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Biochar Reactor

Biochar reactor is a part of charcoal production line. It is used to make high-quality charcoal. There are many types of reactors on the markets. If investors wanna find a reactor to make a large quantity of biomass charcoal safely and automatically in a short time, see Beston biochar reactor. Beston reactor at a competitive price has good quality. And it has high-level safety and high efficiency.

Beston Biochar Reactor for Sale
Beston Biochar Reactor for Sale

What is Biochar Reactor?

A biochar reactor is a kind of equipment to make charcoal without oxygen under a high-temperature situation. The raw materials can be coconut shell, wood, sawdust, agricultural stalks, bamboo, coffee seed, and other kinds of biomass waste. A good biochar reactor can serve customers for 5-8 years.

Beston Continuous Biochar Reactor Installed in Lianyungang, China
Beston Continuous Biochar Reactor Installed in Lianyungang, China
Beston Biochar Reactor Installed in Lianyungang, China
Beston Biochar Reactor Installed in Lianyungang, China

3 Types of Beston Biochar Reactors for Sale

Beston provides two kinds of biochar reactors, including small biochar reactors and continuous biochar reactors. They all can be used to carbonize biomass waste, sewage sludge and municipal solid waste. See their differences.

Beston skid-mounted biochar furnace processes 0.3-0.5m³ of raw materials per hour. It is designed to operate on a skid-mounted platform, which makes it easy to move from one location to another. It is a fully automated system that uses advanced technology to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Beston small biochar furnace is used to process 12-40m³ of raw materials per furnace. For customers, this type of biochar making machine is easy to transport, install and move. It has a simple configuration. Normally, feed the reactor manually. Besides, some customers have requirements for a feeding platform, a dedusting system. We offer custom machines. Leave your requirement to Beston.

Beston continuous biochar furnace is used to process 2-15m³ of raw materials per hour. For customers, this type of reactor can produce charcoal in a large quantity. Moreover, it is equipped with a gas recycling system and deducting system. Customers can save some costs in fuel and emission management. Besides, this line has an automatic feeder and water-cooling discharger. The production time can be reduced greatly.

Beston Biochar Reactor Design

Beston biochar reactor has the latest design. It is mainly composed of wind shelter, in seal head, out seal head, colling output, deputy drive wheel, casing, main roller, main drive wheel, burning room, and motor. Good designs are mainly shown on the following points.

  • Firstly, the door can be customized, including raw materials and parts.
  • Secondly, feed the raw materials on one side and discharge the biochar on the end. With this design, the carbonization effectiveness is greatly improved.
  • Thirdly, there are several fuels that can be used to heat the combustion chamber, including LPG, coal, biomass wood, natural gas. Beston will design a suitable chamber according to the fuel customer choose.
  • Fourthly, the non-liquefiable bio-gas can be recycled and used to heat the chamber directly.

Beston Continuous Biochar Reactor Design

Materials of Beston Biochar Reactor

Beston reactor is mainly composed of 301 stainless steel, Q245 R Boiler steel, steel casting. These materials have good heat resistance. And they are not easily deformed. Moreover, Beston will order these parts from formal channels. All of them have quality assurance. Contact Beston for a full part list.

Temperature of Biochar Reactor

When the carbonizing process starts, the temperature rises rapidly.

    • In the drying process, the temperature inner reactor is about 150 degrees.
    • In the endothermic pyrolysis process, the temperature is between 150-300 degrees.
    • In the carbonizing process, the temperature is between 300-600 degrees.

Note: take biomass as an example. When the raw materials are different, the temperature inner reactor is also different.

Beston Biochar Reactors in All Over the World

Beston, as a reliable biochar reactor manufacturer in China, has manufactured 100+ biochar reactors. Beston biochar furnaces have been delivered and installed in more than 40+ countries. They are mainly applied to make biomass charcoal and sewage sludge charcoal. After the finish of the installment, some customers will send some pictures and good feedback to Beston.

Delivery of BST-J40 Beston Small Biochar Reactor to Spain

Beston arranged the shipment of BST-J40 Beston small biochar reactor to Spain in July. This reactor is used to process wood chips.

BST-J40 Beston Small Biochar Reactor Shipped to Spain
BST-J40 Beston Small Biochar Reactor Shipped to Spain

Installment of Beston Continuous Bichar Reactor in Lianyungang, China

Beston continuous biochar reactor was installed in Lianyungang, China in May 2021. Carbonizing wood chips and straw is the main purpose of this furnace. Look at the completed biochar reactor and final straw biochar.

Beston Straw Biochar Reactor Installed in Guizhou, China
Beston Straw Biochar Reactor Installed in Guizhou, China
Beston Straw Biochar Furnace Installed in Guizhou, China
Beston Straw Biochar Furnace Installed in Guizhou, China
Final Biochar
Final Biochar
Final Straw Charcoal
Final Straw Charcoal

Good Feedback on Beston Biochar Reactor Installed in Spain

There is a video that shows the project in Spain. At 00:45, we can see the main reactor. After automatic feeding, wood chips entered into the reactor. After workers heated the chamber and controlled the PLC system, the reaction of wood chips started. At the end of the video, this customer was satisfied with the final charcoal and this efficient Beston biochar reactor.

How to Make Biochar in a Biochar Reactor

When you take Beston biochar reactor to manufacture charcoal, the charcoal making process is simple and automatic. Look at four main steps.

  • Firstly, heat the combustion chamber a few times.
  • Secondly, feed the raw materials into the reactor in a fully sealed condition.
  • Thirdly, when the temperature reaches about 300 degrees, the carbonizing process starts.
  • Finally, discharge charcoal at the end with a water-cooling discharger.

How to Make Biochar When Applying Biochar Reactor

Why Invest in a Biochar Reactor?

There are many ways to make biochar in daily life, like burning, charcoal retort. Why investors should invest in a biochar reactor? See the following reasons.

  • When customers use rice hull charcoal reactor to make charcoal, the final charcoal yield is high. The ash content is low.
  • It is extremely safe for customers to produce biochar.
  • The production time is greatly reduced when customers choose a biochar reactor.
  • Compared with other methods, it is environment-friendly to use a biochar reactor for customers to make charcoal.
  • When customers use reactors to manufacture biomass charcoal, the requirement for raw materials is low, including category, moisture, and size.
Good Feedback on Beston Biochar Kiln in Turkey
Good Feedback on Beston Biochar Kiln in Turkey

The Technology of Beston Biochar Kiln

Several technologies are shown on Beston biochar kiln, including bio-gas recycling technology and dedusting technology. They are connected to Beston biochar furnace.

  • Bio-gas recycling technology means that the non-liquefiable gas will be used in heating chamber or be collected for other uses. The non-liquefiable gas will be processed by several devices, including hydrodeal, condenser, cyclone dust removal tower. The final gas is purified and can be used directly.
  • Dedusting technology refers to the purify of smoke emission. The smoke emission generated in the reactor will be purified by the condenser and dedusting tower. Finally, the low-temperature smoke meets the natural emission standard. In order to improve the purifying effectiveness, some customers will add activated carbon absorption into this system.
Use Combustible Gas to Heat Combustion Chamber
Use Combustible Gas to Heat Combustion Chamber
Use Dedusting Tower to Clean Gas and Hot Smoke
Use Dedusting Tower to Clean Gas and Hot Smoke

Advantages of Beston Biochar Reactor

Many customers from all over the world choose Beston biochar reactor for sale. The reasons not only include good quality and competitive price but also contains good functions. See the details.

Reduce 20-30% Energy

When you take Beston biochar production line, 20-30% of the fuel cost can be saved. Firstly, when you take a dryer, the recycled hot air can be used to dry raw materials after the drying preheating. Secondly, the recycled gas can be instead of fuel to heat the reactor. Besides, the water in this system won’t be polluted and be reused.

Custom Service

Beston provides custom reactors to customers. The custom parts include capacity, door, groove, gear, inlet, outlet, and so on. Before design and manufacturing, Beston will confirm every detail with customers. Finally, customers will get an ideal biochar reactor from Beston. Besides custom reactor, Beston also provides a one-stop service for charcoal making projects.

High-level Safety

In order to improve the safety of this production line, Beston has many new designs and parts for the reactor.

  • Use PLC and monitor screens to control the reactor and production line.
  • The reactor is equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, thermometer, damper and other devices.
  • There is a standard control system to monitor the situation of the reactor.
  • The inlet and outlet on the reactor are designed specially. They can be fully sealed.

Wide Options for Raw Materials

Beston biochar reactor can be employed to carbonize different kinds of biomass waste (wood, sawdust, bamboo, coffee shell, rice husk, bagasse, corn straw, etc), sewage sludge, industrial sludge, MSW, organic sludge. When you get Beston coconut shell charcoal production line and wanna change the materials, you won’t need to change the device. You send the details to Beston. Then we will handle the rest of things.

Besides, for Beston biochar furnace, the requirement for raw materials is low. The moisture is less than 15%. And the size is no more than 2.5com.

Beston Biochar Reactor with High-level Safety Shipped to Colombia
Beston Biochar Reactor with High-level Safety Shipped to Colombia

Traditional Biochar Kiln VS Beston Biochar Reactor

There are some traditional biochar kilns in the market. They have a low cost. And they are easy to use. Why did many investors choose Beston biochar reactor to make charcoal?

Beston Biochar Reactor is Safer than Traditional Biochar Kiln

Many traditional biochar reactors have a simple structure. They are mainly composed of an iron barrel or stainless steel barrel with some holes. These kinds of reactors don’t have safety devices. Moreover, some of them are easy to scald customers.

Beston biochar reactors are equipped with many safety devices, including explosion-proof valves, pressure relief valves, and so on. The casing of the reactor has several Heat-resistant materials. So, the heat can be kept well. And the workers won’t get scaled.

Production Time is Short and Quantity is Large Compared with Traditional Furnace

When customers use a traditional furnace, the production time is long. And traditional furnaces can carbonize small materials every time.

If customers take Beston biochar kiln, the carbonization time is about 15-20 minutes for every furnace. Moreover, it can carbonize 0.3-5 tons of raw materials per hour.

Biochar Yield of Beston Biochar Kiln is Much Higher than Traditional Furnace’s

When customers use the traditional biochar kiln, lots of raw materials will be wasted. Because the temperature and the seals are difficult to control. The final charcoal yield is not high and unstable.

If customers employ Beston kiln, the charcoal yield can reach 99%. The whole process is fully sealed and won’t contact with oxygen. Moreover, the reactor can be controlled by the PLC system. Accordingly, customers can control the quality of final charcoal.

Options for Raw Materials of Beston Furnace is Wider than Traditional Biochar Furnace’s

For traditional reactor, the option for raw materials is single. The most common materials are wood branches, bamboo, and other large trees. Moreover, these materials need to be dried in advance.

For Beston reactors, the option for raw materials is wide. They are all kinds of biomass waste, different kinds of sludge, and organic solid waste. Customers can use this reactor to do a wide charcoal making business.

Traditional Biochar Kiln
Traditional Biochar Kiln
Beston Biochar Kiln Shipped to Malaysia
Beston Biochar Kiln Has Many Advantages

What are Beston Biochar Reactor Costs?

When you get a reactor, the cost is the most important factor you consider. The cost does not contain the machine price but also includes the delivery and installation fee. You can see some delivery videos on Youtube.

Get a Suitable Biochar Reactor Price

Beston offers 7 reactors and custom reactors to customers. When you wanna get Beston biochar furnace price, send your requirement to Beston. There are several questions that you should consider before you send the message to Beston. These questions will help you to get a cost-efficient biochar reactor.

  • What raw materials do you wanna process by biochar reactor? How about their moisture and size?
  • How many raw materials to process per hour?
  • How much charcoal do you wanna get finally per day?
  • Where is your machine located in?

Delivery and Installation Costs

The delivery and installment fee of biochar reactor for sale can’t be neglected. The delivery fee is flexible. It changes according to the port cargo situation and sea route. The installation fee is influenced by basic construction and manual labor. Send your location and the market situation in your country.

When you plan to get a good-quality biochar reactor, contact Beston. 10+ years of experience will help you to get an ideal reactor at a fair price. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive post-sales service to all customers. Besides, you can see some charcoal making machine FAQs.

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