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egg tray products

Pulp Molding Machine

More and more investors use pulp molding machine to do paper trays business. Up to now, we have seven models with capacity from 2500-9000 pieces per hour. It uses the minimum cost (waste paper) to the create maximum benefit (paper trays). At the same time, we provide customized tray molds to make different paper trays so as to expand machines’ applications. Due to easy installment and large production, investors get high returns from this paper recycling business quickly. Beston Group can arrange the shipment in 30 days when you order this machine. Just tell us what you need.

Beston Paper Pulp Moulding Machine with Metal Drying Line
Beston Paper Pulp Moulding Machine with Metal Drying Line

What Are the Final Paper Trays?

Beston pulp moulding plant can make different paper trays. Beston Group provides three kinds of machines (egg tray making machine, industrial packaging machine, pulp tableware moulding machine) to make trays. Besides, it is available for making other trays to change the forming moulds. In the light of customers’ demand, we provide the following paper tray molds: egg tray mold, egg crate mold, fruit tray mold, shoes supporting tray mold, cup tray mold, bottle tray mold, electronics tray mold, wine tray mold, seedling tray mold, industrial packaging tray mold, etc. If you have other requirements for the tray mold, send images or descriptions to us. We will do our best to meet your demand. The following pictures mentioned are only part of the final product.

Note: The customized mold and water-proof trays are available. Besides, add pigment to change tray color. Adjust pulp to change tray heavy

Different Paper Trays Produced by Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Apply Beston Pulp Molding Equipment for Sale to Make Egg Trays and other Trays

In order to satisfy the demand of different customers, we provide three types, including small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale production equipment. The difference among them is the forming mold quantity, which determines the capacity. Choosing the right type on the basis of your actual need and the area.

Medium-scale Type

4-side Series
Medium-scale pulp moulding machine for sale (BTF4-4) has 4 sides of templates.

• It has 16 molds.

• The ranges of their capacity are from 2500 to 3000 pieces per hour to make egg trays, egg cartons and other paper trays.

• With the capacity increasing, we suggest metal-conveyor dryer for customers to improve automation level.

Large-scale Pulp Moulded Plant

8-side Series
Automatic pulp moulding machinery for sale (BTF4-8, BTF5-8, BTF6-8, BTF8-8) has 8 sides of templates.

• These types have 32, 40, 48 and 64 molds respectively.

• These automatic egg tray machines all have large capacity to make paper trays from 4000-9000pieces/h.

• The metal drying system is a quick and economical way to dry these paper trays.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h
Final Products
30-hole Egg Trays
30-hole Egg Trays

Egg Carton
6-hole Egg Carton

Coffee Cup Tray
Coffee Cup Tray

Bottle Tray
Bottle Tray

Apply Paper Pulp Moulding Machine for Sale to Make Industrial Packaging Trays

The following two models are used to produce industrial packaging trays. Beston Group provides customized moulds. If you have this need, contact us.

ModelMould Template SizeCapacity(24h)Equipment sizeweightFinal Trays height(Max.)PowerLabor needed
BGB-2600*80014400(Mould Template)station2800*2200*38001.8T75mm500w1
BGB-1600*8007200(Mould Template)station1300*2200*38001T75mm500w1
Industrial Packaging Equipment
Beston Single-station Industrial Packaging Equipment – BGB-1
Industrial Packaging Tray Machine
Beston Double-station Industrial Packaging Tray Machine – BGB-2
Final Products
Game Console Packaging
Game Console Packaging

Electronic Equipment Packaging
Electronic Equipment Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic Packaging

Shoe Tray
Shoe Tray

Apply Beston Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Make Tableware Trays

NameModelCapacity23hEquipment SizeWeightTableware HeightHot-press PressureWorkerTrimming
Semi-automatic Tabeware MachineBCB-950300-400kg4100*1200*280011T80-100mm40T1
Automatic Tabeware MachineBCB-950s600-800kg5400*2500*280016T80-100mm40T0100T

Apply Beston Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Make Tableware Trays

Semi-automatic Pulp Moulding Tabeware Machine
Semi-automatic Pulp Moulding Tabeware Machine
Automatic Pulp Moulding Tabeware Machine
Automatic Pulp Moulding Tabeware Machine
Final Products
Paper Pulp Lunch Food Box
Paper Pulp Lunch Food Box

Paper Dinner Food Bowl
Paper Dinner Food Bowl

Paper Pulp Dinner Food Plate
Paper Pulp Dinner Food Plate

Paper Cup Lid
Paper Cup Lid

Cases of Beston Molded Pulp Packaging Machinery

Beston Group always regards customers’ interests as the first principle. Accordingly, we have received many high appreciations from customers in over 30 countries, like Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Chile, Zambia, Seychelles, Tanzania, Algeria, India, the Philippines, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, etc. When customers needed a customized mold, they sent samples to us. We paid attention to every part customers required. Sometimes, customers demand installment assistance. We dispatched experienced engineers or offered guidance videos online. Moreover, Beston services are comprehensive, which guarantees customers’ rights to the most extent. Tell us what you need.

Nigerian Customer Had a Good Feedback for Beston Pulp Moulded Machinery
Nigerian Customer Had a Good Feedback
BTF4-8 Quality Beston Paper Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to Russia
Quality Paper Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to Russia
Mali Customer Cooperated with Beston
Mali Customer Cooperated with Beston
Pulp Moulding Machine with Brick Drying Line
Pulp Moulding Machine with Brick Drying Line
Russian Customer Brought Pulp Moulding Machinery with Metal Dryer
Russian Customer Brought Pulp Moulding Machinery
Pulp Moulding Plant Shipped to Mozambique
BTF4-8 Pulp Moulding Plant with Brick Dryer Shipped to Mozambique
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Advantages of Pulp Molding Machinery for Sale

Customized Machine

• Mold Shape
• Mold Materials (Plastic & Aluminum)
• PLC, Motor, Hot Pressing Machine, the Second Pulp Refine System and other parts

Quality Guarantee

• Motor with Taiwan gear cutting technology has high accuracy.
• Use 304 stainless steel as the raw materials of template, slurry tank and so on.
• The engine base adopts thickened 20# channel steel and solid transmission shafts.

Low-energy Consumption

• The screw air pressor is energy-efficient. (optional)
• Six-layer metal dryer goes through 10-time upgration, which is the most energy-saving dryer in this industry.
• Double vacuum spiral pressurization is our patent. Use the smallest power to achieve the highest vacuum pressure.


• The motor are made of 100% copper.
• Make Harbin transmission bearings menical seal.
• The pulp pond beater, pulp pump and sewage pulp are coming from domestic famous brand.
• This machine serve customers for a long time.

Several Advantages of Beston Paper Pulp Molding Equipment

Order a Suitable Drying System According to Your Local Situation

We provide a egg tray drying method, including metal conveyor drying system.

• Metal conveyor drying system has multi-layers. It drys egg trays in a short time. The temperature and water content in the dryer is controlled. Just need 3-5 people to operate it. When drying massive trays, it is a good option.

Metal Dryer for Beston Pulp Molding Machine

How to Minimize Pulp Molding Machine Cost?

Select the Appropriate Model

Understand what daily capacity or the daily paper consumption you need. Actually, the production output data we offer is just for reference. Because the components of paper will influence the final production rate. The paper pulp molding machine price is over USD99200. Contact us to get the details.

Other Processing Machine

In order to make the transportation process more convenient and quality better, we provide packing machine and hot pressing machine. After being pressed by a hot pressing machine, trays have good resistance. The packing machine helps customers to save time and labor costs compared with using working to pack trays.

Other Overdue Cost

When running a factory, some regular costs can’t be neglected, for example, employee cost, electricity cost, water cost, fuel cost, maintenance cost, raw material cost. Tell us your requirement. We will make a spending and profit business plan for you. As so far, we have made more than 100 plans for customers. Get Beston egg box machine to start a business.

Hot Pressing Machine
Hot Pressing Machine
Egg Tray Stacker
Egg Tray Stacker

Choosing Reliable Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers

Beston is a manufacturer and supplier who has over 10-year experience. We have a professional team to design, upgrade, manufacture, and ship paper pulp molding plant. In recent years, we have joined exhibitions hold in Asia, Europe, Africa. Because of the high-valued machines Beston offers, more and more customers chose us. Just leave your message to this leading egg tray machine manufacturer in China.


• Layout Design Consulting
• Customized Machine
• Installment service or guidance
• 12-month Guarantee
• Life-time Wear-out Parts Supply
• upgraded service

Paper Pulp Molding Process

How to Make Paper Trays by Pulp Molding Machine with Metal Drying System

Integrated Pulping Making System – Convenient & Cost-efficient

The integrated pulping system combines highly integrated design and high automatization level. The traditional pulping system has a large number of preparation work to do. But, when using this system, investors don’t need to do too much fundamental work. It mainly has two advantages. Firstly, it is extremely convenient to transport and install. Secondly, it occupies a smaller area compared normal pulping system. Thirdly, it is easy to operate for workers. And pulp molding efficiency will be greatly improved.

Beston Pulping System
Beston Pulping System
Beston Pulping Equipment
Beston Pulping Equipment

Beston pulp molding machine for sale is an excellent choice to dispose of waste paper. We Beston Group, as an experienced manufacturer, provide competitive pulp moulding machine cost and a full range of services to customers. Now, after you order it, we arrange the shipment quickly and offer wearing parts for you. Besides, Beston would like to provide more services for you. Just contact us.

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