Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Wood charcoal making machine turns wood into charcoal under the absence of free oxygen. After carbonization, we can get wood charcoal, tar, wood vinegar and combustible gas. Every country has abundant wood resources, like different kinds of trees, old furniture, etc. If you use this machine to deal with these wood waste, you will get considerable returns. Now, there are two types, including easy-operation batch models and environmental-friendly continuous models.

Beston Wood Charcoal making Machine for Sale
Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Turkey Has Large Capacity

Batch & Continuous Wood Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Batch Models

Batch Models BST-J12 BST-J18 BST-J40
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Capacity 12m³ 18m³ 40m³
Working Method Batch
Description and Size Reactor Φ1900*4500 Φ1900*6600 Φ2800*7100
Casing 2260*3600 2260*5600 3200*7000
Cyclone Dust Removal System 1000*800*3500 1150*1000*3500 1460*1300*4080
Dust Removal Tower 1300*1300*4900 1800*1300*4900 1900*1900*5900
Land Field (Standard) 10*4.5*6m 10*4.5*6m 12*4.5*6m

Continuous Models

Continuous Models BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
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Feeding Capacity 0.3-0.5 T/H 0.8-1 T/H 2.5-3 T/H 4.5-5 T/H
Working Method Fully Continuous
Reactor Size Φ820mm Φ1000mm Φ1300mm Φ1700mm
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Energy Consumption 45kw/h 65kw/h 90kw/h 125kw/h
Weight 28t 35t 45t 54t
28m*11m*6m 33*13*7m 40*15*8m 50*16*10m
Operating Pressure Light Negative Pressure
Life Span 5-8 Years
Beston Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine for Sale
Beston Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Selecting Beston Wood Charcoal Machine – A Right Choice

Continuous Operation without Stop

The continuous working method is able to guarantee long-term working time and few larbor cost. This charcoal production machine maximizes customers’ interests.

Guarantee the Safety to the Most Extent

Firstly, PLC is assembled with alarm device. When some parts go broken, this part will alarm automatically. Secondly, there are explosion-proof water seal in the end of combustible gas flue. Thirdly, there is a explosion-proof hole in the end of the reactor to relieve extra pressure.

Save Your Fuel Cost Largely

After a period of preheating, the combustible gas processed by condensers is enough to provide heat for the reactor. And some part of high-temperature smoke has been applied to provide heat for dryer. Accordingly, you can save a great deal of fuel cost when you choose Beston machines.

Make Sure Pollution-free Design

Environmental problem has become a serious matter we should pay attention to, especially in Asia and Africa. Government hopes more environmental protection industry will be introduced. Beston wood chips charcoal making machine is the ideal equipment which has dedusting system to clean the waste smoke.

Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine with Pollution-free Design
Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine with Pollution-free Design

Beston Wood Carbonization Machine Cases

Beston Wood Carbonization Machine Shipped to Russia
Beston Wood Carbonization Machine Was Shipped to Russia

Ways to Use End Products Getting from Wood Charcoal Machine

End Products Area Usages
Charcoal Daily life • widely used as the fuel of BBQ.
• used as the fuel in other industries.
Agriculture • attach heavy metal to improve the quality of the soil.
Industry • can be reprocessed into activated carbon.
• used for construction bricks with clay.
• widely used as fuel in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics, etc.
Biogas Daily life • widely used as fuel.
Agriculture • greenhouse agriculture heating.
Industry • used as fuel for heating or drying.
• can be used for the generator to get electricity.
Wood vinegar, tar Industry • the great materials in shipbuilding and paint industry.
• used as raw materials in chemical and medicine field.
Agriculture • used as plant nutrition regulates auxin or insecticide.
charcoal rod
Wood Vinegar Got from Beston Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Vinegar Got from Beston Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Vinegar Got from Beston Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Vinegar

High Demand for Beston Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

Obsoleting Traditional Carbonizing Kiln

The traditional kiln isn’t content with the requirement of environmental protection and quality of charcoal people has purposed. Therefore, government appeals to find a more efficient and environmental-friendly equipment. That’s Beston wood carbonization furnace.

A Large Great Deal of Energy Consumption

Every year, Asian and African countries not only consume massive coal, oil and other energy but also exports more than 311 million tons coal to other countries. At present, the resource becomes more and more valuable. Finding a substitute (like biochar production equipment) is the promising trend for industries.

Wood Carbonized by Wood Charcoal Making Machine
High Demand for Wood Charcoal Machine on The Market
High Demand for Wood Charcoal Machine on The Market

Beston – Leading Wood Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturer

As a ten-years of manufacturer, Beston has customized more than twenty projects for customers. From small parts to reactor, we will design a different plan. Our enginners and study group would like to assist you to get a suitable and economical project. In addtion, we take part in exhibition hold on different countries every year. If you are interested in these exhibitions, pay attentioin to our newest news and contact us in adcance.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturer - Beston
Leading Wood Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturer – Beston Machinery

Services Beston Machinery Offers

1. 24-hour online service. Call us to ask queations at any time.
2. Installallation service or online technical support available.
3. Arrange Shipment in 30-45 working days.
4. Offer 1-year wear-out parts for free and other processing equipment.

How to Make Hardwood Charcoal by Wood to Charcoal Machine

▪ Before pyrolysis, making sure the size of raw material is suitable. Smaller the material is, better the carbonization effect is. Normally, we recommend the size of raw material is no less than 2cm.

▪ Before feeding, the drying system helps to reduce the extra water content of raw materials so that the final product-charcoal has great quality.

▪ Push raw materials into the reactor. When temperature reaches to 380℃, the wood charcoal will be generated. Besides charcoal, there are combustible gas in the reactor. Through processed by condensers, waste gas can be recycled to burn again. Moreover, some hot air will enter into dryer to provde heat.

FAQs about Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

How about the Rate of Wood Charcoal Output?

If a ton of wood has less than 10% water content, customers can get 280kg-310kg charcoal.

How long is the Manufacturing Period and Installation Time?

Normally, the manufacturing period is within 45-60 working days. And the installation period is within 45-60 working days (don’t contain foundation construction time). Besides, this project needs 3-5 working days to debug.

Is There Requirement for the Size of Raw Materials?

When you adopt batch machine, we recommend that the length of raw materials is better over 2cm. When employee continuous equipment, the length of materials is no more than 3cm.

How to Make Sure the Finishment of Production Process When Using Batch Machines?

If the smoke is no longer generated, the production process finishes.

Beston wood charcoal making machine for sale truley is the most right equipment to improve waste utilization. At present, the shortage of energy is common. How to convert more waste into available resources is the concerned issue. Beston equipment deals with this problem well and will make benefits for customers. And a range of services are offered to guarantee customers’ right. Accordingly, contact us right now to get price list.


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