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Biochar Production Equipment

Biochar production equipment carbonizes all sorts of waste biomass into charcoal in the absence of oxygen. Beston plants have an energy-saving system to improve carbonization efficiency. Moreover, it adopts heat-resistance materials. It can serve customers for a long time. Low-cost biomass is easily got from the local area. According to the info customers provide, Beston Group will design a suitable plant drawing.
Beston Biochar Production Equipment
Beston Biochar Production Equipment Installed in Lianyugang

Use Biochar Equipment to Carbonize Variety of Materials

Beston biochar production plant aims at turning different useless waste into charcoal which has high economic value. Large useful biomass is wasted because of lacking utilization consciousness. If these following wastes are converted into biochar, customers and the local area will get substantial profits.

  • Biomass: wood, coconut shell, sawdust, palm kernel shell, rice husk, straw, bamboo, olive shell
  • Sewage sludge
  • Municipal solid waste
Coconut Shell Carbonized by Biochar Making Machine
Coconut Shell
Sawdust Carbonized by Biochar Production Equipment
Rice Husk Carbonized by Biochar Production Machine
Rice Husk
Bamboo Carbonized by Biochar Production Plant
Sewage Sludge
Sewage Sludge
Carbonized Biochar by Beston Biochar Machines for Sale
Carbonized Biochar by Beston Biochar Machines for Sale

Beston Biochar Machine In Stock – Technical Parameters

For meeting investors’ requirement, Beston Machinery promote the following two kinds – batch & continuous models. View parameters.

Batch Models

Batch Models
Capacity 12m³ 18m³ 40m³
Working Method Batch
Description and Size Reactor Φ1900*4500 Φ1900*6600 Φ2800*7100
Casing 2260*3600 2260*5600 3200*7000
Cyclone Dust Removal System 1000*800*3500 1150*1000*3500 1460*1300*4080
Dust Removal Tower 1300*1300*4900 1800*1300*4900 1900*1900*5900
Land Field (Standard) 10*4.5*6m 10*4.5*6m 12*4.5*6m
BST-J40 Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Spain
BST-J40 Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Spain

Continuous Models

Continuous Models
Feeding Capacity 0.3-0.5 T/H 0.8-1 T/H 2.5-3 T/H 4.5-5 T/H
Working Method Fully Continuous
Reactor Size Φ820mm Φ1000mm Φ1300mm Φ1700mm
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Energy Consumption 45kw/h 65kw/h 90kw/h 125kw/h
Weight 28t 35t 45t 54t
28m*11m*6m 33*13*7m 40*15*8m 50*16*10m
Operating Pressure Light Negative Pressure
Life Span 5-8 Years

Note: 1. The feed capacity is taken rice husk as an example. 2. Power energy consumption is based on the configuration. 3. Demonstration is based on the site’s layout.

Beston Biochar Machine for Sale Available
Beston Biochar Machine for Sale Available
Continuous Biochar Equipment Shipped to Mexio
Continuous Biochar Equipment Shipped to Mexio

Biochar Machine Shipped to Malaysia
Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Malaysia

How to Use Final Products After Biochar Production

How to Use Biochar

• The fuel of BBQ.
• Attach heavy metal to improve the soil quality.
• It can be reprocessed into activated carbon.
• Raw materials to make bricks with clay.
• The fuel in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics, etc.

How to Use Gas

• The fuel in the industries.
• Greenhouse agriculture heating.
• The fuel for heating or drying.
• Get electricity from generator.

How to Use Tar

• The great materials in shipbuilding and paint industry.
Tar is used as raw materials in chemical and medicine.
• Plant nutrition regulates auxin or insecticide.

How to Use Wood Vinegar

• Anti-insect fungicide.
• Pesticide neutralization conditioner.
• Soil conditioner.

Recycled Combustible Gas
Recycled Combustible Gas
Carbonization Tar
Carbonization Tar
Wood Vinegar Got from Biochar Machine
Wood Vinegar

Benefits of Beston Biochar Pyrolysis Machine

Easy Installment, Operation and Maintenance

Beston biochar furnace is easy to operate and maintain. The batch and continuous are easy to install. If the project is equipped with an automatic feeder and discharger, the requirement for the labor force is small. And the operation process is simpler compared with the feeding method needing workers’ operation. Moreover, just running the sawdust carbonization machine as the instruction. Then take few time on maintenance.

How to Guarantee Safety

There is a series of devices to make sure the operation is in a safe condition. Besides, some parts will avoid dangerous things happen.
• Use PLC to monitor temperature, heating rate, drum speed, etc.
• Many parts have explosion-proof holes or relief valves. Besides, the design uploading in an emergency is important in the production process.
• The slight negative pressure in the biochar stove makes the running safe.
• There are three parts to guarantee well-sealed effectiveness.
• Use feeding without wind and air to improve sealed effectiveness.
• The automatic ignition device avoids explosion inner the furnace. Besides, the temperature on the surface of the casing won’t be over 50℃.
• Combustion room adopts new structure and good high-temperature-resistant materials.

Besotn Biochar Furnace with Safe System Installed in Chile
Beston Biochar Furnace with Safe System Installed in Chile

Why it is an Environmental-friendly System

• A part of the waste air will be recycled to provide heat for the dryer.
• High-temperature waste smoke will be purified by three or four procedures. Then it is no problem to discharge it directly.
• The tar and wood vinegar is processed and can be used directly.
• Combustion chamber uses ceramic fiber. And its lifespan reaches 12 years.
• The sewage and sludge will be treated and reused. Finally, this project reaches the purpose of zero-emission.

How to Save Energy

• It posses high-level gas utilization. 90% of oil gas can be recycled to provide heat for the combustion chamber. View the related videos.
• This machine takes intelligent control and frequent adjustment.
• The hot air generated in the production can be sued to dry materials.
• Water can be reused again and again.
• Work continuously in 3-5 working days.
• Beston can design a hot air sources on the basis of local cheap fuel. Coal, biomass, natural gas and other fuel can be applied. This design will help investors to save costs.
• Adopt main and auxiliary furnace design. Its multi-stage thermal structure makes energy consumption low.
• Low-ammonia combustion design improves combustion efficiency.

Beston Biochar Machines for Sale
Beston Biochar Machines for Sale – Parts Description

Biochar Making Machines Projects & Exhibition

Due to mature technology and a high rate of return, this biomass pyrolysis plant has been applied in more than 14 countries. These customers told us that Beston biochar reactor for sale completely met their requirements. They use Beston equipment to process wood chips, bamboo, rice husk, olive seed, palm kernel shell, reed, coffee husk, and fruit shell. And at present, their projects still stay in a good situation to make benefits from biochar.

Batch Types Cases: Spain, Ghana.

Continuous Types Cases: Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Chile, Cameroon,Hunan (China), Lianyungang (China), India, Japan.

Beston Biochar Production Machine Installed in Turkey
Beston Biochar Production Machine Installed in Turkey
Biochar Making Machine Shipped to Russia
Biochar Making Machine Shipped to Russia
Beston Team Joined Exhibition in Russia
Beston Team Joined Exhibition in Russia
Spani Customer Visited Beston Manufacturing Factory
Spanish Customer Visited Beston Factory

Video of Beston Biochar Production Equipment Installed in Spain

Business Plan Analysis When Purchasing Beston Biomass Charcoal Machine

Economic Analysis Report For BST-10 Commercial Biochar Production Plant
Land for Machine 20*12*6
Daily Running Cost
Item cost per unit(usd) Total
Material(Ton) 24 ton 80 1920 USD
Fuel 50 m3 Natural gas 0.45 22.5 USD
Water 1.5 ton water 0.6 0.9
Power 35 kw 0.09 3.15 USD
Labors 5 workers 30 150 USD
Maintenance 10 20 USD
Depreciation 10 20 USD
Tax Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project 0 USD
Other Expenses 10 USD
Total Cost: 2146.55 USD
Daily Gross Profit
Charcoal (BBQ) 8 tons/day 680 5440 USD
Tar oil 0.2 tons/day
Wood vinegar 0.5 tons/day
Total Gross Profit 5440 USD
Pure Profit
Daily Profit: 3293.45 USD
Monthly (25 working days) 82336.25 USD
Annual (10 Months) 823362.5 USD

Note: Take BST-10 as an example. Dates are from Chinese Market, just for your reference.

Beston – Top-rated Biochar Production Equipment Manufacturer

Beston, as manufacturer and supplier together, often offers a favorable price to investors. See the following core competency.
• We have our own manufacturing factory area which reaches 15000㎡. We have advanced welding technology and professional teams.
• Take part in exhibitions in Asia, Europe, Africa every year.
• Beston machines have been exported to 15+ countries.
• Provide comprehensive service, include online guidance, site installment service, or others.

Carbonization Delivery

Some Guidance When Purchasing Biochar Production Machine

How Much Can You Spend for Biochar Plant?

When determining to establish a charcoal making plant to do biochar business, you must understand how much you are able to invest. We provide four models with different prices and capacities, including BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40, BST-05, BST-10, BST-30, BST-50. Consult us online and our personnel will offer you the appropriate suggestion.

Which Materials Do You Plan to Dispose of?

You should make out what type of material you plan to carbonize. This is an extremely important factor. If materials have a large size and more than 20% water content, it is necessary for you to order the crusher and dryer. Besides, if you don’t confirm which material you are going to dispose of, we can’t provide the most appropriate plan for you.

Have You Decided to Adopt What Kind of Heating Fuel?

There are multiple choices of fuel to heat biochar making furnaces, such as coal, wood, natural gas, oil, etc. Choosing the least expensive one in the light of local conditions. In addition, Beston technician is willing to customize the combustion chamber for you.

What are Usages of Final Products?

You should make clear the usages of final products. Then Beston engineers will give you guidance or appropriately change the configuration of the biochar machines for sale which is better for you.

See more FAQs about biomass charcoal making machines.

Biochar Equipment Shipped to Malaysia
Beston Biochar Equipment Shipped to Malaysia

How is Biochar Made by Beston Biochar Making Machine?

Biochar pyrolysis is a waste treatment technology to make artificial charcoal and combustible gas. Beston biochar making machine for sale has a high automation system which can feed at one side and discharge at the other side. The following content is the simple description of the biomass production process:


Make sure that the size of the material is smaller than 2cm and the water content is less than 20%.

Biochar Production Process

Put materials into the feeder. Then feeder will evenly deliver materials into biochar making furnace. When the temperature reaches to 350℃, customers constantly get charcoal.

Combustible Gas Recycling System

In the biochar making furnace, there is waste combustible gas existing. After being cleaned by a cyclone dust collector and spray washer, combustible gas enters into the condenser. In the condenser, we can get tar and wood vinegar from combustible gas. At last, the combustible gas is induced into the reactor to heat the reactor again.

Beston biochar production equipment for sale takes the latest carbonizing technology to convert waste biomass into useful charcoal. This kind of equipment brings the second life to biomass and makes the environment better. Now, we offer two kinds with a factory price. One is a portable type with a small capacity, the other is a continuous type. If you have the intention to do biochar business, don’t hesitate. Beston Machinery will offer the best experience for you.


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