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Charcoal Making Machine Price

Charcoal making machine price is influenced by many factors, such as feeder, discharger, processing equipment. When you wanna minimize charcoal making business budget, specify your requirement for raw material, final products, land, local environmental requirement, electricity, heating fuel, and so on. Then Beston is willing to provide several solutions with the most suitable prices to you.

A Customer from Guizhou Got Competitive Charcoal Making Machine Price from Beston
A Customer from Guizhou Got Competitive Charcoal Making Machine Price from Beston

Beston Charcoal Making Machine Price of Different Models

Beston Group provides 7 models of charcoal making equipment. Each model has different charcoal machine price. According to the operation mode, they can be divided into batch type, skid-mounted type and continuous type.  Comprehensive product system ensures compatibility with customers’ different production needs, such as processing volume, production site layout, labor requirements, etc. Below are the features and parameters of specific models for your reference.

Batch Charcoal Machine with Reasonable Price

Batch Type

Model: BST-J12/J18/40
Price: From $30,500

  • One furnace per day, cooling time required
  • Low feed requirements, no crusher and dryer required
  • Small-scale production consumes less energy

Mobile Charcoal Machine with Reasonable Price

Skid-mounted Type

Model: BST-05Pro
Price: From $61,500

  • Non-stop continuous operation per day
  • Compact structure saves transportation costs
  • Modular design facilitates installation and operation

Continuous Charcoal Machine with Reasonable Price

Fully Continuous Type

Model: BST-10/30/50
Price: From $125,000

  • Non-stop continuous operation per day
  • Large reactor capacity enables high-volume charcoal production
  • PLC control enables highly automated operation
ModelBST-J12BST-J18BST-J40BST-05 Pro (skid-mounted)BST-10BST-30BST-50
Input Capacity12m³/batch18m³/batch40m³/batch0.3-0.5m³/h2-4m³/h7-9m³/h10-15m³/h
Reactor Sizeφ1900mm*L4500mmφ1900mm*L6600mmφ2800mm*L7100mmφ830mm*L5500mmφ1300mm*L14051mmφ1700mm*L14180mmφ2000mm*L14260mm
Land for Equipment (L*W*H, Standard Configuration)9m*6m*6m12m*6m*7m15m*18m*7m10m*8m*3.9m29m*15m*5m30m*15m*8m35m*18m*9m
Weight (Standard Configuration)18T22T34T15T35T35T49T
Energy Consumption (Standard Configuration)11kw/h13.5kw/h25kw/h31kw/h34.7kw/h61.5kw/h116kw/h
Working MethodBatchFully continuous
Feeding Requirement/Size: ≤20mm; moisture: ≤15%; strong liquidity
StructureHorizontal rotationDouble barrel single hearthDouble barrel double hearth
Control MethodControl by buttonsPLC control
Reactor MaterialQ245RQ245+310S
PressureMicro negative pressure
Heating MaterialDiesel, natural gas, heavy oil, biomass, etc.
Heating MethodDirect heating
Noise (dB)≤80
CondenserCirculating water cooling
Rotation MethodExternal gear rotation

Essential Factors Affecting Charcoal Machine Price

Main Furnace Manufacturing

The carbonization furnace is the core component of the equipment to produce charcoal. Therefore, its manufacturing process and material selection have a significant impact on the price of the equipment. Specifically, the following aspects are key considerations:

Size of Main Furnace

A larger main furnace requires more materials and parts to manufacture. This includes more steel, refractory materials, welding consumables, etc. Thus, this increases production costs. Therefore, the price of charcoal making machines with a larger main furnace configuration will be higher.


Materials of Main Furnace

The type and quality of materials used in the main furnace have a significant impact on the price. Materials that are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and wear are usually more expensive, but can extend the service life of the equipment and improve production efficiency.


Manufacturing Process

Advanced manufacturing processes such as precision casting and welding technology can ensure the sealing and structural strength of the main furnace. These processes usually require high-end equipment and senior technicians. Therefore, this increases manufacturing costs and lead to higher prices.

Main Furnace Affects Charcoal Machine Price
Main Furnace (A Side)
Main Furnace Affects Charcoal Making Machine Price
Main Furnace (B Side)

Automation & Intelligence

Automation and intelligence are important features of modern charcoal production machine. As same as main furnace, they are also important factors affecting charcal making machine price.


Highly automated machine can significantly improve production efficiency. For example, functions such as automatic feeding & discharging, variable frequency temperature control & air volume control can achieve continuous production and improve thermal efficiency. Highly automated equipment requires more complex components, so the price increases accordingly.



Intelligent machines can be equipped with advanced control and monitoring equipment, such as PLC system and IoT system. These intelligent functions include real-time parameter adjustment and remote working condition monitoring. Integration of intelligent systems requires a lot of R&D resources. Therefore, the price of equipment equipped with intelligent systems is higher.

Control Room of Beston Charcoal Making Machine
Control Room of Beston Charcoal Making Machine

Charcoal Production Line Expansion

The production line configuration included in the charcoal machine price sometimes requires a variety of additional equipment. The selection and configuration of these equipment also affect the overall price. It mainly includes the following categories:

Dryer Included in Charcoal Making Machine Price Plan

Biomass Pretreatment Equipment

Biomass pretreatment involves equipment such as crushers, dryers, drum screens, etc. These equipment ensure that the particle size, moisture and fluidity of biomass meet production needs. Although additional pretreatment equipment will increase the cost of the machine, it can improve the stable operation of the production line.

Condenser Included in Charcoal Making Machine Price Plan

Wood Vinegar & Tar Condenser

During the carbonization process, wood vinegar and tar are produced. The condenser can collect these by-products. Customers can increase additional economic benefits by recycling these by-products. Therefore, although this equipment will increase the initial investment, it can bring more benefits to the company in the long run.

Charcoal Briquetting Machine Included in Charcoal Making Machine Price Plan
Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Charcoal Briquetting Machine

The charcoal briquette maker is mainly used to press charcoal into charcoal products of different shapes and sizes. These products are usually used for barbecue, hookah, heating and other purposes. Although this equipment increases the overall machine price, it can produce more market-competitive charcoal products.


Cost to Consider When Establishing Charcoal Making Project

After obtaining a reasonable charcoal making machine price, investors will start to establish the project. This step is not only about purchasing biochar equipment, but also requires comprehensive consideration of various costs to ensure the smooth implementation and long-term operation of the project. The following are several major costs that need to be considered in detail during the project establishment process:

Project Establishment Cost of Charcoal Making Project

Project Establishment Cost

Qualification Application: Before starting a project, it is necessary to apply for the operating qualifications. In particular, health, safety and environmental assessments are vital. Beston Group can  provide the required documents and guidance. The fees include application fees from government departments and report submission fees.

Material Testing: It is important to test the biomass raw materials to determine feasibility of the project. Beston Group can arrange comprehensive raw material testing services for customers, providing detailed test results and analysis reports. Testing costs include sample transportation, laboratory analysis and report writing.


Transportation Cost of Charcoal Making Project

Transportation Cost

Factory to Port: This cost involves transporting cost of the equipment from factory to the port in customer’s country. It includes freight and transportation insurance. Our after-sales team will regularly report the status of the equipment during transportation to ensure the machine is in good condition.

Port to Project Site: These costs involve domestic land or other modes of transportation, freight, loading and unloading fees. Beston Group can assist customers in coordinating domestic transportation arrangements. This ensures that the equipment is transported to the project site in time.


Installation Cost of Charcoal Making Project

Installation Cost

Infrastructure Construction: This includes the cost of water, electricity and gas planning, land construction costs (such as foundations, pools), site layout design and other costs. Beston technical team can assist customers in planning civil construction work in advance to ensure smooth installation.

Labor Employment: This includes the cost of hiring installation engineers. Beston Group‘s installation engineers can go to the site for installation guidance and equipment commissioning. In addition, this also includes the costs of various technicians and laborers during the installation process, such as electricians, welders, mechanics, etc.


Operating Cost of Charcoal Making Project

Operating Cost

Equipment Running: This includes the cost of water, electricity and fuel (such as natural gas, diesel, etc.) consumed during the production process. In addition, the cost of regular maintenance of the equipment is also included, including parts replacement, overhaul engineering and technical upgrades.

Operation Staff: Including the salary and benefits of operators, technical support personnel, and management personnel. Beston Group can assist customers in training project operation teams to ensure that operators have the necessary operating skills and management capabilities.


Profit Pathways: Maximize Returns from Charcoal Machine Price

Investing in charcoal production projects can create multiple sources of income. This maximizes the return on the price of the charcoal making machine and diversifies the income sources. By selling the end products of charcoal production and trading carbon credits, investors can significantly increase profitability.

End Product for Sale

From alternative fuels to agricultural uses, the end products of biomass pyrolysis machine are of great value in many fields. The following is a sales analysis table of end products related to charcoal production. The table lists in detail the uses of various products and their sales channels.

End Product Application Sales Channels
Charcoal Alternative fuels, soil additive, feed additive, hookah charcoal, barbecue charcoal, etc. Energy suppliers, energy-intensive factories (e.g., cement plants, smelters), farm contractors, livestock breeders, and charcoal wholesalers & retailers.
Wood Vinegar Pest and disease control in agriculture, anti-bacterial in food industry, odor elimination Agricultural suppliers, food processing plant, environmental stores
Tar Wood preservation, further processed into resin, biofuel, coal tar, etc. Construction industry (for wood protection), chemical suppliers, energy sector
Combustible Gas Alternative fuels Energy suppliers, renewable energy companies
Charcoal – Make Profit from Final Product
Tar – Make Profit from Final Product
Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar – Make Profit from Final Product

Carbon Credit Trading

Carbon credit trading is a financial incentive obtained by reducing, capturing or preventing carbon dioxide emissions. Through the biochar pyrolysis process, the charcoal making machine effectively fixes a large amount of carbon and prevents it from being released into the atmosphere. Therefore, carbon credit trading can be an important way for the machine to make money. The carbon credit trading process includes the following steps:

  • Project Registration: First, the project registration needs to monitor the carbon fixation effect of biochar production. In addition, investors need to submit a life cycle assessment report to the carbon credit standard agency. This is to state the emission reduction data and production plan.
  • Carbon Credit Acquisition: After completing the monitoring report, the project needs to be audited and certified by a third party. This is to confirm the emission reduction effect and issue the corresponding carbon credit quota.
  • Trading: Projects with carbon credits can sell their carbon credit units to organizations or individuals willing to buy. Usually customers can trade on the official carbon market or carbon credit trading platform.

Make Profit from Carbon Credit

Is Charcoal Making Project Profitable?

Yes. The charcoal making project is profitable. There are some factors for customers to consider. Firstly, the setup cost for charcoal making project is fixed. Secondly, the cost of raw materials for a long-term supply is low. Thirdly, the manual labor cost, electricity and heating fuel cost are not high. Finally, charcoal has high economical value. So, after running for a period, customers can get quick benefits from final charcoal. There is an economic analysis of BST-30 biomass carbonization machine for your reference.

Return on Investment of BST-50 Wood Chips Carbonization Project in The Middle East Regin
ItemDetailsUnitUnit price/USDQuantityAmount/USDTotal amount Remark
Fixed Investment CostEquipment BST-50Set2500001250000
Transportation From China to Destination PortSet90000190000
From Port to SiteSet580015800
Customs tax0.15Set37500137500
InstallationBeston technician's salaryDay100505000
Round -trip airticketsEa242024840
Local welderDay651006500Two welders are needed
Local plumberDay65201300
Local laborDay16.850840
Crane forklift etc.Day80302400
MaterialsInstallation materials readySet350013500Foundation, pipe, etc.
License/Ea200012000Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Operating CostRaw materialsWood chipsTon10012012000
FuelNatural gasLiter7.252701957.5
Depreciation8 yearsDay209.31209.3
End Products PriceBiochar0.3Ton680362448030% of input
Wood vinegar0.08Ton12809.6122888% of input
Tar oil0.02Ton4502.410802% of input
Daily Income23202.3
Monthly IncomeWorking dayDay25580057.5
Yearly IncomeWorking dayDay3006960690

Why is Beston Charcoal Making Equipment Price Competitive Online?

Quality Control

Beston has a series of standardized processes to control the quality of biomass carbonization equipment quality. It mainly contains a strict manufacturing process, correction process, and recheck process. Accordingly, the final charcoal making machines shipped to customers have good quality and they are at an affordable price.

Seven Standard Models and Customized Design

Beston provides seven models. Customers can choose the suitable one from them. Moreover, Beston also provides customized solutions and customized machines to customers, including feeder, reactor, discharger, dedusting procedures. If you are not satisfied with our standard option, send your requirement to Beston now.

Solution Support from Professional Team

Beston has seven professional teams. These teams can give customers strong support in solutions, machine design, machine quality, delivery, installation, and after-sales services. The loyal customers have good feedback for Beston.

Top-rated Services

Beston offers a series of services to guarantee customers’ rights, including solution offering, quality control, delivery, installation, running, maintenance, and after-sales services. Contact us right now to learn about these services.

30+ Customers Got Reasonable Charcoal Machine Prices from Beston

There are 30+ customers who got competitive charcoal making machine prices from Beston these years. They are coming from Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, etc. There are some cases for your reference.

Partner with Beston Group

When customers do charcoal manufacturing business, Beston charcoal making machine price is a key factor. When making budget, customers can get a detialed recommendation from reliable manufacturers. Beston has 10+ years in this field. And we are willing to provide a reasonable price and a series of services to customers. Welcome to contact us now. Besides, you also can see the latest news on Beston Linkedin.

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