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BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Spain

BLJ-3 Beston mini pyrolysis plant was shipped to Spain in September 2021. Spanish customer brought this machine from Beston to process waste plastic. This customer also will consider treating waste tyres into oil in the future. Look at the delivery photos.

Condenser of Mini Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Spain
Condenser of Mini Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Spain
Mini Pyrolysis Reactor Shipped to Spain
Mini Pyrolysis Reactor Shipped to Spain

In Spanish, nearly 50% of waste can be recycled. However, only 14% of plastic waste can be recycled. Besides, there is a large number of waste tyres in the landfill. If tires can’t be treated in a proper way, tires will cause a big fire and immeasurable loss to the local area. Choose an environmental-friendly way to process plastic and tire waste. Pyrolysis technology can solve this problem appropriately. In the high-temperature and sealed reactor, plastic and tyre waste can be turned into oil. The whole process nearly won’t cause pollution to air and water, as well as soil. Because of Beston’s complete processing equipment and after-sales services, this Spanish customer chooses us.

BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Spain

BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Spain

BLJ-3 Mini Pyrolysis Equipment Shipped to Spain

Besides skid-mounted pyrolysis machines, Beston also provides small pyrolysis machines and fully continuous pyrolysis plants for Spanish customers. When you contact us, we will offer some discounts. Just leave your message about ideal machines right now.

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