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Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Automatic egg tray making machine is favored by the majority of investors because of their large production and high automation level. Beston provides three models. We have exported our machines to 50+ countries. Many customers use this machine and make egg trays automatically in a large quantities. They supply these egg trays for poultry farms, supermarkets, restaurants, and egg vendors. This machine is hot in the market.

BTF5-8 Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Egypt
BTF5-8 Beston Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Fiji

Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine to Delivered to Egypt

What is Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

An automatic egg tray making machine refers to the equipment that can make egg trays automatically and can be operated by electronic control cabinet. It is mainly composed of an automatic pulping line, automatic egg tray molding line, automatic egg tray drying line and automatic egg tray packing line (optional). The whole egg tray manufacturing line is easy to operate just by a few workers. This machine is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale egg tray production.

Beston Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Design
Beston Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Design

4 Models of Beston Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine for Sale

For automatic type, Beston offers three types. They includes BTF4-4, BTF4-8, BTF5-8, BTF6-8 and BTF8-8. They can make 2500-9000 pieces of egg trays per hour.

Parameters of Beston Automatic Egg Tray Equipment for Sale

The below table shows the basic parameters of seven types.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³
BTF4-8 Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine
BTF4-8 Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine
BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
BTF6-8 Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
BTF6-8 Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Feeding Raw Materials for Beston Automatic Egg Tray Machine

The range of feeding materials for Beston automatic models is wide. They contain white paper waste, paper packaging waste, books, notebooks, used paper trays.

  • White Paper Waste: A4 paper, loose-leaf, flyer, product brochure, shredded paper.
  • Paper Packaging Waste: kraft paper bag, kraft carton, corrugated box, gift box, gift bag, paper cloth bag, paper shoe box, etc.
  • Book: textbook, newspaper, exercise book, magazine, etc.

Paper Waste

Final Egg Trays for Beston Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine

The options for final paper trays are wide. They include egg trays, egg boxes, as well as other kinds of paper trays. When you wanna change paper trays, just replace tray mold dies. Besides standard mould dies, Beston also provides quality custom mold. See the standard final trays produced by Beston automatic type.

  • Egg Trays: 12-grid trays, 18-grid trays, 20-grid trays, 24-grid, 30-grid trays.
  • Egg Boxes: 6-cup boxes, 10-cup boxes, 12-cup boxes, 18-cup boxes.
  • Other Kinds of Paper Trays: nursery seedling trays, industrial packaging trays, shoe trays, coffee cup trays, fruit trays, etc.

Note: many features of egg trays can be controlled, including color, weight, quality, functions, pattern, etc. Leave your requirement to Beston.

Different Paper Trays Produced by Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Video of Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine

This video shows BTF4-8 automatic egg tray production line with a metal drying line installed in Pakistan. This line has had a stable operation for several years. This video is divided by the following several parts.

  • Running of BTF4-8 Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
  • Demonstration of Automatic Drying Line
  • Automatic Egg Tray Molding Process
  • Demonstration of Final 30-hole Egg Trays

Dryers for Automatic Egg Tray Moulding Machine

Egg tray dryer is used to remove the extra moisture of egg trays. For automatic models, Beston recommends a type of egg tray dryer. It is multiple-layer metal dryer. It can remove the moisture of egg trays in a short time safely. If you wanna choose this one, pay attention to the following factors.

Dryer Multiple-layer Metal Dryer
Components Metal conveyor, multiple-layer metal drying room
Installment Time Ease of installment
Drying Circle 15-20 minutes
Metal Dryr for Beston Automatic Egg Tray Equipment
Metal Dryr for Beston Automatic Egg Tray Equipment

200+ Beston Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machines Cases

Many customers choose Beston automatic types because of quality machines and full-range services. By now, Beston automatic egg tray molding machines have been exported to 50+ countries. Many customers will send some photos and videos to show their satisfaction with Beston automatic models every year. See some photos and videos taken by customers and Beston.

100+ Customer Visits for Beston Automatic Type

100+ customers contacted Beston in advance to see the manufacturing factory. Beston arranged the air tickets, accommodation and restaurant. And Beston made a schedule for customers. With the assistance of Beston, these customers paid a visit delightedly to Beston manufacturing factory. We showed our strong team, quality machine and customer-oriented services.

Customers from Syria Saw Beston Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
Customers from Syria
Customers from the Philippines Saw Beston Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine
Customers from the Philippines
A Customer from India Saw Automatic Egg Tray Equipment
A Customer from India
Customers from Ecuador Saw Beston Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
Customers from Ecuador

Delivery of Beston Automatic Type

Beston will deliver the automatic egg tray equipment to meet as planned. In order to guarantee the quality of automatic machine, the following procedures will be implemented in order.

  • Machine Production and Quality Inspection
  • Quantity Confirmation
  • Packaging
  • Confirmation on Truck Quantity, Box Quantity, Box Size
  • Share Information with Customers Timely

Installment of Beston Automatic Type

200+ customers have installed Beston automatic models. Normally, the installation process includes base construction (mainly for pulping system), run trial, training, etc. Two-thirds of customers will install egg tray packaging machines with the assistance of Beston engineers. See some finished projects.

Feedback on Beston Automatic Type

After running a period, some customers took some videos to show their satisfaction with Beston automatic models. Take the video of BTF4-8 egg tray making machine in Pakistan as an example, this customer showed Beston machines were good at the beginning of the video. Then he demonstrated his automatic egg tray making line. Finally, he showed his satisfaction with this project.

Advantages of Beston Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston automatic egg tray making machine has many advantages in terms of the degree of automation, production, quality and custom service. See the following advantages.

High Automation Level and Programmable Control

This automatic egg tray manufacturing line is nearly fully automatic from manufacturing to packing. The main egg tray production line can be controlled by electronic control cabinet. There is no need for investors to employ many workers. What’s more, some lines have several options for customers to choose from.

Meet Large-production Requirement in a Short Period

When you plan to make a large-scale production business, you have two plans. The first one is getting several sets of manual egg trays machine. Secondly, get an automatic egg tray manufacturing machine directly. There are several reasons which show the latter one is better. Firstly, the cost of the latter one is lower than the first one. Secondly, procedures of the latter one are easier than the first one whether in installation or production. Thirdly, the latter one is easier to maintain and clean than the first one.

Safe Operation and High Accuracy

Compared with bricking drying system, this metal drying system will help you to save more time cost and management costs. Besides, it is easy to operate and has high-level safety. Beston Group provides metal egg tray dryer.

Multiple Options for Investors

In order to meet customers’ all-round demand, Beston provides a flexible automatic egg tray production line. Some parts of them can adjust the automatic level or have better functions than basic parts. And others can be a cost-efficient option for customers. See which parts are flexible.

  • Main Automatic Molding Machine
  • Egg Tray Mold
  • PLC
  • Burner
  • Motor
  • Egg Tray Dryer
  • Hot Pressing Machine
  • Stacker
  • Packing Machine

Hot Pressing Machine in Automatic Egg Tray Production Line
Hot Pressing Machine
Packing Machine in Automatic Egg Tray Making Line
Packing Machine
Aluminum Egg Tray Mold in Automatic Egg Tray Molding Line
Aluminum Egg Tray Molds

How to Make Paper Egg Trays Automatically?

The automatic egg tray forming process includes automatic pulping process, molding process, and drying process. The whole process is quick. The final production time depends on the model and accessory equipment See how it works.

Automatic Pulping Process

Waste paper will be sent to the hydraulic pulper by the conveyor automatically. Under the strong power of water, the paper waste will be made into rough pulp. Through being processed by a pulp beater, the rough pulp will be refined.

Automatic Molding Process

The finished pulp will be delivered into forming mold automatically by pulp pump. Under the strong suction power of the vacuum pump, the pulp will be absorbed up on egg tray molds automatically. Through strong pressing, the paper trays will be formed on the molds.

Automatic Drying Process

The formed egg trays will be transported into drying room automatically by conveyor. Under the high temperature, the moisture of egg trays will be removed. When the dryness of egg trays finishes, egg trays will be transported to the outlet.

Automatic Packing Process

Egg trays can be packed into piles automatically by the stacker. Sometimes, in order to make the surface of egg trays smooth, customers will choose a hot pressing machine to process egg trays.

How Much Does A Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Cost?

Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Price

For the standard line, the pulp egg tray making machine price ranges from $99200. The larger the capacity is, the higher the fully automatic egg tray machine price is. Besides, the metal dryer is not more expensive than bricking conveyor drying system. In some countries, the expense of workers, bricks and concrete is high. This leads to the cost of the metal dryer is equal to or even lower than bricking drying system. Tell us about your condition. We provide an optimized egg tray making plan for you.

Certificates and Land Cost on Automatic Line

When you set up this line, you should consider whether you need to get some related certificates and enough land in your country. If you need some certificates approved by the government, Beston will assist you to get these certificates. Make preparation to know how much they will cost.

Installation Fee of Automatic Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

When the machine and other terms are ready, the installment starts. In this process, you should take manual labor fee, construction fee, water cost into consideration.

Operating Expense of Automatic Egg Tray Making Project

Make a search for fuel in the local area. Choose the most economical fuel to minimize operating costs. Besides, electricity, labor force, and water should be taken into this part of the cost.

Maintenance of Automatic Egg Tray Making Line

Besides maintenance every week or month, some worn-part should be placed regularly. When arranging shipment, Beston will provide one-year spare parts for investors.

BTF5-8 Beston Automatic Egg Tray Moulding Machine Shipped to Colombia
BTF5-8 Beston Automatic Egg Tray Moulding Machine Shipped to Colombia

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine VS Manual Egg Tray Machine

Automatic Type Has Larger Production than Manual Type in the Same Production Time

The automatic type has high efficiency in the drying and packing process. When you take an automatic type, a large of egg trays can be produced in a short time. When you take a manual paper egg tray machine, the delivery, drying and packing process is much slower than the automatic types.

Automatic Type Operates Easier than Manual Type

The whole automatic line is nearly automatic. It just requires a few labor forces. This line is easy to operate and control by PLC. When you take manual type, there are several parts that have demand for the labor force, including delivery and packing.

Automatic Type has Lower Limitation on Manual Type

When you take an automatic line (contains automatic drying line), the requirement for labor, weather and land is lower than manual type’s. Manual type adopts natural drying method. This way requires a lot of lands. Moreover, it has some limitations on the weather, like temperature, moisture, wind speed.

Automatic Egg Tray Machinery Shipped to the Philippines
Automatic Egg Tray Machinery with High Accuracy Shipped to the Philippines

Why Choose Beston as Your Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturer?

Many customers choose Beston as their fully automatic egg tray making machine manufacturer. Besides good-quality machines, there are some reasons for customers to choose Beston.

  • Beston is a true automatic egg tray making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a factory which occupies 30,000 squire meters.
  • Beston has more than 10 years of experience in waste to energy field. We have a professional team and many successful cases all over the world.
  • Beston has all kinds of certificates and qualifications, including business certificate, production license, patent certificate, etc.
  • Beston provides a custom automatic egg tray production line and many options for customers.
  • Beston offers a series of sales service, sales-on service and after-sales service. So we can understand and serve customers fully.
A Leading Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturer - Beston
A Leading Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturer – Beston

The automatic paper egg tray making machine operates easily and installs quickly. Moreover, large production makes investors satisfy. When investors wanna put this machine into use and get returns quickly, it meets requirements. Contact us now to get a discount. See more latest news on VK.

FAQs about Automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

  • How to Transport Final Paper Egg Trays Automatically?
    A part of investors will choose this packing machine to strengthen their final products. Firstly, it saves a lot of manual labor to pack and count these trays. Secondly, packed final products are easier to transport.
  • How to Make Egg Trays Better in Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making System?

    Generally, final products can meet the majority of customers’ requirements. When you need higher quality, apply a hot pressing machine. Firstly, trays have good shape after being pressed by this machine. Secondly, pressed trays have good toughness.

  • Why Does Beston Recommend Multi-layor Metal Drying System?
      • Convenient Installment

    In a large production, natural drying is not suitable any more. Compared with brick drying system, an automatic metal dryer installs quickly and operate easily.

      • Time and Functional Efficiency

    If you use this equipment to dry egg trays, it can dry massive egg trays in a short time. It means, drying time is short and drying effectiveness is good.

    Note: normally, the temperature of the upper layer is about 200℃; medium is 150℃; bottom is 70℃. The temperature of the final product is about 35℃.

  • How to Calculate Energy Cost in Automatic Egg Tray Production Line?
    Conveyor Drying Capacity/H 3000-4000 4000-5000
    Paper 222kg 370kg
    Water 400kg 675kg
    Electricity 60kw 65kw
    18kw 20kw
    Coal 125kg 150kg
    Diesel 58kg 70kg
    Natural Gas 70m³ 85m³
    LPG 58kg 70kg
    Wood 195kg 270kg
    Factory Workhop 100㎡ 120㎡
    Conveyor 42m 58m

    Note: when investors employ metal drying system, the coal is not recommended to as the fuel. If investors need to use coal as the fuel, add a coal-fired hot blast stove. Firstly, it guarantees metal dryer’s life time. Secondly, it purifies smoke.

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