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Pyrolysis Oil As Fuel Alternative for Industries

Pyrolysis oil is good fuel alternative. Now, it is applied to many plants, for example, cement plants, boiler plants, brick plants, ceramic plants, power plants, ships, etc. The pyrolysis oil is generated from tyre, plastic or oil sludge pyrolysis. It is also called tyre derived fuel. Many investors will choose this fuel alternative solution to recycle waste.

Beston Fuel Alternative Solution - Beston Pyrolysis
Beston Fuel Alternative Solution – Beston Pyrolysis

Global Non-renewable Energy Trend

With the global shortage of non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and coal, many investors and environmentalists are looking for fuel alternative. Pyrolysis oil is a good alternative fuel. It can help alleviate energy shortages. At the same time, a large number of waste tires and waste plastics generated around the world can also be processed by waste pyrolysis plants and utilized as resources, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment.

Global Non-renewable Energy Trend
Global Non-renewable Energy is Shortage

Challenges of Fuel Alternative Solution

Disposal of Waste Safely

Some first generation or simple projects are easy to cause safety accidents and cause some property losses.

No-pollution to the Local Environment

Discharged exhaust gas or water contains harmful substances. They have bad influence to the environment.

Complies with Relevant National Standards

The standards for exhaust gas of environmental protection projects in each country are different.

Grasp the Operation Status of Equipment

It is difficult to keep track of the pyrolysis plant project operation situation remotely or in real time.

What Kinds of Materials This Fuel Alternative Solution Treats?

There are four kinds of raw materials that Beston fuel alternative solution processes. They are tyre waste, plastic waste, rubber and oil sludge. The final oil yield varies with the composition and state of the material. Investors could send the raw materials to be processed to Beston. Beston will do a sample test and issue a professional report.
Note: PET and PVC can’t be processed by this solution.

Tyre Waste
Tyre Waste Recycling Solution
Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste
Rubber Wire Waste
Rubber Wire Waste
Oil Sludge Waste
Oil Sludge Waste

What is Beston Fuel Alternative Solution?

The solution is to process the waste into a pyrolysis oil in a non-polluting way, and the final pyrolysis oil can be applied to multiple plants. Through pyrolysis, the chemical bonds of macromolecular organic matter of waste are break and rebond into alkene in an oxygen-free environment. After this process, investors obtain some products, such as pyrolysis oil, syn-gas, and carbon black. The pyrolysis oil has high calorific value. But they are far less expensive than diesel. Therefore, it is a good alternative fuel for the plant. Moreover, the syn-gas recycled in the pyrolysis process is used for heating the pyrolysis reactor. It could help customers to save some fuel cost. Beston pyrolysis technology is simple and mature. Choose us is to choose quality.

Which Scenarios Can Fuel Alternative be Applied to?

The pyrolysis oil is a cost-effective fuel. And it has high calorific value. Therefore, it is a very alternative fuel with high performance-price ratio in some industries. It is used in the following large-scale industries and ships:

ceramic factories
steel factories
glass factories
power plants

boiler plants
cement plants
brick plants
Some ships

Scenarios Fuel Alternative be Applied to
Scenarios Fuel Alternative be Applied to, Including Ceramic Factories

Advantages of Beston Fuel Alternative Solution

Installation Assistance

Experienced Beston technicians provide customers with a complete set of online installation drawings. And our engineers can guide customers to successfully install and operate equipment online or on-site. At the same time, we can provide employee training services to enable employees to operate the project independently, safely and skillfully

Real-time Operating Status

Beston machines use the advanced LOT systems. This system can help customers to better grasp the real-time operation status of the pyrolysis equipment. This system can also help customers to control equipment remotely. This makes the project much more secure and investors fee-worry. Contact us to learn this system in details.

Complete Model

Beston offers four types of pyrolysis equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers, including skid-mounted pyrolysis machine, batch pyrolysis equipment, semi-continuous pyrolysis equipment and fully continuous pyrolysis equipment. We also offer different pretreatment systems, feed systems, discharge systems and dust removal systems.

Beston Pyrolysis Patent

For the pyrolysis of plastic waste, a Beston patent allows the machines to process plastic more smoothly. Our unique catalytic pyrolysis technology can solve the problem of wax from plastic pyrolysis oil. Thus, the final pyrolysis oil is of higher quality. If the machine don’t use this technology, the wax will have great influence on the plastic pyrolysis oil.

Strict Quality Inspection

Beston has a strict review system from program to production. Drawings are designed according to customers’ situation. They are confirmed by experienced technical specialists. For machines, Beston has a series of strict inspection procedures, including goods, process, finished product, and delivery. We welcome any third party to inspect.

Safety Performance

The whole set of pyrolysis equipment is equipped with multiple temperature and pressure detection points, alarm system, explosion-proof valvies, pressure relief valve and so on. The safe production throughout the project is guaranteed. And Beston could customize the pyrolysis system for customers to guarantee safety, for example, voltage.

In the End

The pyrolysis oil is a good alternative fuel for industries. Beston provides a whole set of solution to customers, including sample test, solution offering, customized pyrolysis line offering, after-sales services, etc. When you need this solution, contact us right now.

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