Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Semi-automatic egg tray making machine contains BTF3-4 and BTF4-4. Because of easy operation and considerable return in a short time, they are favored by plenty of investors. When considering this type, a suitable dryer is important. We offer a trolley-bricking dryer and conveyor-bricking dryer. Besides, Beston offers several payment methods and arranges shipment fast. Do this business with us right now.

Beston Semi-automatic Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Different Models of Beston Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Capacity (pieces/h)20002200-25003500-4500
Forming Mould Quantity121632
Total Power (kw)53.782127
Electricity Consumption (kw/h)37.5957.489
Labor Force4-64-64-6
Material Consumption (kg/h)Paper170212298
Fuel ConsumptionCoal (kg)83104125
Natural Gas (m3)37-4746-5656-66
Diesel (kg)30-4038-4846-56
BTF3-4 Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Semi Automatic Paper Egg tray Making Machine
Semi Automatic Paper Egg tray Making Machine

How to Choose the Suitable Dryer

This type of semi automatic egg tray making machine has two choices for dryers. We provide trolley-bricking drying system and bricking-conveyor drying system for customers.

Bricking-conveyor drying system operates more easily. When egg trays are produced, workers put them into conveyor. Then conveyor deliveries egg trays to drying system. When investors burn furnace firstly, the temperature need reaches to 200℃-230℃. In the next days, temperature in the furnace is about 150-170℃.

If egg tray forming machine adopts bricking drying system, workers push trolley fulled with egg trays into drying system. It consumes some manual larbor force.

The costs of two drying methods depend on local manual labor cost, related construction cost. When you need a detailed project cost analysis, send your local info to us.

Semi-automatic Dryer of Semi-automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine
Semi-automatic Dryer Includes Trolley-bricking Dryer and Conveyor-bricking Dryer

What Kinds of Trays This Semi-automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine Produce

Besides egg trays, the following trays can be made by machines: fruit tray, shoe tray, industrial electronics packaging, bottle tray, seed tray, etc.. If you need to customize trays, send pictures to us.

Apple Tray
Apple Tray
Cup Tray
Cup Tray
Industrial Packing Tray
Industrial Packing Tray
Egg Carton Tray
Egg Carton Tray
Seed Tray
Seed Tray
Shoe Tray
Shoe Tray

Project of Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Asia: India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia Federation, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Syria, United Arab Emirates

Europe: Hungary

Africa: Ivory Coast, Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Zambia, Seychell

South America & Latin America: Bolivia, Dominica, Argentina, Jamaica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Argentina

Note: view more egg tray forming machine cases.

How Semi Automatic Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Work

Worthiness of Semi Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine

Improved Automation Level

Compared to drying under the sun, this drying method is more stable and quick. When investors use conveyors to transport these trays, the manual labor force will be saved. This semi-automatic type greatly improves drying efficiency. See the egg tray dryer information.

Quick Drying Speed

There are many factors to influence effectiveness of drying under the sun, like weather, wind speed, moisture. But, when investors employ bricking drying system, these factors will not be issued.

Pulp Molding System

We provide two kinds of pulp molding systems. The first one is standard one. The other one is integrated pulp making system. If you employe this part, it is easy to transport and install. Moreover, it is also convenient to operate. All in all, it can help you to save some time cost and management cost.

Integerated Pulp Making Equipment
Integerated Pulp Making Equipment

Energy Cost of Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Conveyor Drying Capacity/ 2000 2500 3000
H (3-4) (4-4) (4-8)
Paper 148kg 185kg 222kg
Water 290kg 360kg 400kg
Electricity 30kw 40kw 60kw
15kw 18kw 18kw
Coal 80kg 104kg 125kg
Diesel 37kg 50kg 58kg
Natural Gas 45m³ 58m³ 70m³
LPG 37kg 48kg 58kg
Chinese Mahogany 120kg 157kg 195kg
Factory Workshop 80㎡ 80㎡ 100㎡
Drying Trolley
Conveyor 42m 42m 42m
Beston Semi Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine
Beston Semi Automatic Egg Tray Forming Machine & Conveyor-bricking Dryer
Model BTF3-4 BTF4-4 BTF4-8
Production capacity (pieces/h) 2000 2500 3000-4000
Forming mould quantity 12 16 32
Total power 53.7kw 57kw 90kw
Electricity consumption (70% of the total power) 37.59kw·h 39.9kw·h 63kw·h
Labor force 4-6 4-6 5-7
Materials consumption Paper 170 212 298
Water 510kg/h 636kg/h 894kg/h
Fuel consumption Coal 83 104 125
Natural gas 37-47 46-56 56-66
Diesel 30-40 38-48 46-56

Employing semi-automatic egg tray making machine is a profitable investment. It turns waste paper into egg trays quickly. With small running cost and large quantity of products, investors benefit soon from this project. Now, we offer online support for installment, 24-hour quick-reply, one-year wearing parts, and so on. Moreover, we provide a-year maintenance. Contact us to start this business now.

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