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Egg Crate Making Machine

Egg crate making machine becomes more and more popular in the waste paper recycling field. It can make many profits from paper waste in an environmental-friendly way. Many farmers or businessmen related to the egg business invest in this equipment. The whole egg crate production line is easy to operate. Moreover, it brings large benefits to customers in a short time.

Beston Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale
Beston Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale

What is Paper Egg Crate Machine?

Egg crate machine for sale is applied to make 6-pack, 12-pack and 18-pack egg crates with waste paper. Beston offers 5 models of paper tray making machines. See the parameters on the following demonstrations. Beston machines are divided into small-scale production, medium-scale production and large-scale production.

Raw Materials for Egg Crate Production

Paper waste is at a low price. Components of paper waste have a small effect on the quality of the egg crate. Among the following materials, A4 paper, notebook and book are the most ideal materials to make good-quality egg crates. However, you don’t need to worry about the final quality of egg crates. Beston will tell you some skills to control their quality.

• A4 paper
• Cardboard
• Notebook
• Magazine
• Newspaper
• Paper Bags
• Packaging Paper
• Engineering Paper
• Kraft Paper

Use Beston Egg Crate Making Machne to Make Egg Crate

Final Products Produced by Beston Machines

The final products are egg crates. What are egg crates used for? They are used to store eggs. These packaging trays can protect fresh eggs in transportation or in the market. The paper egg crate has better water absorption and air permeability compared with the plastic egg crate.

6-pack Egg Crate
6-pack Egg Crate
12-pack Egg Crate
12-pack Egg Crate
18-pack Egg Crate
18-pack Egg Crate

Three Types of Beston Egg Crate Making Equipment

Beston Group provides automatic machines. They have 5 models. Their capacities range from 2500-9000 pieces/h. For these models, we recommend metal dryers for customers.
Beston Egg Crate Making Machine with Metal Dryer
Beston Egg Crate Making Machine with Metal Dryer

Fuel Used in Egg Crate Manufacturing Line

  • For egg crate manufacturing machines, the general power is electricity.
  • For metal dryers, the fuels are LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.

Demonstration of Paper Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale

Forming Mould Quantity34121632404864
Total Power32kw36-60kw55-74kw58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas25-35m³30-40m³35-45m³48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³

What are Delivery Circle and Installment Period?

Delivery Circle: For standard equipment, we will arrange the delivery within 45 working days.
For custom equipment, we will arrange the shipment within 60 working days.
Installment Period: For the line without a dryer, the circle is about 25 working days normally.
For a production system with a dryer, the period is nearly 45 working days.

BTF1-4 Egg Crate Making Machine Shipped to the World

Egg Crate Machine Shipped to Bolivia
Egg Crate Machine Shipped to Bolivia
Beston Egg Crate Making Machine Shipped to Colombia
Beston Egg Crate Machine Shipped to Colombia
Paper Egg Crate Making Machine Shipped to Botswana
Egg Crate Making Machine Shipped to Botswana

What is Paper Egg Crate Making Process?

Paper Pulp Molding Process

Paper waste is put into the hydraulic pulper. Under the action of water, paper waste is made into a coarse pulp. Then coarse pulp flows into the homogenizing tank. In the tank, the coarse pulp is refined by the pulper. When the paper consistency is adjusted well, the pulp flows into the pulp tank.

Paper Egg Crate Molding Process

The finished paper pulp is delivered into forming machine. Under the suction power of the vacuum pump, the pulp will be attached to the mold. Under the strong blowing action of the air compressor, the formed egg crate is blown off the mold and enters the next process – the drying system.

Paper Egg Crate Drying Process

The metal egg crate drying line is composed of several metal layers. It includes a drying room and conveyor. It is appropriate for installation in countries that has a high-cost manual labor and a limited area.

Video About How to Make Egg Crate

Projects of Beston Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale

Beston egg crate manufacturing machines had been installed in more than 40 countries. We got a lot of good feedback from customers. Every year, our sales and engineers will be arranged to pay a visit to exhibitions over the world. You can contact us in advance to see egg trays making machines for sale.

Asia Syria, The Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.Africa: Egypt, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Bolivia, Chile, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Sudan, Zambia, Seychelles, Mozambique, Ethiopia.

Europe Hungary, Romania, Berlin, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Poland, Spain.

North America US, Dominica, Guatemala, Jamaica.

South America Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela.

What are Advantages of Beston Egg Crate Making Machine?

Strict Requirement for the Accuracy

The main machine adopts Taiwan gear splitter technology to achieve 0 error in running precision.
Host machine base using thickened 20 # channel steel, drive shaft all use the solid shaft to ensure stability, safety.

Energy-saving Production Line

The air compressor adopts an energy-saving screw air compressor.
Six-layer metal drying line is our company after dozens of technical upgrades to achieve the most energy-efficient products in the same industry in China.
The whole set of equipment supporting automatic stacking technology function, the degree of automation is much higher than other products.

Long Serviceability

Host machine base using thickened 20 # channel steel, drive shaft all use the solid shaft to ensure stability, safety.
Host positioning slide using heat-treated 45# steel plate welded together.
Host template, slurry pool, machine top, internal piping are made of 304 stainless steel.
The whole Beston paper pulp molding machine motor is made of domestic first-class brand to ensure 100% copper.
The homogenizer, pulp supply pump, water pump, etc. are selected from domestic famous brands.
Electrical, mechanical, pipeline and other parts have taken protective measures to extend the service life.
Drying line drive chain using heavy-duty drive chain life compared to other chains higher than several times.

High Stability in the Production Line

The vacuum rotating disk of the main machine adopts the design of automatic pressure regulation by copper disk.
The vacuum part is pressurized by our self-developed double vacuum spiral to achieve the highest vacuum pressure with the minimum power.
The drying equipment is the best effect which is difficult to be surpassed by the peers after our company has been improved for several 10 times.
There are many advantages, for example, beautiful structure, zero maintenance rate, low power, high capacity and smooth operation.

Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale - Beston
Egg Crate Making Machine for Sale – Beston (The moulds could be changed to different)

Why Choose Paper Egg Crate Machine for Sale from Beston

  • Beston Group, as a manufacturer, has rich experience in this field. More than 200 customers purchased egg crate making machines from us. We help them to design drawings, install production lines, train workers and do tracking services for customers. After these cases, we can serve customers better and know customers’ requirements and conditions.
  • Beston Group offers 5 models with flexible combinations for customers. In order to match customers’ budgets or other requirements, we provide customized parts and optional accessories. Before ordering Beston egg box making machines, you will be recommended the right accessories and confirmed the list from us.
  • Beston Group has the most top-leading team, including the factory team, sales team, financial team, delivery team. With these excellent teams, Beston can complete the production, delivery, installation and after-sales service with good efficiency. The whole process is very smooth.

Choose Paper Egg Crate Machine for Sale from Beston

What to Consider When You Choose Beston Paper Egg Crate Machine?

Scale of Operations

When you do this egg crate making business, the business scale is a factor you should consider. The requirement for business scale from manual egg tray production to large production is different. The factors include area, feeding capacity, power consumption, get-return time, etc. Consult Beston for more details.

Styles of Paper Trays

Besides standard egg crate mold, Beston Group also provides customized egg crate mold as well as egg tray mold, shoe tray, fruit tray, coffee cup tray, bottle tray, wine tray, seedling tray and packaging tray. Just send the related picture to us. Then we will discuss the details and the practicability with you.

Ease of Maintenance

Normally, equipment requires routine maintenance to operate efficiently and with longevity. Beston egg crate making equipment is easy to operate. Moreover, it is easy to maintain for investors. Customers just spend a small part of their time maintaining this production line to get more service life.

Get High-quality Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine for Sale from Beston Group
Get High-quality Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine for Sale from Beston Group

How to Choose Egg Crate Molds or Others?

Beston Group provides aluminum and plastic egg crate molds. The aluminum mold is highly resistant to corrosion. It can be customized. It has more than three-year service life. The plastic mold has single shapes and a one-year guarantee. Normally, plastic ones can be used for more than one year.

Besides standard egg crate molds, Beston Group also provides customized egg crate molds and other molds, for example, egg tray molds, coffee cup tray molds, seedling tray molds, bottle tray molds, fruit tray molds, industrial packaging molds. When you have the requirement which is different from standards molds, just send your requirement. See more pictures on Beston Pinterest.

Egg Crate Mold
Egg Crate Mold
Egg Crate Molds
Egg Crate Molds
Egg Tray Mold
Egg Tray Mold
30-hole Egg Trays
30-hole Egg Trays
Coffee Cup Tray
Coffee Cup Tray
Shoe Tray
Shoe Tray
Biodegradable Seedling Trays
Biodegradable Seedling Trays
Apple Tray
Apple Tray

What is Paper Egg Crate Making Machine Price?

Paper egg crate machine prices range from USD99,200. Some parts will affect egg crate making equipment price, for example, models, dryers and customized parts. When you wanna get a detailed price list, contact Beston now. Beston will help you make a suitable drawing design and an accurate price list. There are some parts for your reference.

Systems Parts
Pulp Making System High Consistency Pulping Machine, Homogenizer, Pulp Supply Pump, Cutting Type Pulp Supply Pump, Control Cabinet
Tray Forming System Forming Machine, Mold, Screw Type Air Compressor, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Air Water Separation Tank, Centrifugal Pump, Mold Cleaning Machine, Mold Automatic Cleaning Pump, Electrical Control of Molding System

Besides, do you know factors affecting the total cost in the running process? There are some key points, including production line, optional parts cost, delivery fee, installment cost, fundamental cost, materials cost, electricity cost, fuel cost, labor cost and water cost. If you want to know the full price list, tell us what you need.

Got Competitive Paper Egg Crate Machine Price from Beston
Got Competitive Paper Egg Crate Machine Price from Beston (The moulds could be changed to different)

Is Paper Egg Crate Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Yes. When you do egg crate making business and wanna make profits from it, there are several factors you need to consider. Firstly, get the suitable egg crate manufacturing machine price. Secondly, know how to minimize the cost of egg with egg crate. Thus, you can get the most benefits from final products. Thirdly, make clear the labor cost and fuel cost according to the local situation. Here is an egg tray making business report for your reference.

Return on Investment of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Production Project
IntructionAccording to the market data of European market, the estimated ROI report, the varous expenses are as follows:
Fixed Investment CostItemDetailsUnitUnit Price/USDQuantityAmount/USDTotal AmountRemark
EquipmentBTF5-8Set150, 500.001.00 150, 500.00
TransportationFrom China to Destination PortSet44, 000.001.00 44, 000.00
From Port to SiteSet1, 600.001.00 1, 600.00
Custom Tax15%Set29, 175.001.00 29175.00
InstallationBeston Technican's SalaryDay350.00 15.00 5, 250.00
Round-trip Air TicketsEa2, 500.002.00 5, 000.00
VisaEa350.00 1.00 350.00
Local WelderDay120.00 40.00 4, 800.00
Local PlumberDay120.00 40.004, 800.00
Local LaborDay108.00 60.00 6, 480.00
Crane ForkliftDay160.00 10.00 1, 600.00
MaterialsInstallation materials readySet2, 000.001.00 2, 000.00Foundation, pipe, etc.
License/Ea0.00 1.00 0.00 Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Workshop1000.00 380.00 1000.00 38, 0000.00Rent in rural area
US$: 635,555.00
Opretating CostRaw MaterialsWaste PaperTon0.00 9.560.00 22.5 hours per day working
FuelNatural Gas0.371485.00 549.45
Labor/People108.00 4.00 432.00
Maintenance/Day5.00 1.00 5.00
Depreciation8 YearsDay264.811.00 264.81
US$: 1, 469.53
End Product PriceEgg Trays5000 pieces per hourPieces0.00 112, 50.005, 625.00
Subcidy/Ton0.00 0.00 0.00
US$: 5, 625.00
Daily IncomeUS$: 4, 155.47
Monthly IncomeWorking DayDay25.00 US$: 103, 886.83
Yearly IncomeWorking DayDay300.00 US$: 1, 246, 642.01

Beston Paper Egg Crate Making Machine Help Customers to Make Money
Beston Paper Egg Crate Making Machine Help Customers to Make Money

Finally, egg crate making business is definitely a profitable business. When you need egg crate making machine for sale, just choose Beston. Beston machines are good in quality. And they are sold at favorable prices. We have demonstrated our machines in more than 50 countries and installed our machines in over 40 countries. Moreover, we provide 24-hour online service, installment service, and other services. Just send your requirement now.

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