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Pyrolysis Plant in Canada

Pyrolysis plant in Canada could greatly help investors to recycle many kinds of waste. Moreover, the waste can be turned into high-value products. Investors could benefit from economic and environmental benefits. Beston provides waste pyrolysis solutions and waste pyrolysis lines to customers. We offer a series of one-to-one service to customers.

Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Canada
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Beston is Reliable Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer for Canadian Investors

Raw Materials for Pyrolysis in Canada

In Canada, a lot of waste can be recycled into other useful products. But in reality, they are not handled in a proper way. As a result, these wastes destroy habitats and affect fisheries. And this waste is severely damaging Canada’s marine ecosystems. In order to reduce the pullution, many investors are seeking a good recycling way. Beston waste pyrolysis equipment can handle many types of waste, including the categories below.


In Canada, more than 3 million tons of plastic waste are thrown away every year. Among them, half of the plastic is packaging products. And the rest is from construction, agriculture, textile and other industries.See the common types of plastics. Note: PVC and PET can’t be processed.

  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PA (Polyamide), etc.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Other kinds of plastic waste.
  • Tires and Rubber Products

    In Canada, there is a complete tire recycling organization. Most tires are recycled by recycling agencies. Many rubber products were abandoned. Some are sent to landfills. These rubber products seriously affect the sound development of soil. See the common types:

  • Different kinds of car tires
  • Industrial rubber products
  • Household rubber products
  • Rubber-made kids toys
  • Rubber-made car suppliers
  • Other rubber products
  • Oil Sludge

    In Canada, oil sludge is a good raw material for recycling. If investors do not properly dispose of oil sludge, the local soil, air and even groundwater may become contaminated. Beston pyrolysis equipment can recover the following types of sludge:

  • Drilling cuttings contained oil
  • Oil sludge
  • Ship bottom sludge contained oil
  • Tank sludge contained oil
  • Oil soil
  • Other kinds of oil sludge
  • Plastic Waste
    Plastic Waste
    Tyre Waste
    Tyre Waste
    Oil Sludge Waste
    Oil Sludge Waste

    Waste to Oil Solutions in Canada

    Beston equipment can recycle the above raw materials. Beston tyre pyrolysis equipment processes these raw materials in a high temperature and closed condition. The exhaust gas will be purified by a dust removal system. And this project brings economical pyrolysis oil, carbon black, combustible gas, and steel wire. For this machine, Beston can provide the following solutions.

    Waste Recycling Solution Plastic/Tyre/Rubber/Oil Sludge to Oil, Carbon Black, Syn-gas and Steel Wire
    Category of machines Skid-mounted Pyrolysis, Batch Pyrolysis, Semi-counted Pyrolysis and Continuous Pyrolysis Machines
    Recycling Line Offering Standard Pyrolysis Line, Customized Line, Turnkey-project Line
    Pre-sales Service One-to-one Service, Layout Offering, Project Analysis, Assistance in Obtaining Certificates/Licenses, etc.
    Beston Waste to Oil Solutions in Canada
    Use Beston Pyrolysis Plant to Recycle Waste and Get Oil in Canada

    Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Canada

    Standard Beston pyrolysis equipment is equipped with pyrolysis system, combustible gas recovery system and waste gas treatment system. Some models have automatic feeding and automatic slag discharge systems. For investors in Canada, Beston offers the following five models.

    BLJ-3 is a skid-mounted type with a modular design. It occupies small area. And it is easy to transport and install. This type uses manual feeding and discharging to improve its portability.
    BLJ-6 is batch type. This is our traditional type of Beston equipment. It requires a certain amount of infrastructure work. It is equipped with large platform feeding and a stage of automatic discharger. For the convenience of transportation, installation and operation, this model adopts a Three-in-One machine.
    BLJ-10 is a batch type. This is our best-selling product. Its configuration is the same as that of the BLJ-6. But, this model has larger capacity. Many customers choose this small pyrolysis unit.
    BLJ-16 is a semi-continuous type. It is equipped with a box condensing system for easy transport and installation. It is equipped with continuous feeding and continuous discharging systems. And the condensing system is upgraded. It can clean more exhaust gas.
    BLL-30 is a fully continuous type. This equipment can work continuously for a period of 3-5 days. This model is equipped with large inclination belt conveyor and tree-stage water cooling dischargers. This model has a large capacity and many modular systems. This design improves the convenience of transportation, installation and operation.

    Parameters of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Canada

    Working ProcessBatchBatchBatchSemi-continuousFully continuous
    Reactor Sizeφ1400*4900mmφ2200*6000mmφ2600*6600mmφ2800*7100mmφ1800*18500mm
    Reactor MaterialQ245RQ245RQ245RQ245R310S stainless steel
    Drive System350 reducer+4kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motorZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
    Land (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m30m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
    Burner2*200,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2.5 million kcal per set
    Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 18tAbout 24.5tAbout 28tAbout 34.5tAbout 150t
    Number of Containers1*40HQ1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
    Noise (dB)≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60
    Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
    Condensing SystemVertical Condenserφ426*3000
    Single piece condensing area
    Single piece condensing area
    Single piece condensing area
    Single piece condensing area
    2 sets of vertical condenser
    3-in-1 Condenser3000*2200*2250
    Condensing area
    Condensing area
    Condensing area
    Condensing area

    Profitable Recycling Solutions of Final Products for Canadian Investors

    Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Solution
  • Pyrolysis oil is sold directly;
  • It is a good fuel used in cement ractory, power plant, glass factory, iron factory, brick Factory, boiler factory, ceramic factory, and other industrial factories.
  • Oil is a good alternative fuel to heat the combustion chamber in tyre to fuel plant;
  • Apply waste oil distillation plant to process waste pyrolysis oil. Refined oil has better quality and economic value in the market.
  • Carbon Black Recycling Solution
  • Carbon black is sold directly;
  • Carbon black is treated with carbon black grinding equipment. Investors can obtain industrial carbon black with higher quality and value in the market;
  • Investors can use it to make building materials, such as permeable bricks;
  • Carbon black can be pressed into spherical shape and used as fuel;
  • It can be used as an additive for making asphalt, cement and bricks.
  • Steel Wire Recycling Solution
  • Steel wire is sold directly;
  • It is reworked into iron products by other equipment;
  • Note: the iron wire taken out before pyrolysis has better quality and higher economic value than the steel wire taken out after pyrolysis.
  • Syn-gas Recycling Solution
  • Syn-gas can be directly used as fuel for heating combustion chamber after purified by condenser and waterseal. It will help customers save fuel cost;
  • It may be collected separately for other purposes;
  • Note: there is small amount of syn-gas in small-scale scale project.
  • Pyrolysis Oil
    Pyrolysis Oil
    Carbon Black
    Carbon Black
    Steel Wire
    Steel Wire from Tyre

    Process Waste in an Eco-friendly and Safe Way in Canada

    For a recycling project, environmental protection and safety are very important factors. Beston tire recycling pyrolysis equipment can handle these wastes in a safe and eco-friendly way.

    Safety Guarantee
  • There are more temperature and pressure monitoring points in the pyrolysis system;
  • When the temperature and pressure are too high, the alarm device will go off;
  • There are special pressure relief and cooling devices in the pyrolysis line;
  • Environmental-friendly Guarantee
  • There is no sewage discharging in pyrolysis process;
  • The excess non-condensable syn-gas is burned in exhaust combustion chamber;
  • Exhaust gas meets Europe emission standard after being treated;
  • Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Canada
    Beston Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Canada with Safety and Environmental-friendly Design

    Beston Pyrolysis Projects Over the World

    Beston has exported two pyrolysis plants to Canada, including BLJ-16 and BLL-20 (custom-made model now). They are used to handle plastics and tires. In addition, Beston machines are also shipped to 30+ countries. We are responsible for production, quality inspection, packaging, shipping, tracking and so on. Please see the details of these cases.

    Why Customers Choose Beston?

    More than 50+ customers have chosen Beston Group as their waste pyrolysis machine manufacturers because of following two factors mainly.

    Beston is a Reputable Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer
  • Beston has a factory occipied 15,000 square meters. This factory has production workshop, R&D office, stocking workshop and so on.
  • Beston offer customers ex-factory pyrolyis machine prices. Customers could get the cost-effective pyorolysis machine and services from Beston Group.
  • Beston has a 7+ departments to assist clients in obtaining their ideal waste recycling project.
  • Beston Offers A Series of Good Service
  • Beston provides senior project consultants with one-to-one service. Every request of customers will be taken seriously.
  • Beston provides drawings, project benefit analysis forms, sample testing, license assistance and more.
  • Beston assists customers in all aspects of shipment, installation, operation, maintenance, and so on.
  • Beston is A Leading Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer

    How to Turn Waste into Oil in Canada?

    Beston pyrolysis plant helps more investors to recycle waste into oil. We provide recycling solutions and a series of after-sales services. If customers provide information on raw materials, local conditions, etc. Beston can provide customers with flexible recycling solutions and pyrolysis production lines. If you are inerested in Beston machines, contact us right now.

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