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Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction Solution

Carbon sequestration and emission reduction is now important issue for all countries. People are exploring various ways to increase carbon sequestration and reduce carbon emissions. Through some carbon sequestration methods, the purpose of reducing carbon emissions can be achieved. Here, we will introduce carbon sequestration and carbon emissions in detail.

Carbon Sequestration and-Emission Reduction Solution
Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction Solution

What is Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction?

Carbon sequestration and emission reduction refer to capturing and storing carbon dioxide. People capture and store a part of carbon dioxide in soil and plants in some ways. So, the emission of carbon dioxide could be reduced efficiently. In addition, when people choose environmental-friendly production methods and use green fuels, the emission of carbon dioxide is also reduced.

What is Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction

The Meaning of Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction

As global temperatures continue to rise, greenhouse gases pose unprecedented challenges. Under the influence of the greenhouse effect, the environment gradually becomes worse. If this situation continues, the earth will become uninhabitable for human beings. Therefore, people need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by some carbon sequestration methods. This can help reduce the bad effects of greenhouse gases. When we reach carbon neutrality (zero emissions), the environment and resources we live in are greatly improved. This action will affect the Earth’s environment for thousands of years.

The Meaning of Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction

Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction Solution

In order to increase carbon sequestration, there are some methods. They are biochar sequestration, forest regeneration, and technical carbon sequestration.

Biochar Sequestration Solution – Beston Way

Carbon capture solution refers to the storage of carbon dioxide in biochar. Now, some investors will invest in the biochar equipment to manufacture biochar in a green way. Then put biochar into soil to capture and store carbon dioxide. This way not only helps to reduce carbon emission but also improve the quality of the soil. Beston provides such biochar production equipment to achieve the carbon sequestration purpose.

Forest Regeneration – Global Classic Way

Apply lots of trees and plants for photosynthesis to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted. Trees fix the carbon dioxide underground. This is a classic way of sequestering carbon and reducing emissions. An important point is that carbon dioxide is released again when the trees are cut.

Technical Carbon Sequestration – Special Industry Way

Technical carbon sequestration refers to a combination of technologies that capture large amounts of carbon dioxide and transport it to storage sites. This project has a high requirement for safety. And when setting up this project, there will be many difficulties. It is usually used in the powder industry and fossil industry.

Biochar Sequestration Solution

Why Apply Beston Carbon Sequestration Solution?

Small Investment

When you apply Beston carbon sequestration solution, the main cost you spends on raw materials and charcoal production equipment. Raw materials are some biomass waste, like bamboo, wood chips, coconut shell, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, etc. They spend less. The cost of biochar production equipment is low compared with advanced carbon technologies combination.

Small Area Occupied

Forest regeneration is a good way of carbon sequestration. However, when investors wanna reduce a lot of carbon dioxide, investors need to plant trees. It requires a large of land even occupying cultivated land. When customers choose Beston charcoal making machine to manufacture biochar, it requires a fixed small land area. According to different configurations and models of charcoal making machine, the land area required is different.

Quick Carbon Sequestration Results

It requires a long time to realize carbon sequestration whether forest regeneration or technical carbon sequestration. When you choose Beston biochar machines, this machine manufactures 0.3-40m³of biochar per hour. When biochar is generated, it could be used in carbon sequestration.

Get Profits

Biochar is not only used in carbon sequestration industry but also as the heating fuel for sale. It is a hot product in many countries. And the biochar can be processed into BBQ charcoal and shisha charcoal. It will bring good benefits to investors. What are you waiting for?

Beston Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

For now, some investors purchased Beston biochar making machine used for carbon sequestration. See the following projects.

Carbon Sequestration Project in Malaysia
Palm Kernel Fiber
Continuous Work
Water-cooling Discharger

Carbon Sequestration Project in Turkey
Olive Seed Shell
Continuous Work
Water-cooling Discharger

Advantages of Beston Biochar Making Equipment

Guarantee Safe Biochar Production
  • The explosion-proof hole is used to prevent the pressure in the process from being too large.
  • The alarm device will give a sign when the electrical part goes wrong.
  • The explosion-proof water seal prevents abnormal pressure of combustible gas in the production process.
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Beston bochar reactor apply the inner and outer double-layer cylinders. It has a double-return heating structure.
  • Using an air heat exchanger can effectively improve thermal efficiency by 5-10%.
  • The raw materials won’t get in touch with oxygen. And materials won’t be polluted by hot air.

  • Beston Charcoal Making Machine Project Installed in China

    Do Carbon Sequestration Project with Beston Now

    Carbon sequestration and emission reduction are important to every country. It can help improve air quality, soil conditions, temperature, and so on. Using Beston biomass carbonization equipment is a quick and effective way of carbon sequestration and emission reduction. It requires less investment, and helps investors make profits. What’s more, the whole production process will not pollute the surrounding environment. Therefore, no matter from any point of view, this is an environmental protection project with favorable investment. If you plan to apply for this project, contact Beston right now.

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