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Pyrolysis Technology

Pyrolysis technology solves the problem of some waste management. It turns tyre, plastic, or oil sludge into oil. A good pyrolysis technology means high efficiency and high output, even no-pollution and energy-saving process. Beston provides five models, including skid-mounted type, batch types and continuous types. The main technologies are described as the followings:

Beston Machine Has High Pyrolysis Efficiency

We provide a suitable combustible device. In addition, the number of combustible device and the rotating speed of the reactor is carefully calculated by Beston engineers. These designs guarantee the efficiency of heat supply in the process. At the same time, they can reduce customers’ production costs.

Beston Has Advanced Pyrolysis Technology

How to Clean Waste Smoke

In the process, there is harmful smoke generated. Every set of Beston plants is equipped with a dedusting system to reduce pollution for the environment.

There are mainly four procedures to clean waste smoke: water washing, ceramic ring adsorption, water spray and cooling. After being processed by these four steps, waste smoke is in line with European emission standards. If customers have higher requirements for the emission of smoke, we can add a procedure to improve the cleaning effect: activated carbon adsorption. By reprocessed, the discharged exhaust accords with European emission standards.

How to Get a Good Cooling Efficiency

Condenser plays an important role in this pyrolysis oil plant. The oil condenser cools down the oil gas. And the flue condenser decreases the temperature of smoke. In order to enhance cooling effectiveness, the diameter of the tube is small, and the density of the tube is large.

Condensor to Guarantee Cooling Effectiveness

How to Guarantee Safety

Beston project is equipped with two sets of safety instruments. They are a set of the mechanical thermometer, mechanical pressure gauge, a set of electrical control pressure gauge. These sets of parts not only improve the automation level but also provide a safe running situation for investors.

How to Remove Sulfur of Gas and Oil

The non-standard diesel oil getting from plastic can’t be used directly because of the sulfur compound. The hydroseal in the plastic into pyrolysis plant will eliminate the sulfur. This device raises the rate of safe utilization.

Hydroseal & Manifold & Condensor

How to Install Conveniently and Quickly

Beston strongly recommends Three in One Machine for investors. This machine combines condenser, hydroseal, and oil tank together. It has many advantages, for example, good condensing effect, small occupied land, low-cost delivery, easy installment, convenient maintenance. So far, this machine has been applied in more than three countries. And we get good feedback from these customers. When you wanna reduce installment time, this part is a good option.

Beston pyrolysis technology for waste has already helped investors to manage massive waste. When investors use the machine applied the latest technology, the efficiency and profits will be greatly improved. Contact Beston to see project details.

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