper tray image to Beston now.

30-hole Egg Trays
30-hole Egg Trays
Egg Carton
6-hole Egg Carton
Fruit Tray
Fruit Tray
Shoe Tray
Shoe Tray
Cup Tray
Cup Tray
Bottle Tray
Bottle Tray

How to Make Egg Tray Manually

How to Make Paper Pulp

Put paper waste into hydraulic pulper. Then the paper waste will be turned into pulp. The paper pulp will flow into the homogenization pool. In the homogenization pool, the rough pulp will be refined by the pulp beater. At the same time, the paper concentration of the pulp will be adjusted well. Adjusted paper pulp will flow into the pulp pool.

How to Make Egg Trays

The finished paper pulp will be delivered into forming machine by pulp pump. Under the strong absorption of the vacuum pump, the pulp will be adsorbed up on the molds. Through the blowing force of air compressor, the formed egg tray will be blown off from molds.

How to Dry Egg Trays Manually

Actually, Beston offers three drying ways. The manual drying method refers to natural drying under the sun. When egg trays are made, the labor delivers the egg trays to the ground or the shelves. Under the drying of natural sun and wind, the extra moisture of egg trays will be removed.

How to Make Pack Egg Trays Quickly

In order to improve the efficiency of a production line, Beston offers stacker and egg tray packing machines. They are all automatic. When operating these machines, 1-2 labor is enough. When you wanna get a high-level automation production line, take these machines into consideration.

Use Manual Paper Egg Tray Making Machine to Make Profits

Making profits is the most concerning issue for customers. There are two factors you should consider. The first one is knowing how much you will spend. It is related to the machine model, drying line, optional parts, another related device (stacker, hot pressing machine and packing machine). The second one is calculating how much profits you can generate. According to the local market, make clear that how much the eggs with trays can be sold. This business belongs to small profits but quick turnover. Accordingly, take this machine to do this manual egg tray making business right now.

Analysis of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Production Line
based on Chinese price
Material Waste papers 85kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.14/kg
Water(recycling) 255kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.32/t
Electricity 24KW/H 22.5Hour $0.14/KWH
Labor 4 person/shift 2 shifts/day $7.5/person/day
Egg trays 1000pcs/hr 22.5Hour $0.05/piece
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total Remark
Waste papers kg 1912.5 $0.14 $267.75
Water t 5.7 $0.32 $1.82 water is recycled in actual production
Electricity KWH 540 $0.14 $75.60
Labor Person 8 $7.50 $60.00
Total $405.17
Daily Output
Items Unit Quantity Unit price Total Remark
Egg trays piece 22500 $0.05 $1,125.00
Total $1,125.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $719.83
Month Profits (30 days) $21,594.78
Annual (12 Months) $259,137.36

Why Choose Beston Manual Egg Tray Machine

Long-term Quality Guarantee

• Beston manual egg tray making machine takes the advanced technology – Taiwan gear divider technology. Finally, zero error in the running process can be achieved.
• Take the thickened 20# channel steel as the main engine base. Moreover, all the transmission shafts adopt solid shafts. So that stability and safety can be ensured.
• Adopt Harbin bearings as the transmission bearings of the main engine. In this case, the situation of entering the water can be avoided.
• The positioning slide on the host is welded with 45# steel plate after being processed by heat treatment.
• Use 304 stainless steel to make machine template, slurry tank, main machine roof, and internal pipes.
• The motor is made of 100 % copper. It is guaranteed by the domestic first-class brand.
• There are some protective measures for electrical appliances, main machines, pipelines, and other parts to extend their lifespan.

Energy-saving Design

Beston Company develops a new double vacuum spiral pressurization. This way can achieve the result of the highest vacuum pressure with the lowest power.
• The air compressor adopts an energy-saving screw air compressor.
• The vacuum rotary plate on the main machine adopts an automatic pressure regulation design.
• The six-layer metal drying line is the most energy-saving equipment in the domestic market. It goes through dozens of technical upgrades by Beston.
• The whole set of manual egg tray making equipment can be equipped with a stacker. It has a high degree of automation than other brands.

Manal Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Mali
Manal Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Mali
Good Feedback for Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Equipment
Good Feedback for Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Equipment

Are There Any Other Options Besides of Manual Paper Egg Tray Machine?

Besides manual options, Beston offers automatic egg tray making machine. The main difference is the drying line. All main egg tray making machines have an automatic system. When separated into manual and automatic models, pulp molding machines are equipped with different drying lines, for example, natural drying systems, brick drying systems, and metal drying systems. See the related machines.

What Should Focus On When Purchasing this Manual Egg Tray Equipment?

Demand to Add Egg Values

There are many poultry farmers to purchase this paper pulp molded machine. The egg trays not protect the eggs but also greatly add economical value to eggs. These farmers will benefit a lot from this investment.

Suitable Capacity

Take the manual egg tray making machine whose capacity meets your demand. When you have a decision on capacity, take the following factors into consideration, including output, feeding capacity and labor force.

Appropriate Dryer

The natural drying line is the cheapest line. However, maybe it isn’t the most efficient line. When you choose a suitable dryer, take the weather, wind, labor cost, fundamental cost and automation level into consideration.

How to Get a Competitive Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Price from Beston

Leave Your Detailed Requirement to Beston

Beston makes efforts to give best machines and services to customers. When you consult this machine, leave your demand as much as possible, for example, raw materials, feeding capacity, output, related machines, final products, land. We will recommend the best one for you according to your detailed requirement.

Indian Customer Got Fair Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Price from Beston
Indian Customer Got Fair Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Price from Beston
Ivory Coast Customer Got Reasonable Manual Egg Tray Machine Price
Ivory Coast Customer Got Reasonable Manual Egg Tray Machine Price

Is There Reliable Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturer

Of course. Beston has more than ten years of experience in egg tray making machine manufacturing, exporting and installing field. So far, we have more than 200+ cases in 40+ countries. Besides, in normal cases, we take a visit to exhibitions in South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, etc. We will demonstrate Beston paper tray machines and company strength to customers. Customers can contact us to get the latest information about the exhibition.

Besides, Beston offers a full range of services to guarantee customers’ rights.

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