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Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston egg tray making machine makes full use of waste paper to make egg trays. There are rich resources for low-cost paper waste in every country. Now, plenty of countries have a high demand for paper egg trays instead of plastic trays because of the degradable feature. Now, Beston offers seven models from small to large production automatic models. Moreover, we will arrange the shipment quickly as you place the order. When machines are shipped to your area, the installment service is offered fast. Get high ROI from this business now!

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Installed in the Philippines
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Installed in the Philippines
Egg Ttray Making Machine Shipped to Mali
Egg Ttray Making Machine Shipped to Mali
Pulping System Shipped to US
Pulping System Shipped to US
Packing Machine Shipped to Indonesia
Packing Machine Shipped to Indonesia
Hot Pressing Machine Shipped to Indonesia
Hot Pressing Machine Shipped to Indonesia

About Egg Tray Making Business

Raw Materials:

• A4 paper
• Magazine, books
• Paper cartons, cardboard,
• Notebooks
• Newspaper
• White paper
• Waste egg trays, other recycled paper-made products, etc.

Egg Tray Production Process:

• High Production Rate: 98%-99%.
• Fast Manufacturing Process: 10-15 minutes.
• Material Ratio: 20%-30% water and 70%-80% paper waste.
• Pulping system, pulping system and drying system
• Two Options for Moulds:
Plastic Mould: 1-year guarantee; more than 2-year lifespan.
Aluminum Mould: good corruption-proof features; 2-year guarantee; more than 3-year lifespan.

Final Products:

• Chicken egg tray (20, 24 and 30 holes)
• Duck egg tray
• Goose egg tray
• Ostrich egg tray
• Quail egg tray
• Piegon egg tray
• Other kinds of egg carton (6, 12, 15, 18, and 24 packs)
The height of egg tray doesn’t exceed 5cm.
The heavy of standard wet egg tray is 210-230g.
The heavy of standard dried egg tray is 80-100g.

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Note: the above descriptions are referenced for customers. Send us details to get accurate data.

Three Types of Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Small Scale Models

BTF1-3 Beston Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
BTF1-3 Beston Paper Egg Tray Makig Machine 1000 pieces/h


Output: 800-1000/1200-1500 pieces/h
Mould Quantity: 3/4 pieces
Total Power(kw): 38/45.5
Electricity Consumption: 26.6kw·h/31.85kw·h
Paper Consumed per hour(kg): 85/102
Water Consumption: 255kg/h/306kg/h
Labor Force: 3-5/4-6
Suitable Dryer: Natural Drying

BTF3-4 Beston Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine 2000 pieces/h
BTF3-4 Beston Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine 2000 pieces/h


Output: 2000 pieces/h
Mould Quantity: 12
Total Power(kw): 53.7
Electricity Consumption: 37.59kw·h
Paper Consumed per hour(kg): 170
Water Consumption: 510kg/h
Labor Force: 4-6
Suitable Dryer: Natural Drying

Semi-automatic Models

BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Plant for Sale 2500 pieces/h
BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Plant for Sale 2500 pieces/h


Output: 2200-2500 pieces/h
Mould Quantity: 16 pieces
Total Power(kw): 82
Electricity Consumption: 57.4kw·h
Paper Consumed per hour(kg): 212
Water Consumption: 636kg/h
Labor Force: 4-6
Suitable Dryer: Metal Dryer or Brick Dryer

BTF4-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale 3000-4000 pieces/h
BTF4-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale 3000-4000 pieces/h


Output: 3500-4500 pieces/h
Mould Quantity: 32 pieces
Total Power(kw): 127
Electricity Consumption: 89kw·h
Paper Consumed per hour(kg): 208
Water Consumption: 1147kg/h
Labor Force: 4-6
Suitable Dryer: Metal Dryer/Brick Dryer

Fully Automatic Models

BTF5-8 Beston Pulp Egg Tray Machine for Sale 4000-5000 pieces/h
BTF5-8 Beston Pulp Egg Tray Machine for Sale 4000-5000 pieces/h


Large Output: 5000-5500 pieces/h
Mould Quantity: 40 pieces
Total Power(kw): 161
Electricity Consumption: 113kw·h
Paper Consumed Per Hour(kg): 125
Water Consumption: 1275kg/h
Labor Force:5-7
Suitable Dryer: Metal Dryer/Brick Dryer

BTF6-8 Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale
BTF6-8 Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale 6000-7000 pieces/h


Output: 6000-7000 pieces/h
Mould quantity: 48 pieces
Total power(kw): 223
Electricity Consumption: 156kw·h
Paper consumed per hour(kg): 520
Water Consumption: 1560kg/h
Labor Force: 6-8
Suitable Dryer: Metal Dryer or Brick Dryer

What is Egg Tray Production Process

Paper Pulp Making Process

Put all waste papers into hydraulic pulper and slurry pump. After mixed with water, waste paper will be turned into slurry. Normally, components of waste will partly influence final quality of trays.

Egg Tray Molding Process

Due to negative pressure and vacuum absorption, the slurry will be turned into paper tray in the egg tray forming mould. Air compressor and vacuum pump will assist this work to be done well.

Egg Tray Drying Process

We provide three kinds of drying systems. The requirement for budget, land and local condition is different. When you wanna get the best plan, consult us to get detailed information.

• Pulping system is composed of hydraulic pulper, homogenizer, slurry supply pump, sewage pump, and electric control cabinet.
• Molding system is composed of forming machine, mold, vacuum pump, gas storage tank, vacuum pump, negative pressure tank, mold cleaning machine, and electric control cabinet.
• Metal drying system is composed of combustion chamber, burner, drying chamber, transmission room, and electric control cabinet.

Egg Trays Making Machine 3D Demonstration

How to Get a Suitable Egg Tray Drying Line

There are three kinds of paper tray drying system for egg trays: natural drying system, brick-drying system and automatic metal dryer. These drying systems have different requirement for the fuel, space and price. Normally, the price is flexible because investors need to buy some building meterials in local area. We can make a cost analysis when you send your local condition to us.

Natural Drying under the Sun
Business scale: under capacity 2000 pieces/h

• Demand for land field: large
• Demand for fundamental construction: no need
• Drying effectiveness: on the basis of weather
• Influencing factor: wind, moisture and temperature
• Drying time: 6-7 h (30℃);4-5 h (38-40℃)

Brick Drying System
Business scale: above capacity 2500 pieces/h

• Demand for land field: large
• Fundamental construction: need
• Structure: single layer
• Drying effectiveness: great
• Heating fuel: coal, natural gas, diesel, LPG, etc.
• Drying time: about 20 mintes

Multiple-layer Metal Dryer
Business scale: all models

• Demand for land field: small
• Demand for fundamental construction: no need
• Structure: multiple-layer
• Drying effectiveness: excellent
• Heating fuel: LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.
• Drying time: about 25 mintes

Beston Egg Tray Dryers
Beston Egg Tray Dryers – Metal Dryer & Brick Dryer with Conveyor
Customized Service
• Customized Components: motor, molds, PLC, stacker, hot pressing machine, pulp refine system, etc.
• Customized molds: plastic or aluminum.
• Customized egg tray: heavy, color, shape.
• Customized plan: offer customized layout design according to customers’ needs.
Low-energy Consumption
• Use double vacuum spiral pressurication technology to achieve the highest vacuum pressure with the lowest energy.
• Water is circled in the production process.
• Adopt energy-saving screw air compressor. (optional)
• The pulping system adopts a high-consistency pulper. Moreover, use automatic pulp extraction, automatic pulping, automatic stone powder addition, and additives addition. (optional)
High Efficiency
• Motor adopts Taiwan gear segmentation technology to guarantee operation accuracy.
• Motor vacuum rotating plate adopts copper plate which can adjust pressure automatically.
• The six-layer metal drying line goes through more than ten-time upgrades. It is the most energy-saving product in the domestic industry.
• The whole set of egg tray making machine project is equipped with automatic stacking technology. Its automation level is higher than other brands.
Strong Stability
• Motor engine base adopts 20# thicken channel steel. And transmission shaft uses a solid shaft. Accordingly, the stability and safety are greatly improved.
• Harbin transmission bearing in motor is mechanized sealed. Water is impossibly entering into the motor.
• Use 45# steel plate processed by heat treatment to wield positioning slide
• Use 304 stainless steel as the raw materials of motor template, pulp pool, and inner flue.
• Protective measures have been taken for electrical appliances, machinery, and pipelines, which extend service life.
Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Shipped to Russia
Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Shipped to Russia

Beston Egg Tray Machines Cases over the World

Beston egg tray machine is always a hot product to improve waste utilization rate and to generate benefits. Up to now, a great deal of customers from different countries has purchased pulp molding machine from Beston Group. Some of them preferred a manual type. Others liked automatic models. When you leave a message to us, we would like to provide a project plan for you. See the distributed projects.

Note: there is a part of exported countries which shows on the following image for your reference. Contact Beston to get the cases you wanna know.

Details of Beston Egg Tray Machines Cases

Videos about Beston Egg Tray Making Project Overseas

Egg Tray Making Machine in India

This project in India was established in 2020. BTF4-4 egg tray machine can produce 2500 pieces of egg trays per hour. See this project with a brick drying line to know how to make egg trays in India.

BTF3-4 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in India
BTF3-4 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in India

Paper Egg Tray Machine Installed in India
Paper Egg Tray Machine Installed in India

Beston Egg Tray Plant Istalled in India
Beston Egg Tray Plant Istalled in India

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Uganda

BTF1-3 machine was installed in Uganda in 2019. This machine with a brick dryer was used to make egg trays.

Beston Egg Tray Machine Installed in Uganda
Beston Egg Tray Machine Installed in Uganda
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Uganda
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Uganda
Egg Tray Drying Line Installed in Uganda
Egg Tray Drying Line Installed in Uganda

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Saudi Arabia with Metal Dryer

BTF5-8 with a metal dryer was installed in Saudi Arabia in 2020. It was used to make egg trays with paper waste.

Egg Tray Making Machine with Bricking Drying System in Kyrgyzstan

BTF5-8 with bricking drying system was installed in Kyrgyzstan. It was applied to make egg trays.

Beston Egg Tray Plant Installed in Kyrgyzstan
Beston Egg Tray Plant Installed in Kyrgyzstan

Nigerian Customer Visited Beston Factory and Gave a Good Feedback

Nigerian customer paid a visit to Beston manufacturing factory in 2020. He checked BTF3-4 and BTF4-4 and was satisfied with their quality. Then he placed an order and gave good feedback for our machines.

Good Feedback from Nigerian Customer
Good Feedback from Nigerian Customer
High Appreciation from Nigerian Customer
High Appreciation from Nigerian Customer

Egg Tray Making Machine in the Philippines

BTF1-4 with a metal dryer was set up in the Philippines. It was able to make 30-hole egg trays.

Package of Egg Tray Plant Shipped to the Philippines
Package of Egg Tray Plant Shipped to the Philippines

Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in the Philippines
Egg Tray Machine Shipped to the Philippines

Customer Transaction Process

Pre-sales Process

We are willing to contact you online to discuss details through WhatsApp, WeChat, telephone, and email. It is available for you to view basic information on this web. Before the discussion, please send a detailed message about your ideal egg tray manufacturing line to Beston. Let’s know what you need.

Sales-on Process

We will keep communicating with customers to understand their needs more clearly. Then we can customize a suitable production line for them. Besides, we also check with them on other matters, such as land, local raw materials, voltage, etc. We will make sure customers are satisfied with the result of the whole production line.

After-sales Process

We provide guidance for our clients. We support their projects, direct their productions and resolve incidents. We have engineers and an after-sales team to provide personalized service 24/7. Besides, we have a technical team ready to visit on-site and resolve questions our customers may have.

Use Paper Egg Tray Making Machine to Make Other Paper Trays

Beston egg tray machines can also be applied to produce other trays, like apple tray, egg carton, duck egg tray, quail tray, shoe support, rice seeder tray, cup tray, phone tray, wheel tray, industry package, bottle tray, etc. Customers just replace the mold on the same machine to produce the trays they need. We provide different plastic and aluminum tray mold for customers. When capacity overseeds 2500 pieces/h, we recommend aluminum mold. Besides, the heavy trays can be changed. Just send your requirement to us.

Different Paper Trays

Trustworthy Egg Tray Machine Manufacturers – Beston Group

Beston Machinery is a reliable manufacturer of egg tray machines for sale. These machines have high quality, a whole set of spare parts, and flexible configuration. Beston technicians will offer a suggestion about a configuration project for all customers. At the same time, a series of post-services are also favored by customers. Choosing us is choosing the quality guarantee.

  • A professional post-sales team guarantees smooth process of package, shipment and installment.
  • Experienced engineers have certificates related to mechnical industry.
  • Provide video technical support.
  • Installation, commissioning and training service are available.
  • Machine maintenance, repair and tracking service.
  • Offer spare parts.
  • One-stop service supply.

High ROI of Beston Egg Tray Making Machine

When you invest egg tray making machine, you will benefit a lot from this machine. First, the fixed costs are not high, like machine cost, dryer cost, and construction cost. Secondly, the raw material cost and running cost are low, including paper waste cost, labor cost, electricity cost, and water cost. Thirdly, the benefits are considerable for a long time. A large part of the egg with rays can be sold at a good price. Finally, investors can earn money quickly from this business.

CE for Beston Egg Tray Making Machine
CE for Beston Egg Tray Making Machine

Analysis of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Production Line
based on Chinese price
Material Waste papers 85kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.14/kg
Water(recycling) 255kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.32/t
Electricity 24KW/H 22.5Hour $0.14/KWH
Labor 4 person/shift 2 shifts/day $7.5/person/day
Egg trays 1000pcs/hr 22.5Hour $0.05/piece
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total Remark
Waste papers kg 1912.5 $0.14 $267.75
Water t 5.7 $0.32 $1.82 water is recycled in actual production
Electricity KWH 540 $0.14 $75.60
Labor Person 8 $7.50 $60.00
Total $405.17
Daily Output
Items Unit Quantity Unit price Total Remark
Egg trays piece 22500 $0.05 $1,125.00
Total $1,125.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $719.83
Month Profits (30 days) $21,594.78
Annual (12 Months) $259,137.36

Remarks: The cost and Profit analysis are according to the situation of the Chinese market for reference. Different clients need to analyze egg tray machine cost and profit according to the local situation. Beston offers consulting service.

Why Choose Beston Machinery As Your Businesss Partner

Beston is one of the most reputable EXM in China. We provide a groundbreaking tray manufacturing technology for sustainable development. We offer seven models and three drying methods to make paper trays. After being manufactured by different molds, the final trays can be divided into the following categories, including food and fruit package, catering package, industrial package, agricultural package, and specialty package. They are widely applied in our daily life.

Besides, we have shown our machines in more than 100 exhibitions in 30 counties. And some customers cooperated with us. We gave them good machines and timely information feedback. Moreover, we are responsible for the technical support for life.

The rise of environmental awareness makes us feel obliged to make more environmentally friendly products. The egg tray machine is a recognized environmentally friendly product. We do everything we can to make it as effective as possible. It plays a great role in helping to reduce the burden on the environment. In the future, we will devote ourselves to more high-end and more environmentally friendly and practical production lines to recycle waste paper. Let the environment become better and let our customers get the maximum benefit from the waste paper. Welcome to visit Beston to see our cultures and machines.

Beston’s Visits & Exhibitions Around the World

Beston Visit in India
Beston Visit in India
Beston Joined Exhibition in Indonesia
Beston Joined Exhibition in Indonesia
Beston Joined Exhibition in Russia
Beston Joined Exhibition in Russia
Beston Visit ot Thailand
Beston Visit ot Thailand
Beston Visit to the Philippines
Beston Visit to the Philippines
Beston Visit to India
Beston Visit to India

What are Measures for the Inspections of Beston Egg Tray Equipment

Beston machines are popular because of their high quality. Every machine is controlled by the following factors.


When customers think about safety, take the following factors into consideration, like normal mechanical operation, reasonable circuit installation, smooth egg tray production.

Quality Control

Every part of Beston egg tray making equipment for sale is controlled by professional workers from manufacturing to delivery. Beston machines have a good reputation in the global world.

Defective Rate

The defective rate is the most concerning issue for the industry to pay attention to. When the defective rate is low, the production efficiency is high. Not only the defective rate of Beston machines is zero, but also the defective rate of egg trays is nearly zero. These Features show that Beston machines are worthy of your investment now.

Other Auxiliary Accessories for Customer

These parts are common. But they are necessary. They can be brought to the local market. In order to save customers’ time and improve the installment effectiveness, Beston also provides these parts at favorable prices. We will deliver these parts with the main molding machine.

• Proximity switch
• The electromagnetic valve
• Solenoid valve coil
• Solenoid valve pad
• Impeller of slurry pump
• Pump impeller
• Plate

• Pin shaft
• Chain
• Collector solenoid valve
• Thermometer
• Angle seat valve
• Two-position five-way

Necessary Preparation for Customers to Install Egg Tray Making Line

Beston provides the main egg box molding machines and devices. In the production line, there is much equipment that can be easily got from the local area. They can’t be neglected. For this equipment, customers can find good options in the local area at a competitive price.

Diesel/Natural Gas/LPG Storage and Delivery System Storage devices, pipelines connected to equipment, flow monitoring devices, safety protection devices, gas equipment, etc.
Equipment Connected with Production Line 1. the dehumidification pipes and foundation fixation in the drying system.
2. All materials linked to equipment such as valves, pipes, wires, cables.
This part of the list is listed by the Beston technicians on site according to the actual situation.
Fundamental Base Slurry pool, water tank, trench, concrete floor, machine base, embedded foundation, square slurry pipelines, valves, Dry the chimney, and other various types of civil construction facilities.
Other Auxiliary Equipment Forklifts, conveyors, transport pallets, etc.
Production Line Installation Tools and Consumables Installation tool, welding machine, cutting machine, and other equipment and other auxiliary parts required for installation.
Electricity and Water Their consumption depends on the capacity of the production line.

Egg Tray Making Machine Parts

How to Buy Egg Tray Making Machines from Beston

Consultation for Beston Machines

When you see Beston egg crates making machines on our web or social platform, we would like to receive a message from you to get more info about this machine. According to the filled message, we will recommend the most suitable model to you. And we will provide a series of certificates and qualifications about Beston and machines. We are professional and top-rated in this field. Moreover, the factory visit is also available for customers.

Drawing Confirmation and List Confirmation

When the model and dryer are confirmed, Beston will provide drawing for customers. When designing a drawing, Beston mainly considers three factors, including land field, water flue, and dryer. We will send a final drawing to meet customers’ all requirements. Then according to the drawing, we will make a full list for customers. There are some things customers can buy from Beston. The other things can be brought from the local area.

Place an Order

When all the details are negotiated, customers will be ready to place orders. We will send a contract and tell customers details. When customers are satisfied with all items, we will sign the contract.


Beston delivery is fast and on time. The machines and parts are packaged well. We will arrange the shipment of standard machines in 45 working days. For the custom production line, we will deliver them in 60 working days. The model and dryer also have a small impact on the delivery circle.


Some customers need Beston’s help to install this production line. The installment circle will be influenced by the model, dryer, and local situation. Normally, the machines without dryers can be installed completely in 25 working days. The machines within the dryer can be set up well in 45 working days. When you order machines from Beston, we will tell you how many days will spend.

Follow-up Service

When the production line is put into use, we are also willing to provide services to customers, like pulp molding technical support, production line upgrade, telephone return visit service, and machine maintenance. See the full procedure from the following picture.

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Delivery

Parameters of Beston Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine

Model BTF1-3 BTF1-4 BTF3-4 BTF4-4 BTF4-8 BTF5-8 BTF6-8
Production capacity (pieces/h) 800-1000 1200-1500 2000 2200-2500 3500-4500 5000-5500 6000-7000
Forming mould quantity 3 4 12 16 32 40 48
Total power 38kw 45.5kw 53.7kw 82kw 127kw 161kw 223kw
Electricity consumption (70% of the total power) 26.6kw·h 31.85kw·h 37.59kw·h 57.4kw·h 89kw·h 113kw·h 156kw·h
Labor force 3-5 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 5-7 6-8
Materials consumption Paper 85 102 170 212 298 425 520
Water 255kg/h 306kg/h 510kg/h 636kg/h 1147kg/h 1275kg/h 1560kg/h
Fuel consumption Coal 50 60 83 104 125 208 208
Natural gas 22-32 26-36 37-47 46-56 56-66 92-103 92-103
Diesel 18-28 22-32 30-40 38-48 46-56 77-87 77-87

How to Get A Suitable Egg Tray Making Line

Make It Clear to Know What Capacity You Demand

Beston machines have different models with a capacity of 1000-6000 pieces/h. What’s the approximate number of egg trays you need to make in one day? BTF5-12 egg tray maker with large capacity requires more fund compared with other models. However, it can bring more earnings in a short time compared with small models.

Find out How Much Space You Decide to Provide

Dryers, conveyor and layout are the factors that determine the factory area. When you need a detailed plan, consult Beston. We will provide a factory layout design in detail according to your requirement and configuration. Beston will provide different designs for your reference. Finally, choose the most satisfied one.

Understand How Much Benefits You Plan to Earn

Before ordering an egg tray plant, consulting us will help you to save a lot of funds, including an optimized plan, economical fuel, and some operation technics. Tell us your budget in your mind and the benefits you wanna get. Then we recommend the most appropriate plans and other equipment for you.

How to Make Suitable Pulp for Making Egg Trays at Home?

It is not easy for customers to make a complicated pulp at the initial phase. Beston engineers are skilled at paper pulp adjustment. Because we have worked in this field for more than ten years. We will help customers to produce waterproof, dyed, non-slip, and many other pulp molded products suitable for various customer needs. There are some common raw materials for your reference. Contact us to get the most suitable plan. Or you see how to make egg trays.

Materials Function
Sizing Agent Improve the liquid permeability resistance of molded pulp products
Talcum Powder Achieve a higher slurry retention rate
Oil Repellent Prevents defects such as shrink holes caused by contaminants
Water Repellent Prevent water from soaking through the egg trays
Wet Strength Agent Use certain mechanical strength to protect the bond between fibers from swelling and damage
Color Addictive Use color addictive to charge egg tray color ()

Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in the Philippines
Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in the Philippines – Adjust the Pulp to Make Egg Trays

Beston Paper Egg Tray Equipment Shipped to Russia
Beston Paper Egg Tray Equipment Shipped to Russia to Make Paper Egg Trays

How to Improve the Quality of Paper Egg Trays

Paper egg trays are pressed by the egg tray making machine China. Because of simple craftsmanship, cheap cost, environmental-friendly features, egg trays can be called green packaging. A good egg tray has the following features, including light weight, high strength, good plasticity and cushioning performance. The quality of egg trays can be controlled by three factors.

Before the Production Process

When you plan to set up an egg tray production line, you will know the components of paper waste. The following types of paper waste will help customers to get good quality egg trays, including notebooks, A4 paper, white paper. They have good resistance and resilience.

Besides, clean up the impurities in waste paper. The impurities will have an influence on the shape and smoothness of egg trays.

In the Production Process

Some customers wanna prolong the service life of egg trays and reduce losses in transportation, they will add some additives into pulp, like waterproofing agents, moisture-proofing agents, and preservatives. Keep the amount of additives in a good volume.

Besides, the mould also plays an important role. The mold determines the shape of egg trays. The egg tray must fit the egg to better protect the egg. Accordingly, customers should discuss this thing well with the manufacturer.

After the Production Process

When egg trays are put into the drying room, the temperature will greatly influence the egg trays’ performance. Just running the drying line as per the instructions. Moreover, Beston also provides technical support for customers at any time.

Besides, some customers will use a hot compressor to improve the quality of egg trays. Some customers wanna sell egg trays to high-end shops. They will let egg trays look more beautiful and fine. When egg trays are processed by a hot compressor, the uniformity and smoothness have been greatly improved. The temperature of heat pressure depends on the type and strength for egg trays.

Paper Egg Trays VS Plastic Egg Trays

Paper Trays

1. Paper egg trays are made of different kinds of paper waste. They are significantly helpful to reduce biodegradable and compostable waste.
2. The majority of egg tray manufacturers adopt a chemical-free pulping process. There is little pollution or no pollution to the environment.
3. Remaining paper waste can be reused in the next production
4. Water is reused in the pulping system.
5. Waste egg trays and other paper trays are 100% recyclable.

Plastic Egg Trays

1. Plastic egg trays are made of different kinds of plastic waste. Some kinds of plastic are extremely unfriendly to the environment.
2. In plastic egg trays production, there are chemical reactions and bad smells. They have a bad impact on the environment.
3. Many of the rest of the raw materials can’t be reused, like water.
4. Some plastics are not recyclable.
5. Its breathability is not as good as egg trays’.

Paper Egg Tray VS Plastic Egg Tray

Why Making Egg Trays is a Profitable and Hot Business?

Huge Potential Market Demand

Eggs are a fragile food. They are the most common and indispensable food in our daily life. It is easy to cook. Because of their fragile nature, eggs should be packaged with egg trays or egg cartons. This package can prevent pollution, moisture loss, deterioration caused by temperature change and damage during transportation. The egg production farms rely heavily on egg trays when they deliver eggs to supermarkets, restaurants, and industries. The demand for molded egg trays is expected to grow.

High ROI and Sustainability

According to some reports, the entire foodservice industry pursues a sustainable development business model. When investors make egg trays, they just need a paper egg tray packaging machine and a factory that can supply water and electricity. In the running process, the costs for fuel, raw materials, labor, and maintenance are low. The profits are considerable in a short time. Besides, this machine can be applied to make other paper trays. The mould cost is low. Look forward to joining in this sustainable business.

How Much Cost to Make an Egg Tray?

The final egg tray is related to more than ten types of investment. We will introduce the most important parts to customers, including raw materials cost, water cost, power cost, related machines cost and transportation cost.

Raw materials (water) are easy to gain for customers. And they are cheap. The difficulty is material management and procurement. These raw materials not only have different characteristics but also incur different costs. Customers need to get suitable materials and have a certain amount of storage.

Water is an indispensable element. In the production process, a continuous water supply is available. Moreover, the water should be clean and won’t have pollution to the soil or egg trays.
Pick the place which has a stable power supply. The power for molding machine is electricity. It is the most cost-effective fuel. Frequent power outages and other errors can cause production losses. Therefore, make sure the factory has a stable power supply.

The egg tray making machine costs range from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. The key points among them are the capacity and functions. Don’t look for the cheapest one. All Beston machines are under quality control. Besides, our service is also worthy of your investment.

Some customers need to consider transportation costs. When calculating a budget, customers think about the following factors, like storage facilities, type of transportation, delivery distance and weather conditions.

There are many other costs which not show in the above descriptions. When you send a message to us, we will give you a full list.

How to Maintain Beston Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

Maintain Egg Tray Molding Equipment

Every set of Beston equipment is under a very strict inspection by a dedicated quality inspection engineer. Moreover, our machines are made of good materials. This step will help customers avoid any problems in the future. Customers just do some daily maintenance to prolong their service life. Let’s see how to maintain it.

Firstly, in the running process, the main machine is unavoidable related to water for a long time. Customers can use a sponge or cloth to wipe machines with alcohol, volatile oil, thinner, and the solution mixed with alcohol and toluene. There is some pulp residue around the molding machine. The reason to clean pulp in time is not only because to keep egg tray making machines clean but also to protect machines from wearing. When customers clean machines, please don’t use the following things, including hard steel wire ball, chemical agent wipe, or steel brush. They will easily cause scratches or erosion on machines.

Maintain Egg Tray Mould

Good mould will be helpful to make high-quality egg trays and to improve the yield. It is common to see the abrasion of egg tray moulds. When customers take the right method to maintain mould, these moulds will serve customers for a long time. Firstly, clean the surface of mould before putting moulds into use. Secondly, place the moulds in the right place. Thirdly, clean the mould and apply anti-rust oil after the production finishes. Fourthly, regularly check and record the size of mold. Make sure the mold is in a good condition to be used.

Maintain the Whole Production Line

• Follow the instructions to operate the equipment.
• All processes must be synchronized and accurate.
• Regular inspection and cleaning are necessary.
• Put precautions into the heart.
• Before the machine stops running, it is forbidden to touch molds directly with hands.

How to Maintain Beston Egg Tray Machine

Paper Egg Tray Making Plant FAQs

How Much Space is Required for the Whole Egg Tray Production Line?

Firstly, please make sure which model of pulp egg tray machine you decide to order. Then we suggest a drying system and other machines for you. Send the model to us and we will give you an appropriate design for you.

If Materials are Paper and Carton, Do I Have to Add the Additives to Combine Those Materials?

Don’t have to. There is no need to add additives. If you wanna make trays with different colors, it is available for you to add some pigment. One kilogram of monochromatic dye can be used to produce 10,000 pieces of egg trays.

In the Hydrapulper, How Much is Fresh Water and Recycled Water?

The water to make pulp can be fresh and recycled. In the pulping process, it is forbidden to add water.

What are Egg Tray Patterns on the Bottom?

The pattern of egg tray can be customized according to your need, including a smooth surface, stepped surface and other kinds of patterns. Egg tray with a smooth surface has better loading capacity.

What can be Separated by Vibration Chamber?

Normally, Beston offers standard vibration chamber to separate materials which sizes over 5mm.

Which Tank Can be Added Pigments and Other Additives?

It is suitable for you to add pigments in the slurry tank and homogenization tank. Adding pigments in the homogenization tank is better.

Does Each Tank Supply the Pulp to the Molding Machine Every 30 Minutes?

No, it doesn’t. The homogenization tank is always running at a high water level during production. There are three tanks to be funded, including a storage tank, a homogenization tank, and the second homogenization tank. This design can help customers to save electricity and manual labor.

What Should be the Concentration of Pulp in the Supply Tank and Adjustment Tank?

It depends on the paper fiber degree, paper type, and paper components. Many kinds of paper can be used as materials to make egg trays by Beston egg trays. Besides, Beston engineers will help you to do a run trail and find the most suitable paper pulp.

Is the Air Supplied in the Same Direction as the Combustion Gases in Drying Room?

Yes, it is the same direction.

Where Can I See Your Egg Tray Making Machines in Local Area?

We have customers purchasing small paper tray forming machine in local area. It is necessary for us to confirm with our customers. Please give us some time to ask.

How Much Time Does the Installation of Egg Tray Machine Spends?

Generally, about 30 days.

How Much Time Required in Natural Air Drying?

It depends on the temperature and the wind.

What is Fuel Consumption in Egg Tray Production Process?

The following table shows some datas based on one-hour energy consumption when using conveyor drying system.

Model BTF1-3 BTF1-4 BTF3-4 BTF4-4 BTF4-8
Electricity 15kw 17kw 30kw 40kw 60kw
Coal 65kg 70kg 80kg 104kg 125kg
Diesel 30kg 33kg 37kg 50kg 58kg
Natural Gas 35m³ 40m³ 45m³ 58m³ 70m³
LPG 30kg 33kg 37kg 48kg 58kg
Wood 79kg 85kg 120kg 157kg 195kg
Factory Shop 45㎡ 45㎡ 80㎡ 80㎡ 100㎡
Drying with Trolley 18m
Conveyor 38m 42m 42m 42m


Beston egg tray forming machine is worthy of your investment. There are machines with a capacity of 1000-6000 pieces/h for you to choose from. We invite you to come to Beston Machinery’s factory and check these machines. We will arrange the whole schedule for the visit. You can see the operation process and some final paper trays. Then, we discuss the details together. After signing the contract, we arrange the shipment as soon as we can. Besides, a series of guarantees are prepared. Contact us now – a leading pulp molding machine manufacturer!


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