Mini Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant

Mini skid-mounted pyrolysis plant can process 1-3 tons of waste into oil. With small land field and simple operation, this machine is an efficient way to process these waste. Beston offers several configuration and layout to meet customers’ requirement, including feeding system, discharging system, and dedusting system. Just leave your demand.

Mini Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant

Materials Available for Beston Skid-mounted Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

There are five kinds of raw materials can be processed by waste pyrolysis equipment, including tyre, plastic, oil sludge, rubber powder and medical waste.These non-degradable materials pollutes environment heavily. Read the following table to know how many tons can be processed by mini pyrolysis machine.

Material Tyre Plastic Oil Sludge Rubber Powder Medical Waste
Feeding Capacity ≤2T/D ≤0.5T/D ≤3T/D ≤1T/D

Note: In order to process medical without pollution, we provide a medical waste sterilization system.

Raw Materials for Beston Skid-mounted Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Parameters of Skid-mounted Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Model BLJ-3
Daily Capacity 1-3 T/D
Reactor Size 1.4m*5m*1.1m
Total Power 15 kW/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 11m*2.2m*2.4m
Working Method Batch
Base Style Movable
Heating Materials Coal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Stocking Circle 30 working days
Service Life 3-5 Years

Mini Pyrolysis Plant All Over the World

Mini Pyrolysis Plant Video

Safety Measure of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Considering operation security, there are several devices to moniter the data, including electric thermocouple, pressure guage and thermoter. Workers can learn about the running condition at any time.

Besides, this skid mounted pyrolysis machine also have some emergency device, including over-temperature, alarming Device, over-pressure , alarming Device, gas anti-flameback device, automatic pressure-relieve valve, etc.

Benefits Analysis of Project in Brazil

Daily Running Cost
Item cost per unit(usd) Total
Material(Ton): 1.5 ton waste tyres 0 0 USD
Fuel: 60 Kg/h tire fuel 0 0 USD
Power: 15 kw/h 0.2 54 USD
Labors: 1 worker 25 25 USD
Depreciation 25 USD
Tax Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project USD
Other Expenses 21 USD
Total Cost: 125 USD
Daily Gross Profit
GOV financial subsidy          
Tyre Oil 0.67 ton/day 417 279.39 USD
Steel 0.18 ton/day 179 32.22 USD
Carbon Black 0.45 ton/day 50 22.5 USD
Total Gross Profit 334.11 USD
Pure Profit
Daily Profit 209.11 USD
Monthly(25 working days) 5227.75 USD
Annual(10 Months) 52277.5 USD

Working Process of Skid Pyrolysis Machine

1. Feeding
Through manual force or automatic screw feeder, waste is sent into waste pyrolysis reactor.
2. Preheating and Pyrolyis
At the first, use wood or other fuel to heat. After about 1 hour, the recycled combustible gas can be used to as the fuel.
3. Discharging
Beston provides automatic discharging system with cooling flue.

Production Time

Production Process Feeding Heating Pyrolysis with Gas Heating Cooling Discharging
Time 0.5h 1h 3h 9h 1h

Mini Pyrolysis Process


Before Shipment

Installment and smooth machine run
Project business plan


A whole set of skid mounted movable pyrolysis plant
90-day quick-wear parts
Related machine instruction, certification and electrical diagram.

After-sales Service

360-day maintenance for free
Online technical support
Regular call visit

Service for Beston Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine

Mini skid-mounted tyre pyrolysis equipment is an efficient equipment to process tyre or other materials in a small scale. Beston is responsible for the instalment, shipment and after-sales service to solve investors’ problem. When you need customized machine, send your requirement now.

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