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Through constant progress of twenty years, BESTON GROUP CO., LTD. has become the leading manufacturer of pyrolysis machine, charcoal making machine, egg tray making machine and pellet making machine in the international market. As our ideology (engineering for tomorrow’s world) shows, Beston Group is always dedicated to designing and selling green machines to reuse the waste and relieve the pressure of energy shortage. The above Beston machines all go through constant upgrading and have mature technology and excellent performance. Beston manufacturing factory has more than 15000㎡. Our professional team will bring the best experience for customers!

Beston Team & WHAT WE DO
Beston Group is composed of marketing department, delivery & after-sales team, shipping department, comprehensive service center, financial department, factory & workers, etc. Through decades of efforts made by Beston team, our manufacturing system becomes more comprehensive, and the trend of distribution and sales channels is diversified.

All of Beston products have obtained ISO, SGS, CE, and other certifications. With significant advantages on products, technology, service, company, Beston have harvested customers all over the world.

BLJ Series

Including 3-24t/d tyre/plastic/rubber pyrolysis oil plant
BST Series

Including 0.5-3t/h biomass charcoal making machine
BTF Series

Including 1000-6000 pieces/h paper pulp molding machine

BZL Series

Including 6-10t/d waste oil distillation plant
BKL Series

Including 1-3t/h biomass pellet making machine

Adhere to customer-centric, and provide customers with overall and comprehensive services, tailor-made high-quality products. Whether pre-sales, in-sales or after-sales, we have been actively listening to customer needs, carefully researching and developing high-precision diamond products, and sincerely providing customers with satisfactory service.
More advanced in technological
More professional in environmental protection
and energy saving
Stricter in more durable
More cost-effective in economic performance
More assured in professional guidance
More comprehensive in scope of application

Beston Group is Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. Welcome to visit Beston factory anytime!

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