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egg tray products

Automatic Egg Tray Machine to Argentina in Octomber 2022

BTF4-4 Beston automatic egg tray making machine was shipped to Argentina in October 2022. When this customer receives this set of machines, this customer starts to install them. We will offer installation service online to help this customer. And we also provide technical support to this customer.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Argentina in Octomber 2022
Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Argentina in Octomber 2022

Customers Have Enough Waste Paper to Recycle

This customer opened a paper packaging company. This customer has plenty of scrap paper stock. He wanted to process this waste paper into another product in an environmentally friendly way. In this way, waste paper that has no economic value can be converted into a hot product in the local area – egg trays.

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Argentina in Octomber 2022
Use Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine to Recycle Paper Waste in Argentina

Why Did This Customer Choose to Cooperate with Beston?

After looking at some equipment, this customer decided to use paper egg tray making machines. Because the egg tray production line is easy to operate in a safe and pollution-free way. And the final product is widely used. This customer searched the web for equipment and contacted Beston. See why this customer choose Beston.

Beston equipment production line is fully configured

Beston offers seven models with different capacities, two types of egg tray dryers, shredders, hot pressing machines, balers and other equipment. This equipment assists customers to produce high-quality egg trays. Customers can complete all their needs with us at one time. Therefore, this customer was very satisfied.

Beston offers a range of drawings

Beston provides not only equipment but also a range of solutions. According to the factory map given by this customer, Bestpm planned the structure of the factory. And we also provided electronic drawings, 3D drawing, etc. These value-added services are available to our customers.

Beston is responsible for after-sales installation

One of the biggest concerns for this customer is installation issues. This customer would not have the confidence to install this type of equipment on his own. After learning about our service, this customer was relieved. We not only provide installation manuals and maintenance manuals but also provide engineers with one-on-one online guidance. Our Spanish-speaking consultants called and communicated with this customer at any time. Therefore, this customer expressed high appreciation for our service.

BTF4-4 Automatic Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Argentina in Octomber 2022
A Customer in Argentina Chose BTF4-4 Automatic Egg Tray Machine from Beston

Contact Beston to Discuss Details

This is not the first customer to highly praise Beston. Many customers gave good reviews after the finish of the installation. If you have an interest in Beston pulp molding machines, leave your message and discuss details with Beston now!

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