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Charcoal Making Machine in Morocco

Charcoal making machine in Morocco has a great market in Morocco. There are abundant agricultural resources and natural resources. If rural villages use traditional methods to make charcoal, many resources will be wasted because of the low charcoal production rate. Beston charcoal production equipment can make high-quality charcoal in a greenway. See the introduction.

Beston Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in Morocco
Beston Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in Morocco

High Demand for Charcoal in Morocco

In Morocco, the rural villages will burn the wood and other waste directly. This way has low utilization efficiency and high pollution. Besides, Cereals account for more than 60 percent of agricultural production, and wheat acreage has expanded due to increased government support. Now, more and more rivals are seeking a good charcoal manufacturing method in Morocco urgently. If they take charcoal produced by Beston, there are many advantages.

  • Firstly, use local resources with high efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Secondly, boost the local economy and increase revenue channels.
  • Thirdly, charcoal is a good alternative of fuel for cooking and heating in Morocco.
  • Fourthly, the demand for charcoal is increased yearly in Morocco. There is a table of wood charcoal production weight in Morocco from 1961 to 2020.
  • Wood Charcoal Production Weight in Morocco
    Wood Charcoal Production Weight in Morocco

    Raw Materials of Carbonization in Morocco

    There are many kinds of waste resources that can be carbonized in Morocco. After turning this waste into charcoal, customers will get considerable returns from this carbonization project. See what waste can be recycled in Morocco.

  • Crop waste: stalks, cotton stalk, bagasse, sunflower stalk, rice husk, corn stalk, corn cob, etc.
  • Husks: olive seeds, coffee bean husks, almond seeds, etc.
  • Forest waste: wood waste, branches, coniferous and non-coniferous fuelwood, and so on.
  • Other waste: sewage waste, organic food waste, organic green waste, and other organic waste.
  • Rice Husk Waste in Morocco
    Rice Husk Waste in Morocco

    Cotton Stalk in Morocco
    Cotton Stalk in Morocco

    Corn Stalk Waste in Morocco
    Corn Stalk Waste in Morocco

    Olive Seeds in Morocco
    Olive Seeds in Morocco

    Organic Green Waste in Morocco
    Organic Green Waste in Morocco

    Sewage Sludge Waste in Morocco
    Sewage Sludge Waste in Morocco

    Beston Batch and Continuous Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in Morocco

    There are five models for customers to choose from. They are divided into a batch and continuous types. The batch type can process 12 to 40 cubic meters per furnace. The continuous type processes 2.5 to 5 tons of raw materials per hour.

  • Batch models are a good option for investors who wanna do small-scale charcoal making business. When investors install this small charcoal machine, a short time is required. Among batch models, BST-40 is the hot product.
  • Continuous models are a good choice for the customers who wanna have long been engaged charcoal production business in Morocco. This line requires some time to do the fundamental work. Among continuous models, BST-30 is the hot product.
  • ModelBST-J12BST-J18BST-J40BST-30BST-50
    Input Capacity12m³18m³40m³2.5-3t/h4.5-5t/h
    Working MethodBatch
    Raw Materials1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
    2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
    3. Municipal solid waste, food waste.
    Reactor SizeΦ1900mm*L4500mmΦ1900mm*L6600mmΦ2800mm*L7100mmΦ1700mm*L14180mmΦ2000mm*L14260mm
    Heating MaterialsDiesel, natural gas, LPG, biomass, etc.
    Energy Consumption11kw/h13.5kw/h18kw/h52kw/h102kw/h
    Installation Area Requst (L*W*H)10m*4.5m*6m11m*4.5m*6m12m*4.5m*6m30m*15m*8m35m*15m*9m
    Operating PressureSlight positive pressureSlight negative pressure
    Service life5-8 years
    Beston Batch and Continuous Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Morocco
    Beston Batch and Continuous Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Morocco

    End Products of Carbonization in Morocco

    Charcoal, wood vinegar, tar and syngas are the main end products in process of making charcoal in Morocco. See how they can benefit you. Choose a profit method that suits your situation.

    Wood Vinegar
    Wood Vinegar
    Recycled Combustible Gas
    Combustible Gas

    Do you know how much you can profit from this project? Beston will tell the answer to you. According to the data from the Chinese market, Beston provides the following analysis for your reference.

    Analysis of Beston Charcoal Making Machine
    MaterialCoconut shell 24MT/DayRMB280/MT/
    FuelNatural Gas 200M³/DayRMB1.15/M³/
    Electricity30KW/H24HourRMB0.53/KWHDaily consump240kwh
    Labor6 person1 dayRMB80/person/day/
    Charcoal30% yield8MTRMB2300/ton/
    Daily Input
    ItemsUnitConsumptionUnit priceTotal
    Coconut shell Ton24RMB280RMB6,720
    Natural gas200RMB1.15RMB230
    Other expensesday1RMB21.00RMB21.00
    Daily Output
    ItemsUnitQuantityUnit priceTotal
    Daily Profits
    Output - InputRMB10,796.80
    Month Profits (25 working days)RMB269,920
    Annual (10 Months)RMB2,699,200

    How to Turn Waste into Charcoal In Morocco

  • Put the raw materials into crushing machine and dryer respectively. (optional)
  • Put the raw materials into the reactor by conveyor or workers. And heat the biochar pyrolysis reactor. The temperature rises gradually. The waste will be decomposed and formed into charcoal gradually. The wood tar and the wood vinegar will be analyzed and collected into a tank.
  • The final charcoal will be discharged by workers or a water cooling discharger.
  • The emission gas will be purified through the cleaning of several procedures. The final discharged emission meets EU emission standards.
  • If customers wanna make charcoal rods or other charcoal briquettes, tell us. Beston provides charcoal briquettes making machine. (optional)
  • Beston Charcoal Briquette Making Line for Sale in Morocco
    Beston Charcoal Briquette Making Line for Sale in Morocco

    Beston Charcoal Making Projects All Over the World

    Beston biomass charcoal making machines are the top option of many customers in Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Malaysia, Ghana, Cameroon, etc. These customers search for Beston online. And they find that Beston has a great reputation. Besides, a part of our customers are introduced by our loyal customers. Through a period of communication, these customers throught that Beston is a reliable waste to energy manufacturer. And Beston provides flexiable waste recycling solutions. See these cases right now.

    How to Start Charcoal Making Business in Morocco?

    When doing this charcoal making business in Morocco, investors take the following factors into consideration.

  • Firstly, make sure the raw materials. Tell Beston the moisture and size of raw materials.
  • Secondly, ensure the environmental policy in the local area. Before starting this project, investors should get the related cerficates from the local government.
  • Thirdly, investors unstand the uses of final products. Some of customers will sell the charcoal to BBQ vendors and industries. Some of them will export the charcoal to other countries.
  • Fourthly, send your detailed information to Beston as detailed as possible. Beston will offer a good solution to customers quickly according to customers’ requirement.
  • Beston carbonization machine in Morocco is a profitable business for customers to start. There are much waste which can be recycled. If investors hold this opportunity, many waste can be turned into money without pollution. If you choose Beston, there is no worry for you to take. Just contact us right now. You can see more pictures from us.

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