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Industrial Packaging Machine

The industrial packaging machine can make industrial packages from waste paper and biomass fibers. This machine is also called molded pulp packaging machine. This equipment has a wide range of applications and can manufacture different industrial packages. It brings maximum benefit to customers. Beston equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The overall cost performance is high. Moreover, we provide a series of after-sales services to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Beston Industrial Packaging Machine for Sale
Beston Industrial Packaging Machine for Sale

What is Beston Industrial Packaging Machine?

Beston pulp industrial package machines make homogeneous pulp from waste paper and other biomass fibers. After the pulp is processed by the forming machine, it becomes a variety of industrial packaging trays. Our standard products include pulping and paper tray forming systems. The whole system is easy to operate, and the staff can easily operate the equipment proficiently. Beston supports the following customization services.

Standard Line
Customized Colors
Customized Line
Customized Tray Molds

Beston Industrial Packaging Equipment
Beston Industrial Packaging Equipment for Sale with Customized Services

Raw Materials for Beston Molded Pulp Packaging Machine

Beston machines process two kinds of waste, including paper waste and biomass fiber pulp. See the details.

  • Paper waste: white paper, cardboard paper, magazines, books, notebooks, kraft paper, etc.
  • Biomass fiber pulp: sugarcane bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, etc.
  • Paper Waste
    Use Paper Waste to Make Paper Pulp
    Sugarcane Babasse
    Use Sugarcane Babasse to Make Pulp
    Use Bamboo to Make Pulp
    Use Wood to Make Pulp

    Beston Industrial Packaging Machines for Sale

    Beston offers two models, including BGB-1, BGB-2. They are semi-automatic systems. Beston can provide a series of supports to help customers complete this pulp molding production line, such as drawing design, payment method, shipping method, installation and operation.

  • Single-station machine has an industrial packaging forming station. This model is suitable for customers with small capacity or small sites.
  • Double-station machine has two industrial packaging forming stations. This model is suitable for customers with large output.
  • Industrial Packaging Equipment
    Beston Single-station Industrial Packaging Equipment – BGB-1
    Industrial Packaging Tray Machine
    Beston Double-station Industrial Packaging Tray Machine – BGB-2

    Parameters of Beston Industrial Packaging Equipment

    Model Mould Template Size Capacity(24h) Equipment size weight Final Trays height(Max.) Power Labor needed
    BGB-2 600*800 14400(Mould Template)station 2800*2200*3800 1.8T 75mm 500w 1
    BGB-1 600*800 7200(Mould Template)station 1300*2200*3800 1T 75mm 500w 1

    Note: the industrial packaging machine price ranges from USD19,900.

    Components of Beston Industrial Packaging Tray Machine

  • Hydraulic pulper is used to crush raw materials (waste paper or fiber pulp).
  • The Homogenization tank mixes and stirs the polished fine pulp, water, and water and oil repellent.
  • Molding machine makes the treated pulp into different kinds of paper package products.
  • Vacuum pump recovers moisture from the paper molding process. Moisture can be reused.
  • The air screw compressor transfers the formed paper package product from the mold.
  • The vacuum air water separation tank will store the water separated by the vacuum pump. for reuse.
  • Edge trimmer trims the formed paper package products. This makes the appearance of the product more beautiful and smooth.
  • Tray receiving platform uses lifting equipment to smoothly transfer the formed wet paper tray to the platform.
  • Tray packing machine packs the finished paper package products. The packed paper packages are convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Components of Beston Molded Pulp Packaging Machinery
    Components of Beston Molded Pulp Packaging Machinery

    Application Scenarios of Final Products

    Beston molded pulp industiral package machine can make many types of industrial packaging paper trays. These paper trays have a wide range of applications, including fruit and vegetable industry, agriculture, poultry industry, industry, medical industry, decoration industry, etc.

  • Fruit and vegetable industry: all kinds of fruit trays, vegetable trays, etc.
  • Agriculture: paper pots, seedling trays, etc.
  • Life products: protective septa, cup packaging, paper masks, wine trays, etc.
  • Industry: electrical packaging, paper decoration materials, mobile phone packaging, etc.
  • Catering industry: this machines is used to make various plates and paper cups, etc.
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Industry: it is used for packaging for various chemical and pharmaceutical items.
  • Cosmetics industry: it is used for packaging various skin care products and cosmetics.
  • Tableware and Cup Trays
    Tableware and Cup Trays

    Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Package
    Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Package

    Disposable Bedpan
    Disposable Bedpan

    Egg Carton
    Egg Carton

    Egg Tray
    Egg Tray


    Food and Drink Tray
    Food and Drink Tray

    Health and Beauty Package
    Health and Beauty Package

    Industrial and Electronic Package
    Industrial and Electronic Package

    Seeding Tray
    Seeding Tray

    Apple Tray
    Apple Tray

    Coffee Cup Tray
    Coffee Cup Tray

    How to Make Industrial Package?

    Pulping Process

    The raw material is processed into a thick pulp by a pulping system. The homogenization tank adjusts the thick pulp to a suitable concentration and then sends it to the forming system.

    Molding Process

    Pulp with suitable concentration can be made into different paper package products through forming system and different mould shapes. At this time, the humidity of the paper package is relatively high.

    Drying Process

    Feed the wet paper tray into the tray drying system. In the drying system, excess moisture will evaporate. Finally, the paper package is shaped into a finished product.

    Processing and Packaging Process

    The paper package is more smooth and more beautiful after being processed by the edge trimmer and hot pressing machine. The baler can quickly pack the paper trays into stacks, which is convenient for customers to deliver and transport.
    How to Make Industrial Package

    Advantages of Beston Machines

    Cost-effective Machines

    This moulded fibre package machine is fully functional and has low power consumption. The overall design is reasonable. This generation of products is a finished product that combines the repeated experimental data of our R&D personnel. The whole equipment has high safety and various energy-saving designs. And Beston, as an OEM of egg tray machines, offers factory industrial packaging machine price.

    Multiple Choices

    Beston provides two models and a variety of paper tray molds shapes (plastic & aluminum molds) for customers to choose from. At the same time, we also provide a series of processing equipment. After using the some processing equipment, customers can improve the aesthetics and economic value of paper package products. If you wanna get the ideal paper thermoforming line, please tell us your detailed needs.

    Stable Production

    Both models have stable output with stable energy consumption. It can meet the customer’s demand for output. According to the needs of customers, we can help customers to formulate appropriate production plans and cycles. Just send your requirement to Beston.

    Easy to Operate

    The whole production line is very convenient to operate. One worker can complete the operation of the molding line. Moreover, this production line does not require high skills for workers. In this way, the labor cost for investors is low. We provide worker training services.

    Beston Machines Shipped to Indonesia in 2021

    A customer from Indonesia purchased four sets of BGB-2 machines in 2021. Beston arranged this delivery according to contract. These machines are used to make electronic packages. For now, this customer kept a good contact with Beston. And he sent some questions to Beston. Our experienced technicians replied quickly.

    ROI of Investing Beston Machines

    When investing Beston pulp industrial package making machines, the project will definitely bring good benefits to customers. Below is a profit analysis table based on UK market data for customer reference. Clients can replace the data in the table with local market data and get an estimated profit figure. Beston also provides customized project benefit analysis reports. Just send us your local details.

    Project name Return on Investment of BGB-2 Industrial Packaging Equipment with Natural Drying
    Introduction According to the market data of UK, the estimated ROI report, the various expenses are as follows:
    Item Details Unit Unit price/USD Quantity Amount/USD Total amount Remark
    Fixed Investment Cost Equipment BGB-2 Set 42020 1 42020
    Transportation From China to Southampton Set 6000 1 6000
    From Southampton Port to Site Set 1600 1 1600
    Customs tax 0.15 Set 6303 1 6303
    Installation Beston technician's salary Day 350 15 5250
    Round -trip airtickets Ea 1600 2 3200
    Visa Ea 300 1 300
    Local welder Day 93 10 930 1 welder
    Local plumber Day 93 10 930 1 plumber
    Local labor Day 93 30 2790 2 labors
    Crane forklift Day 50 15 750
    Materials Installation materials ready Set 10000 1 10000 Bricks, Foundation, pipe, etc.
    License Ea 2000 1 2000 Environmental, firefighting, etc.
    Workshop 200 2100 12 25200 Rent in rural area
    Operating Cost Raw materials Waste paper Ton 164 0.8 131.2 10 hours per day working
    Water / 2.3 2 4.6
    Electricity / KWH 23 770 17710 77kw/hx10
    Fuel Natural gas / / /
    Labor / People 93 2 186
    Maintenance / Day 5 1 5
    Depreciation 8 years Day 44.697083333333 1 44.697083333333
    Tax 0.05 0
    End Products Price Egg box 3000 pieces per hour Pieces 0.64 30000 19200
    Subsidy Ton 0 0 0
    Daily Income 1118.5029166667
    Monthly Income Working day Day 25 27962.572916667
    Yearly Income Working day Day 300 335550.875

    In the End

    Beston industrial package making machines are good equipment to make different industrial packages in packaging industry. Beston provides different kinds of molds to help customers to manufacture different packages. We not only provide machines but also offer industrial packaging solutions and after-sales services. Contact us to get more information.

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