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6000-6500 PCS/H Egg Tray Making Machine

6000-6500 pcs/h egg tray making machine is used to make 6000-6500 pieces of paper egg trays or other kinds of paper trays. It is also called BTF6-8. This model has a large capacity and a fully automatic egg tray making system. Because of good design and quality, this model is widely ordered by customers.

6000-6500 PCSH Egg Tray Making Machine
6000-6500 PCSH Egg Tray Making Machine
Algeria Customer Visited BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine
Algeria Customer Visited BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine

Parameters of Beston 6000-6500 PCS/H Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Model: BTF6-8

• Production capacity: 6000-6500pieces/h
• Forming mould quantity: 48
• Total power: 223kw
• Electricity consumption: 156kw/h
• Labor force: 6-8
• Paper consumption: 520kg/h
• Water consumption: 1560kg/h
• Diesel consumption: 77-87kg

Raw Materials for 6000-6500 Pieces/H Egg Tray Making Machine

The paper waste can be directly used to make pulp in a BTF6-8 production line. The following categories of paper can be recycled.

  • Printed paper: books, notebook, A4 paper, magazine, newspaper, exercise book, booklet, flyer, and other printed paper.
  • Packaged paper: used egg trays, cardboard, craft paper, paper food box, paper pillbox, industrial package, paper gift bag, and other paper-made packaged.

Use BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine to Make Egg Tray

Final Paper Trays for 6000-6500 PCS/H Egg Tray Machine

The majority of our customers use Beston machines to make different egg trays. Actually, this machine not only can make egg trays but also other kinds of paper trays after changing the molds.

  • For egg trays, Beston provides 18-hole egg tray molds, 20-hole egg tray molds, 24-hole egg tray molds, 30-hole egg tray molds.
  • For egg boxes, Beston provides 6-hole egg box mold, 10-hole box mold, 12-hole box mold, 18-hole box mold.
  • For other paper trays, Beston offers coffee cup tray mold, fruit tray mold, seedling tray mold, shoe tray mold, industrial packaging tray, wine tray, and so on. Moreover, we offer customized mold when customers send the requirement to Beston.

Different Paper Trays

Egg Tray Moulds for 6000-6500 PCS/H Egg Tray Equipment

For BTF6-8, there are two options of molds for customers, including plastic and aluminum molds. Compared with plastic mold, the aluminum mold has a lower wear rate and longer service life. There are some differences between them.

Material Features Weight Guarantee Life Span
Plastic Few Options for Shapes Light 1-year Guarantee More than 2 Year
Aluminum High-corrosion Resistance Heavy 2-year Guarantee More than 3 Year
Plastic Mold Die
Plastic Mold Die
Aluminum Molds
Aluminum Molds Shipped to Iraq

Description of Beston 6000-65000 Pieces/H Egg Tray Production Line

6000-6500 pcs/h egg tray making equipment is divided into four systems, including pulping system, molding system, drying system and packing system. You also can see the description on Youtube.

  • Pulping system is composed of a pulp pool, hydraulic pulper, sewage water pond, homogenizer, etc.
  • The molding system is composed of a 6000-6500 pcs/h egg tray forming machine, vacuum pump, pulp pump, air compressor, air tank, water pulp, pulp beater, etc.
  • The drying system is composed of a metal conveyor, multiple-layer drying room, electric control cabinet, draft fan, etc.
  • The packing system is composed of a stacker, hot pressing machine and packing machine.
Pulping System
Pulping System
BTF6-8 Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
BTF6-8 Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Forming Machine
Metal Egg Tray Dryer
Metal Egg Tray Dryer
Egg Tray Stacker
Egg Tray Stacker
Hot Pressing Machine Shipped to Indonesia
Hot Pressing Machine
Packing Machine Shipped to Indonesia
Packing Machine

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