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Large-scale Egg Tray Machine Installed in Morocco in 2023

A large-scale egg tray machine is currently being installed in Morocco and is expected to be operational by 2024. The equipment has the capacity to produce 6000-7000 pieces of egg trays per hour. At this stage, the installation of the pulping system, molding system, and drying system is mostly complete. Our engineers have provided this recycler with professional guidance. And the installation process is progressing smoothly.

Large-scale Egg Tray Machine Installed in Morocco in 2023

Large-scale Egg Tray Machine Installed in Morocco in 2023

To enhance the efficiency of egg tray production, this customer opted for BTF6-8 (pulping system and forming system) along with a metal drying machine. Each of these systems plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency of egg tray manufacturing.

  • Pulping System: This system involves mixing various types of waste paper with water to create a pulp with the appropriate consistency.
  • Molding System: The pulp is then adsorbed onto the molding machine to create various types of egg trays.
  • Drying Machine: After 15-20 minutes of drying, excess moisture in the egg trays is removed.

Large-scale Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Morocco in 2023

Industries Suitable for Egg Tray Manufacturing

The technology involved in egg tray manufacturing is relatively low. This making it accessible to many individuals and small enterprises in the industry. Moreover, this sector has gained attention from the environmental industry as it contributes to waste reduction and resource utilization improvement. It is suitable for investment across various types of industries. See details below.

  • Recycling centers: Some recycling centers specialize in collecting waste paper from individuals and businesses. Egg tray manufacturing is a good choice for expanding the scope and increasing revenue in this industry. The raw materials are stable and readily available.
  • Paper-Related businesses: Many paper mills generate significant amounts of paper scraps and trimmings, such as those from paper mills and cardboard factories. To broaden their industry scope, these factories can opt for egg tray production equipment to recycle their waste paper.
  • Poultry farms: Poultry farms produce large quantities of eggs, including chicken and duck eggs. To facilitate the transportation and storage of these eggs in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, paper egg trays are a suitable choice. If these farm owners choose to produce their own egg trays, eggs packaged with egg trays not only look more appealing and convenient but also generate higher profits.

Industries Suitable for Egg Tray Manufacturing

If you are interested in egg tray making machine, please contact us. We can provide you with suitable solutions and high-quality equipment. Please send us the details of your requirements.

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