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Egg Tray Dryer

An egg tray dryer is used to remove egg trays’ moisture in a short time. In order to get egg trays into use quickly, many investors will choose a suitable drying line to improve efficiency. Beston offers a dryer. It can dry egg trays fully in 15-20 minutes. It is the metal dryer. We provide layout design and installment service. Contact us to get the energy consumption and other data.

Egg Tray Machine with Metal Dryer
Egg Tray Machine with Metal Dryer

Videos of Egg Tray Drying System Options

Automatic Egg Tray Metal Drying Line Video

Egg Tray Metal Drying System

Advantages of Metal Egg Tray Drying System

1. Easy installment and operation.
2. It is easy to maintain.
3. Dry massive egg trays in a quick and efficient way.
4. Save fuel when customers build egg tray manufacturing line.


• Combustion Chamber
• Burner
• PLC in Drying Line
• Hot Air Blower
• Main Air Blower
• Drying Room
• Transmission Room
• YZ-LT63.5 Chain
• YZ-XZ10 Pin Roll
• YZ-TP1500 Flange
• Drive Tent
• Engine Base
• Operating Platform, Guard Bar, and Ladder
• Gas Storage Bag
• Temperature Indicator

Fuel & Energy Consumption

Normally, use coal, natural or diesel as the fuel.

Metal DryerCapacity(pieces/h)2500Pieces/H3000Pieces/H5000Pieces/H
Natural Gas55m³67m³80m³

Note: the above data just is for reference. Contact Beston Group to get the details.

Installment Process

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Shipped to Egypt
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine with Metal Dryer Shipped to Egypt

Beston Egg Tray Dryers Projects over the World

There are some projects overseas. If you wanna get the detailed info, contact us now.

ContinentCountryCityModelEnd productProduction/hrQuantity
AfricaNigeriametal dryerBTF4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set
AfricaNigeriametal dryerBTF4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set
AfricaSenegalmetal dryerBTF4-8Egg tray3000-4000pcs1 set
AsiaArmeniametal dryerBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set
AsiaIraqmetal dryerBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set
South AmericaBoliviametal dryerBTF4-4Egg tray2500pcs1 set
Beston Metal Egg Tray Dryer
Beston Metal Egg Tray Dryer Shipped to Argentina

Metal Egg Tray Dryer

Automation LevelHigh
CostThe installation cost is low.
Drying EfficiencyHigh
Egg Tray Drying QuantityLarge quantity
Installment TimeQuick

Egg tray dryer machines are suitable for the drying of small to large quantity egg trays. When you choose a suitable dryer, put these factors into consideration, including a budget, automation level, required labor, and fuel. Leave detailed info and get a plan from Beston Group. Moreover, we offer an online guidance service, installment service, and 1-year guarantee.

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