Egg Carton Machine

Egg carton machine is used to make 6-hole, 10-hole, 12-hole, and 18-hole egg cartons with waste paper. If investors have a large quantity of waste paper or run a chicken farm, this machine is a good investment to improve customers’ benefits. There are some reasons to choose Beston equipment, for example, excellent quality, great after-sales service, online technical support, and 24-hour online service. Leave your requirement to get the suitable one.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale
Beston Egg Carton Mold

Egg Carton

What is Egg Carton Making Machine?

Egg carton making machine refers to the equipment to make egg cartons and other paper products with mixed paper pulp under strong absorption. It is a kind of green machine. This egg box making machine mainly consists of pulping equipment, molding machine and mold dies. They can serve customers for a long time.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine 3D Layout

What Are Final Products?

Beston provides the following standard egg carton molds, including 6-count, 10-count, 12-count, 18-count egg cartons and quail egg cartons. Besides, the egg carton molds can be customized when you leave your requirement to Beston.

Weight 80g-100g. It can be adjusted.

Color Any color (many customers will not choose to add color additives).

Function It depends on the additives customers add (waterproof additives, enhancer).

Egg Carton Shape Customized service. We offer the standard and customized egg carton moulds. Besides, the quail egg cartons are also available.

Egg Carton Tray
6-cell Egg Carton
10-hole Egg Carton
10-cell Egg Carton
12 Holes Egg Carton
12-cell Egg Carton
18-hole Egg Carton
18-cell Egg Carton
Quail Egg Carton
Quail Egg Carton

What Raw Materials Can be Applied to Make Egg Cartons

There are many types of paper waste that can be recycled, like notebooks, cardboard, waste carton paper, waste printed matter (newspaper, magazine, book), paper products (used egg cartons) and scraps from various paper products factories. Generally, almost all kinds of paper waste can be recycled to make paper egg cartons. Before adjusting the pulp, get a consultation from Beston.

Use Beston Egg Carton Making Machne to Make Egg Carton

Why Do Customers Have High Demand for Paper Egg Carton Machine?

There are many ways to recycle paper waste. When seeking good ways to recycle paper, many customers choose to do egg carton making machine business finally. There are three main reasons.

Be Good for Environment

Many countries are appealing for improving the waste utilization rate. Paper waste, as a gradable material, can be recycled in many ways. When customers choose this machine, customers invest a small budget and turn these waste papers into egg cartons. Moreover, the production process won’t have pollution to the environment.

Be Good for the Local Economy

This self-employed egg tray making business has great benefits to the local economy. Firstly, investors can get the money back quickly from this business, especially for poultry farmers. The setup is easy and quick. Once this project is put into production, it can bring benefits to customers quickly. Secondly, this project will increase some jobs for the local citizens.

Be Great for Industry Development

The industry of making egg cartons have an effect on several fields, like poultry farm, restaurant, supermarket, transportation, online retail platform. It will promote their development and drive the growth of data. Moreover, it will stimulate people’s consumption and promote economic growth. Finally, customers will contribute to the country.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine with Metal Dryer
Beston Egg Carton Making Machine with Metal Dryer

Types of Beston Egg Carton Machine for Sale

Beston offers 5 models to customers. They are seperated into 2 types by automatic level, including medium-scale egg carton machine and large-scale egg carton machine.

Beston medium-scale egg carton maker is composed of molding machines. The metal egg tray dryer is optional part. Many customers choose this type because of appropriate capacity.

Suitable Models: BTF4-4
Installation Circle: 25-45 working days
Deliver Circle: 30-45 working days
Business Scale: medium scale

Beston automatic egg carton machine is conposed of egg carton molding equipment and metal drying line (optional). Because of high-level automatic operation by 3-4 workers, many customer choose this line.

Suitable Models: BTF4-8, BTF5-8 and BTF6-8
Installation Circle: 25-35 working days
Deliver Circle: 30-45 working days
Business Scale: large scale
Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

3 Options of Egg Carton Dryers for Customers

In order to dry egg trays, Beston provides a way, including a metal drying line. See the details.

Egg Carton Metal Drying Line

The egg cartons can be delivered into metal dryng room by metal conveyer. The metal drying line is composed of a metal dryer and a multiple-layers drying room. It is easy to set up and operate. When using them, the drying time is short. Moreover, when operate this line, 1-2 workers are enough. It saves manual labor costs. There is a chart to help you to choose one of them. For maintenance, it is also easy to manage. Half of our customers chose this line.

Drying Room Temperature: 200-250 degrees
Drying Time: 25 minutes

Note: Learn about egg tray drying lines details.

Egg Carton Machine with Metal Dryer
Egg Carton Machine with Metal Dryer

What is Egg Carton Manufacturing Process?

The egg carton production process can be divided into three procedures, including puling, molding, and drying process.

Paper Pulping Process

Put paper waste into pulping making system. After being mixed with water, paper waste will be made into rough pulp. Though the refiner, the paper pulp will be adjusted into an appropriate conventration.

Egg Carton Molding Process

The pulp is absorbed into egg carton molds. With auxiliary work (air compressor and vacuum pump), the primary shape of egg cartons is made on egg carton molds. Through pressed by two sides of molds, egg cartons are made.

Egg Cartons Drying Process

Egg cartons are transported into drying system by conveyor when investors choose metal dryer. Just operate as instructions. It is extremely safe. The whole drying process is quick.

Note: see more related paper egg tray machine videos.

What are the Advantages of Beston Pulp Egg Carton Making Machine?

Minimize Energy Consumption

The high-concentration pulping machine is used in the pulping line, which is easy to make a large of quality egg cartons.
The water can be recycled and be used again and again during the production process.
Double vacuum screw pressurization technology guarantees the strongest vacuum pressure under the lowest energy consumption.
An energy-efficient screw air compressor is available.

Quality Guarantee

The motor employees Taiwan gear division technology to ensure running accuracy.
Use a copper plate on the motor vacuum rotating plate to automatically adjust the pressure.
The engine base adopts 20# thick channel steel. And the drive shaft uses a solid shaft. These designs are helpful to improve stability and safety.
The gearbox bearing inner the motor is mechanized sealed. Therefore, it is impossible for water to enter the motor.
Some protective measures are taken for motor, molding lines, and pipelines. The lifespan of the production line will be prolonged.

One-stop Custom Service

Beston offers one-stop customer service to satisfy customers’ requirements at once. Besides, we also provide customer service for a part of equipment or device.
Beston offers custom mold dies, including plastic and aluminum molds.
There are several parts that can be customized, for example, motor, pulp refine system, PLC, hot pressing machine, stacker, etc.
Note: contact paper egg tray making machine manufacturer in China – Beston to get more detailed lists.

Energy-efficient Egg Carton Making Equipment
Energy-efficient Egg Carton Making Equipment

Customers from All Over the World Choose Beston Egg Carton Machines

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine Exported to 40+ Countries

Beston projects are located in Asia, Africa, South America, North America America, Europe, etc. Most of the projects adopted metal dryer to save drying time. Before ordering egg box machines, some customers came to Beston manufacturing factory to check the quality and see final products. Besides, a part of customers ordered our machines because of regular’ recommendation. We are honored that customers believe in our strong strength.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine Praised by Customers Highly


Thanks for assisting the installment in our country. The whole ordering process, installment process and run trail process were very smooth and pleasant. Although we met some problems in the installment process, Beston engineers helped us to solve these problems quickly. Now, this project runs well. Sometimes, Beston send some technical skills to me. That’s wonderful.

– A Customer in Cote d’Ivoire

Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Making Machine from Customer in Cote d’Ivoire
Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Making Machine from Customer in Cote d’Ivoire


I got a lot of good feedback from Indian customers who brought paper egg tray machines from Beston. So I sent an inquiry to Beston. They sincerely treat me as a friend and gave me a detailed products list and quotation. Besides, their manager constantly adjusted the plan with the patient. And gave me a most economical plan finally. I was very satisfied.

– A Customer in India

Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Machine from Customer in India
Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Machine from Customer in India


The reception was good. We enjoyed the factory tour. The final layout and machines was great. All of our requirements were met. When we discussed the price quotation, it is clear and transparent. They showed the sincere and reliability to us. So we reached the deal quickly. Now, we are looking forward to lasting a long relationship with Beston.

– A Customer in Nigeria

Good Feedback from Nigerian Customer
Good Feedback for Beston Egg Carton Paking Machine from Customer in Nigeria


The service is the most factor I pay attention to. Beston’s services are great. When visiting the factory, Beston sales explained to me patiently. When confirming machines, they gave me a detailed list and make comparisons. I can find the most suitable one. When installing machines, we gained the biggest support from Beston. Beston is a trustworthy partner.

– A Customer in Dominica

Good Feedback on Beston Egg Carton Making Machine
Good Feedback for Beston Paper Egg Carton Equipment from Customer in Dominica

Beston Egg Carton Making Videos All Over the World

BTF4-8 Egg Carton Making Machine Project Site in Mozambique

This video shows the egg carton manufacturing line, drying line and pulping line. Now, it is a site manufacturing process. We can see the paper egg container dried under the ground. This customer was satisfied with the whole production line and the final products.

BTF5-8 Egg Carton Packing Machine Project Site in India

This video shows the manufacturing process under Indian customers’ operations. They showed waste paper, final products, molding part and drying line. With a drying line, the whole production line just needs several workers to operate. And this line is easy to operate for Indian customers and workers.

Why Do Customers Buy Egg Carton Making Machines from Beston?

Good Transaction Record and Good Reputation

As so far, Beston has thousands of traded orders. When we reached a deal with customers, we checked every detail, including shipment list, delivery time, packing size, installment process, etc. When customers have problems and contact Beston sales, we will solve them as soon as possible. Accordingly, our customers have good feedback to Beston.

10+ Years of Experience in this Field

Beston has more than ten years in this field. We have manufactured 400 sets of egg carton box making machines for the world. After shipping to the local area, our engineers will give customers a suitable plan and help customers to install their machines.

Offer Machines with High Price-performance Ratio

Firstly, We offer quality machines. Although the price isn’t the lowest, it is competitive. We deliver ongoing support for our current customers. And we provide layout design and business plans for new customers. Feel free to leave a message!

Flexible Options Offering

For models, Beston provides 7 models, including small to large scale.
For dryers, Beston provides a multiple-layer metal drying line.
For configuration, Beston offers several options according to the land size and basic instruction.
For devices, Beston provides several options which come from different brands.

A Qualified Manufacturer

Beston, as an experienced paper pulp molded machine manufacturer, has strong qualifications. We have business licenses, organization codes, and other related certificates. If you need us to show these certificates and licenses, just send an email to us. Besides, we have our own manufacturing line and professional groups. We welcome your arrival at Beston factory.

Full-range of Services to Guarantee Customers’ Rights

Beston offers a series of services to guarantee customers’ rights, including pre-sales service, sales-on service and after-sales service. We will make our efforts to assist our customers. You can see the full services on the services page. Or you can contact us directly.

When you capitalize on a trending product, why don’t choose a Beston egg carton making machine? Investors spend a small budget and get quick and large returns from it. With 10+years of experience, Beston offers on-sales service and post-sales service. Many customers choose Beston and never regret it. For more information, you see more machine pictures on Beston Pinterest.

See a 3D Layout of Beston Egg Carton Box Making Machine
See a 3D Layout of Beston Egg Carton Box Making Machine with Great Advantages

What is Beston Egg Carton Making Machine Price?

Beston paper egg carton machine price ranges from USD99200. This is not the lowest egg tray equipment price in the market. However, Beston machine is the best value for money. Do you know why customers say Beston egg tray machines are worth the money?

Firstly, Beston has a study group to improve machine performance. We will spend a budget on research and development. Now, our machines have high efficiency and easy operation. We pay attention to every part so that this machine can serve customers safely for a long time.

Secondly, Beston has a strict quality inspection department. We check every part, including molding parts, wear parts, etc. Every set of Beston equipment has good quality assurance. Our customers are satisfied with the quality of Beston machines.

Thirdly, Beston provides the most comprehensive post-sales services compared with other brands. They will offer setup support, training support and technical support. Customers can contact us within 24 hours. We will make our efforts to help customers.

Customer from Mali Get Competitive Egg Carton Making Machine Price from Beston
Customer from Mali Get Competitive Egg Carton Making Machine Price from Beston
Customer from Mali Get Competitive Egg Carton Machine Price from Beston
Customer from Mali Get Competitive Egg Carton Machine Price from Beston

Why Beston Egg Carton Maker is Worth Investing in?

Competitive Egg Carton Machine Price

Firstly, make sure you get a quality machine. Equipment Beston supplies have certificates to prove its technology and quality. Every part employees quality materials which are durable. Before shipment every time, Beston will check each part to guarantee its quality.

Secondly, a low price doesn’t mean a profitable investment. The price of Beston equipment is not low. But the quality and service are guaranteed. Because of the easy option and long service life, customers choose Beston machines. Usually, some machines with low prices have a short life span. Some of them even have a safety problem. To check the quality, we welcome you to come to the manufacturing factory.

Satisfy Customer’s Demand

Beston offers 5 models with a capacity of 2500-9000 pieces/h (small-scale egg tray production to large-scale egg tray production). And there are standard pulping making systems, integrated pulp making systems, packing machines, and other related machines for customers to choose from. Moreover, Beston offers customized services, for example, customized tray mould, customized fuel burning system, customized layout. We are not only a simple manufacturer but also your business planer. Besides, when you wanna get a profitable business plan according to the local market, just send your requirement to us.

High Waste Utilization Rate

Now, more and more investors adopt this egg tray packing line. The utilization rate of paper waste can be greatly improved in the local country. When customers take this way to recycle paper waste, the environment becomes cleaner and more beautiful. And this waste can be turned into money and help to improve the local economy.

Beston Egg Carton Maker is Worth Investing in
Beston Egg Carton Maker is Worth Investing in

How to Select the Good Egg Carton Making Machines from China?

In China, there are many manufacturers and companies that sell egg carton making machine. When you pay attention to the following points, you can get a good egg tray maker for sale on the market.

Low-priced Machines are not Necessarily the Best

Customers can find many machines marked with low prices. We don’t recommend this kind of machine. Maybe they are used and refurbished. Besides, the low-price machines may have bad performance and short service time. For customers, they are not a good alternative for a long-term business.

Egg Carton Machines with Bad Materials is not a Good Option

The machines with bad materials have several problems. Firstly, problems may often occur. Secondly, there are safety issues in the production process. Thirdly, these machines can’t be put into production because of quality problems. Finally, this is not a good choice.

Good Machines Often Come with Good After-sales Service

When customers choose a good machine, there are few problems in the later period. Good machines mean that this manufacturer has strong strength and professional teams to support the services. Accordingly, when you pick up a good machine, take services into consideration.

Choose a Good-quality Egg Carton Manufacturing Machie in China from Beston
Choose a Good-quality Egg Carton Manufacturing Machie in China from Beston

How to Find a Reliable Egg Carton Making Machine Manufacturer?

There are many egg carton making machine manufacturers in the Chinese and Indian markets. There are several factors that will help you to find a good manufacturer.

A Strong Manufacturer Has Own Manufacturing Factory and Groups

A good manufacturer has its own factory and some teams to guarantee the machine production, packing, delivery and technical support. After discussing for a time with the manufacturer, customers can send a requirement to visit the manufacturing factory. In this way, customers can know how these machines work and know more about cooperation partners. Beston factory size is more than 16, 000㎡. More than three departments are ready to provide services for customers. You are always welcome for Beston. See more videos on Beston Youtube.

A Leading Manufacturer Has Good Reputation in Industry and Customers

A leading manufacturer must have some advantages compared with other brands. Moreover, the customers’ good feedback for its machines. Beston is a manufacturer which has years of experience. And we have gained high praise from industry and regular customers. Some customers will send some pictures, videos and messages to show their machines in a good running situation. At this time, Beston feels pleasant and sends some tips and precautions for customers.

A Trustworthy Manufacturer Offers a Series of Customer-oriented Services

A trustworthy manufacturer always has a complete service system. The rights of customers can be guaranteed from all aspects. Beston has a comprehensive service system for customers, including pre-sales service, sales-on service and after-sales service. When you can’t deal with some problems or wanna change spare parts, just contact us at any time. We are always here to provide you with better service.

FAQs about Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale

  • How Many Eggs in a Carton?
    When customers make standard egg cartons, there are 6, 10, 12, 18 eggs in a carton.
  • How are Egg Cartons Manufactured?
    When you take Beston automatic egg carton forming machine, the whole process is automatic. After paper waste is mixed into pulp, the paper pulp will be absorbed into the egg carton forming mold. Under the strong absorption and pressing, egg cartons are made. Besides, when changing the molds, workers can make apple trays and other paper trays.
  • How to Use Egg Cartons?
    Put eggs into egg cartons. Firstly, egg cartons will protect the eggs in storage. Secondly, the loss rate will be reduced when customers take egg cartons. Thirdly, egg cartons make eggs more beautiful and clean. Besides, eggs with egg cartons is easy to place.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Make an Egg Carton?
    The cost of egg cartons depends on many factors, like raw material cost, equipment cost, land cost, fuel cost, electricity cost, water cost, output. If customers do a long time business in a large quantity, the cost is very cheap. Contact us to get a project cost analysis now.
  • Why Does Egg Carton Machine Cost Increase Year by Year?

    Firstly, industry standardization has been completed gradually in China. Beston, as the leading manufacturer, always takes our professional teams and provides the latest machines to customers. We spend time and money to improve Beston machines. And customers can benefit from our machines greatly.

    Secondly, replace of the fuel consumption line. In some countries, the requirement for environmental protection is high. These customers will choose natural gas as the fuel. The fuel consumption line is expensive than the coal consumption line. But, the former one is more environmental-friendly.

    Thirdly, the cost of materials is creasing year by year in order to improve the quality of machines. Through several years of development, this machine is easier to operate and maintain compared with previous generations. And the function is more complete. Accordingly, it is worthy of the investment.

  • Why the Pulping is an Important Step?
    The temperature of the mold is related to heating solidification time. The walls of the trough are usually upright in order to get a good paper pulp circle. This machine mainly uses mechanical and hydraulic action to make pulp. Accordingly, the pulping system is an important process.
  • Why Egg Cartons is a Green Product?

    Firstly, egg cartons are made by all kinds of paper waste. Paper waste is the main raw material. Sometimes, customers will add some additives. Then the egg cartons are formed on the forming mold. The egg cartons can be processed by the drying line and hot processing line. Finally, customers can get good-quality egg cartons.

    Secondly, waste egg cartons are degradable. And they can be used again. Besides, egg cartons have good water-proof and oil-proof performance after adding some additives. They can replace some plastic products and reduce white pollution.

  • Why Some Poultry Farmers Buy Egg Carton Machines?
    In the poultry farm, there are many eggs. The egg cartons are useful to prevent loss because of egg stacking. Eggs can be placed rightly. And the farmland can be used in a good way. Moreover, the poultry farm has a large demand for egg cartons and egg trays. This business is a good option for farmers.
  • What is the Installment Procedure?
    According to customers’ requirements, Beston will dispatch our experienced engineers to set up machine, debug line, and train workers.
    Make Preparation Work
    We will make a check, engineering evaluation and project plan.
    Secondly, work according to the steps of the project plan. When the workload isn’t completed, Beston engineers will have a discussion with customers in time.
    Run Trial and Training
    When the setup is finished, our engineers start to debug the production line. Workers actively cooperate with engineers. And in this process, engineers will have training for workers and solve their problems.
    Normal Running
    After the run trail, workers operate the whole production line under Beston engineers’ instruction. We will give some tips. Finally, engineers will sign documents about after-sales service with customers.
  • How to Operate Egg Carton Molding Line Safely?
    Check the Production Line
    Put egg carton machine in a horizontal position. Check every part. Make sure every part is in a good situation.
    Production Process
    Because this line is automatic, workers don’t operate this line. When egg cartons are made, workers need to put egg cartons in the drying line. Workers need to pay attention to the transformation speed and temperature of molds. After the production, clear the molds in time and put the power off.When the machine is in a downstate, workers should maintain the egg carton molding machine regularly, for example, checking, lubricating, and replacing spare parts.

  • How Do Customers Check Egg Carton Manufacturing Line When Buying It?
    Do a Run Trail
    Customers can require manufacturers to do a run trail when customers visit the manufacturing factory. From the run trail, customers have some understanding of the quality and performance of this machine. Besides, professionalism can also be reflected in manufacturers’ operations. Welcome to Beston. Beston will show you a whole egg carton forming line and our professional services!
    Rate of Finished Products Yield
    The rate of finished products yield is an important factor to consider. When you take Beston machines, the rate can reach 99%. It is higher than other brands’ rates. We can send some production videos if you need them.
  • How to Maintain Egg Carton Machine?

    It is inevitable for egg carton machine to get a touch with water during operation. It makes it more important to maintain the machine and make it serve longer. Workers wipe the machine with a sponge or cloth dipped in a mixture of alcohol, volatile oil, or acetone. The pulp will be stained around the egg tray machine. The pulp needs to be cleaned in time. This step ensures that the egg tray machine is clean and tidy. Otherwise, the machine is worn out if too much pulp residue is accumulated. Don’t use hard steel wire balls, chemical wiping or steel brushes when cleaning the machine. Use a soft towel with water to wipe the machine. Otherwise, it will cause scratches or erosion.

    Under normal circumstances, the egg tray machine will not rust. However, the egg tray machine may rust if it is not used or maintained properly. It is important to raise awareness of maintenance work.

  • How to Get a Smooth Running in Cold Days?

    When the egg tray machine is running in winter, it is not as smooth as in spring, summer and autumn. many customers react in this season. Egg tray equipment often appears in this situation after the early winter season, because the weather turns cooler, the equipment will be slower in the start-up operation, even in the first hour of the start-up production, the running speed will be reduced.

    First of all, we need to improve the temperature of the workshop. In order to reach a certain temperature equipment will run more smoothly.
    Secondly, if the temperature can not reach the requirement, you can choose to use hot water on the host scalding.
    Thirdly, do not stop as far as possible. This machine can work within 24 hours continuously. It will not affect the service life of the equipment. But this time will make the equipment run more smoothly.

  • Do Egg Cartons Have Special Requirements for Hot Pressing Molding Equipment?

    The egg tray machine produces a variety of pulp molding products. When the size, thickness and uniformity of the egg trays can not reach proportional requirements, customers have to use hot press shaping equipment to heat pressing egg cartons. This step is helpful to make our pulp molding products denser, improve the strength and toughness of the products. Finally, the thickness of the products is uniform and the outer surface is smooth and flat.

    The temperature of shaping should reach 200 degrees. The size of the heat pressure depends on the type of product and the product strength requirement. After the mold of hot press shaping is removable, the surface is very smooth, generally polished.

  • What is the Development Prospect of Egg Carton Making Equipment?
    The production capacity of the egg cartons machines is larger than the latest generation. Their daily output can reach 7, 000 pieces of egg cartons per hour. This kind of machine helps you to improve production efficiency. Besides, the power consumption of this model is lower than the last generation. It helps customers to save costs. The whole egg carton manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly. There is no waste water and no exhaust gas emissions in the workshop. Moreover, less working noise creates a comfortable working environment for workers. Accordingly, many investors choose to do this egg carton manufacturing business. The development of the egg tray machine has a broad prospect.
  • What are the Requirements for the Maintenance of Beston Paper Egg Carton Machine?
    Neatness: keep the following devices clean, including placed tools, workpieces, accessories, complete safety protection devices, complete production lines and pipelines.
    Lubrication: change the following oils on time to make them meet requirements, including oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, oil felt, oil circuit. Besides, make oil marks bright and the oil circuit smooth.
    Cleanliness: clean the equipment and site. Make sure there are no oil, water, fuel, or electricity leaks on each production part.
    Safety: workers should be familiar with the structure of the equipment. When they operate machines, they should follow the operating procedures and use the equipment correctly. Finally, maintain it carefully and regularly to prevent accidents.

  • How to Maintain the Egg Tray Molds?
    Firstly, keep the molds clean when the machine is not used.
    Secondly, check the wear situation of molds and replace it in time.
    Thirdly, don’t add too many additives to the pulp. Some additives will have corrosion to the molds.

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