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FAQs of Egg Tray Making Machine

What kinds of raw materials can be made to trays?

In general, all kinds of paper waste are available. Notebooks, A4 paper, books and packaging paper are the best choice when you wanna get high quality trays.

Is there any requirement for the size or moisture in terms of raw materials?

No. There is no district requirement for their size and moisture.

What materials make mould?

There are plastic and aluminum mould. When production below 1500 pieces/h, both of them are good options. When capacity is more than 1500 pieces/h, plastic molds are better.

How long the mould can be used?

In a good maintenance condition, the service life of plastic mould is 5 years. The lifetime of aluminum mold is 7 years. In some Chinese factories, it can be used for 8-10 years.

How many holes in an egg tray?

6 holes, 12 holes, 30holes (standard).

What kind of trays can be made?

Egg tray, egg carton, shoe supporting tray, electrics or industrial packaging tray, bottle tray, apple tray, fruit tray, coffee cup tray, seeding tray, etc.

Is there any option for tray color?

Yes, choose a color additive you need.

Where are egg trays collected? End of the belt or start point?

It depends on dyers. When using bricking dryer, egg trays are collected at the end of belt. As employing metal dryer, trays are collected in the start point.

What is tray weight?


How to make the different shapes of trays at the same time?

Change the mould, for example, AAB, ABA, ABC.

What's the requirement for construction space?
Model BTF1-3 BTF1-4 BTF3-4 BTF4-4 BTF4-8
Factory Shop 45㎡ 45㎡ 80㎡ 80㎡ 100㎡
What kind of additives need to add?

No. Normally, in this production process, don’t need to add any additive.

What are wearing parts?

Controller, proximity switch, electromagnetic valve and coil.

What drying systems can be employed?

There are three options. Natural drying under the sun, bricking conveyor dryer and metal conveyor dryer.

What drying fuel can be used?

Coal, diesel and natural gas.

What is the drying temperature?
In Brick Drying System Upper in Metal Dryer Medium in Metal Dryer Bottom in Metal Dryer Egg trays at the end Final Egg Trays
180-200℃ 200℃ 150℃ 70℃ 60-70℃ 35℃
Is there requirement for drying space?

Bricking-conveyor dryer 10m*40m

Metal conveyor 12m*20m

What are materials needing when establish drying system?

Bricks, cement board and refractory brick.

How much is this egg tray making machine for the full set up?

Costs are mainly divided into three parts, including machine cost, shipment and import charges and installment cost.

Is metal dryer more expensive than brick drying system?

No, When building brick drying system, large demand for brick and cement is needed. It relates to local market.

How long is the installment and training?

Normally, the installment takes 30 days and training takes 1-3 days

Can customer pay a visit to Beston’s manufacturing factory

Of course. Your arrival is welcomed at any time.

What document I need to prepare?

Contact us in advance. We will send detailed info for you.

Does Beston offer layout?

Yes, we offer layout for free. Leave your requirement to us.

How long the the guarantee?

1 year.

Delivery & Payment
Models (Include Dryer) Delivery Circle
BTF1-3, BTF1-4 (bricking dryer) 7days
BTF3-4, BTF4-4, BTF4-8 (bricking dryer) 20 days
BTF5-8, BTF5-12 (metal dryer) 50 days
What payment methods are available?

T/T or L/C. If you wanna use other payment method, contact us.

Is credit guarantee order available?


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