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Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis process is mainly composed of pretreatment, pyrolysis oil process, combustible gas recycling process and smoke cleaning system. In this process, safety, reaction time and quality of oil are key factors to evaluate the quality of the machine. View the following pyrolysis process description:

Pyrolysis Diagram

Pyrolysis Process
Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis Process Introduction


Before pyrolysis, you should make sure that whether the size and the water content of waste meet pyrolysis demand. If not, tyre or other waste should be crushed into small pieces by a shredder. Then, And get rid of excess water. Put tyre into the dryer.

Pretreatment Equipment in the Pyrolysis Process
Crushing Machine & Steel Wire Drawing Machine & Tyre Powder Machine

Pyrolysis Reaction in the Tyre Pyrolysis Process

Transport tyre into the pyrolysis reactor and heat the combustion chamber. When the temperature is up to 160℃, oil gas will generate. When the temperature is up to 200℃, oil will generate gradually and fell into oil tank. Oil gas will go through the manifold. Then the heavy oil drops to the oil tank, and the light gas enters into the combustible gas recycling system. At the same time, waste smoke in the reactor will go through a de-dusting system. When the temperature reaches to about 300℃, the oil generating from plastic will fell into the oil tank. The half of tyre pyrolysis process is nearly done.

Pyrolysis Reaction in the Reactor - Pyrolysis Process
Pyrolysis Reaction in the Reactor

Combustible Gas Recycling Process

During tire pyrolysis process, there is waste combustible gas in the reactor. After reprocessed by the manifold, condenser and hydroseal, the waste oil gas will be recycled and as heat for pyrolysis reactor.

Three in One and Combustion Chamber
Three in One with Condenser & Combustion Chamber

Smoke Cleaning System

When the temperature in reactor is high, there is a large amount of waste smoke. Beston pyrolysis equipment is equipped with the dedusting system to clean the waste. Three steps (water washing, water spray and ceramic ring adsorption) will make the smoke meet European emission standards.


In order to make more profits from recycled oil, some customers choose distillation machine to process oil further. After reprocessed, the oil has higher quality and wider application.

Oil Distillation Machine
Oil Distillation Machine

Different Pyrolysis Process among Three Types Pyrolysis Equipment

Pyrolysis Process of Batch Types

Pyrolysis Process of Batch Models

Pyrolysis Process of Continuous Types

Continuous Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis Process of Two Reactors with One System

Pyrolysis Process - Two Reactors with One System

Video about Pyrolysis Process

Analysis of Tire Oil Recycling Process Time

Process Feeding Preheat & Pyrolysis Cooling Period of Second Furnace Whole Process Furnace/D
Skid-mounted Type 0.5 h 4 h 9 h 14.5 14.5 h 1
Small Type 0.5-1.5 h 4-6 h 3 h 12 h 12 h 1
Continuous Type 1.5 h 7-8 h 2 h 6 h 12 h 2

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