Components of Egg Tray Making Machine


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Components of Egg Tray Making Machine

Components of egg tray making machine are complex. Don’t worry. Beston will provide everything well to customers. Beston egg tray making machine was composed of main four lines. They are forming line, molding line, drying line and packing line. Some of them are optional. Beston provides comprehensive main equipment and spare parts at affordable prices. There are some descriptions and photos for you to see.

Components of Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg Tray Pulping System

Put different paper waste into the pulper. After about 40 minutes of high-concentration stirring, the rough pulp will be delivered into the pulp tank. In the pulp tank, the pulp will be stirred continuously. Then the pulp will be delivered into the pulp mixing tank by a slurry pump. When the concentration is suitable, the pulp will be absorbed into paper egg tray manufacturing equipment by a slurry pump.

Components: high concentration pulper, homogenizer, slurry pump, cutting slurry pump, electrical control cabinet, sewage pump.

Egg Tray Pulping System
Egg Tray Pulping System
Beston Pulping System Shipped to Algeria
Beston Pulping System Shipped to Algeria

Egg Tray Forming System

The pulp will be absorbed into the forming mold by a slurry pump. Then the extra moisture on the mold will be absorbed into the gas-water separation tank by the vacuum system. And the extra water will be transported to the water tank by the sump pump. This water can be recycled many times. After being formed, the paper egg trays will be delivered into the drying system.

Components: egg tray molding machine, mold dies, screw air compressor, vacuum pump, vacuum air-water separation tank, centrifugal pump, mold cleaning machine, mold cleaning pump, forming electrical control system.

Egg Tray Drying Systems

Metal Drying System

Egg trays will be transported into a multiple-layer metal drying room by a metal conveyor. Egg trays will be dried in 15-25 minutes in the drying room.

Heating energy: coal, natural gas, diesel, LPG, and other solid combustible gas or liquid.

Land of metal drying line: it is designed according to layer number and your land size.

Components: drive system, conveyor belt, idler, air distribution plate, fan, air ring, induced draft fan, grate bar, temperature indicator, embedded parts, airbag pipeline, baler, drying control cabinet, etc.

Metal Dryr for Beston Automatic Egg Tray Equipment
Metal Dryr for Beston Egg Tray Equipment

Packing System

In order to improve the efficiency of the whole line, some customers will get the following packing equipment, including stacker, hot pressing machine, and packing machine. Let’s know what are their usages.

  • Stacker is used to pack egg trays into piles at the end of molding machine by customers.
  • A hot pressing machine is used to improve the quality of egg trays. After being pressed, the resistance of egg trays can be improved greatly.
  • A packing machine is used to pack egg trays into stacks without conveyors. It requires manual 1 or 2 manual labor.
  • Note: see a Youtube video to know how they work.

    Egg Tray Stacker
    Egg Tray Stacker
    Hot Pressing Machine for Sale
    Hot Pressing Machine for Sale

    Auxiliary Equipment

    There are some parts. We suggest that customers can get these parts from Beston directly.

    They are proximity switch, solenoid valve, solenoid valve coil, solenoid valve pad, slurry pump impeller, suction pump impeller, temperature gauge, angle seat valve, etc.

    If you have a need for Beston egg tray making line, we will check the following question from customers:

  • What is local voltage, two-phase electrical power and three-phase electrical power?
  • What are the components of raw materials?
  • How much land do you have?
  • What is the requirement to mold dies?
  • Do you have strong demand for the quality of egg trays?
  • What energy do you take as heating energy?

  • The components of egg tray making machine above mentioned are not comprehensive. When you wanna get a full list, contact us. We will reply to you in 24 hours. Moreover, we provide custom services and flexible solutions to all customers.

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