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Apple Tray Making Machine

Apple tray making machine is used to make apple trays which can improve apple’s value and service life. Beston Group, as the manufacturer, offers factory prices and multiple options with customized service. The final trays have good performance in terms of resistance and thickness. Tell us what you need.

Beston Apple Tray Making Machine for Sale
Beston Apple Tray Making Machine for Sale – 5 Automatic Models

Beston Fruit Tray Making Machine Parameters

Beston provides 5 models of apple tray making machine for sale to customers. They have different requirements for power, land, labor, water, and so on. Look at their parameters.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Beston Fruit Box Making Machine Applications

Beston fruit box making machine can be used to make all kinds of fruit trays and fruit boxes, including apples, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, avocados, pears, tomatoes, and so on. Besides, we offer custom tray mould dies. Just specify your demand to Beston Group. Then we will handle the rest of things.

Paper Fruit Trays

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Apple Tray Making Machine Delivery

Beston Fruit Tray Machine Delivery on Time

Apple Fruit Tray Making Machine Installment Site

Note: see the apple tray machine project in Brazil at 1:05.

How to Choose a Right Apple Tray Machine?

Standout Machine Quality

When customers use a high-quality paper pulp molded machine, its service life is more than 8 years. At the same time, it is broken up just a few times. Beston supplies 5 models with an automatic system. They operate simply. And Beston’s overseas projects run well, for example, the Indian project, the Egypt project.

Suitable Dryers

Choose a suitable dryer to dry apple trays. The right one not only saves time and management costs but also reduces labor costs.

Drying System Features
Multiple-layer Metal Dryer Automation Level: High;
Construction: Fast and Easy Installment;
Drying Number: Suitable for All Models.
Metal Dryer for Beston Apple Tray Making Machine
Metal Dryer for Beston Apple Tray Making Machine
Demand for Packing Machine and Hot Pressing Machine

Some Beston customers have a demand for packing machines and hot pressing machines. The packing machine operates easily, which saves manual force and short packing time. On the other hand, a hot pressing machine strengthens apple tray resistance. With their help, the efficiency of the egg tray packing line will be greatly improved.

An Ideal Project Layout

When you get an optimized fruit tray manufacturing project layout, you can save costs in the construction and running process.

Packing Machine and Hot Pressing Machine
Packing Machine and Hot Pressing Machine

A Reliable Fruit Tray Making Machine Manufacturer – Beston

1. 10+ years of manufacturing and exporting experience.
2. More than 100+ paper tray machine cases overseas.
3. Take part in exhibitions every year.
4. Regular call visits or site visits.
5. One-stop station service.
6. Service.

Visit Manufacturing Factory 1. Sample test on manufacturing factory;
2. Check the machine;
3. Demonstration of apple tray production;
Stock Circle 1. Fast manufacturing period;
2. Test running before shipment;
Shipment On-time;
Installment and commissioning operation Assist customer’s installment.

After-sales Team - Beston Group

Apple Fruit Tray Production Process

Paper Pulp Making Process

Put paper waste into the hydraulic pulper. After a few minutes, the rough pulp is formed. Then in the homogenization pool, the rough pulp is refined and adjusted well.

Apple Tray Molding Process

Through works of pulp pump and vacuum pump, the pulp is adsorbed upon the forming mold.

Apple Tray Drying Process

The above three drying methods have wide applications.

What is Apple Tray Making Process

Fruit tray making machine for sale produces different shapes of trays for apples, wiki, or other fruits. Leave your requirement to Beston. See some photos on Beston Pinterest. Then we give you a satisfactory plan. We will always support you in installment and service.

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