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BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine Put into Production in Egypt

Good news, a set of BTF5-8 pulp molding machine is officially put into production in Egypt. The entire production line adopts a multi-layer metal dryer. The Egyptian customer uses this machine to produce paper coffee trays. Below you will find a detailed introduction to several important phases of the project. Please read on.

BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine Avaliable for Sale in Egpty
BTF5-8 Pulp Coffee Tray Prodcution Line with Metal Dryer in Egpty

Manufacturing of BTF5-8 Paper Pulp Molding Machine in Beston Factory

The manufacturing cycle of this BTF5-8 pulp molding machine is approximately two months. During this period, Beston Group regularly provided feedback on the production progress to Egyptian customers. The entire production process includes raw material cutting, frame welding, CNC machining, equipment assembly, fine polishing and painting, etc. After completion, the equipment will undergo quality inspection by the three departments: production department, quality inspection department, and design department. This ensures that Egyptian customers receive machines with excellent quality assurance.

BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Equipment Completes Manufacturing
Molding System of BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Molding
Metal Dryer of BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine
Metal Dryer of BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine

The Egyptian Customers Visit Beston Factory

After the manufacturing of the pulp tray making machine is completed, we make an appointment with the customer to visit the Beston factory. The main purpose of the customer visit is to inspect and accept the machine. During the visit, our project consultants and technical staff answered customers’ equipment-related questions. Below is a video of an Egyptian customer visiting the Beston factory for your reference:

Delivery of BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machinery to Egpty

After the visit, the Egyptian customer confirms that the pulp molding machine can meet production requirements. Then, we confirm the delivery time with the customer. The machine is shipped directly from the factory to the customer’s production site in Egypt. Not only that, Beston Group also arranges installation engineers to assist the Egyptian customer in completing the installation.

Ship BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Euiqpmet to Egypt in 2024
Delivery of Metal Dryer of BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machinery
Shipment of BTF5-8 Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Egypt

BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine in Egypt Put into Operation

With the help of the installation engineer, the customer completes the debugging of the pulp molding machine. Then, the official production of the machine follows. The machine runs smoothly and metal drying improves finished product collection efficiency. Below is an on-site video of the machine running in Egpty. You can clearly understand the production process of coffee trays.

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If you want to invest in a pulp molding machine, please contact us. Our solutions can meet the processing of various of pulp molding products, including coffee trays, egg trays, fruit trays, tableware, industrial packaging, etc. Bring your production needs to Beston Group, you will get exclusive solutions.

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