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Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer

Beston is the world’s leading pyrolysis plant manufacturer. We provide 5 models of high-quality pyrolysis plants for customers, including the skid-mounted mini pyrolysis plant, batch pyrolysis plant, semi-continuous pyrolysis plant and fully continuous pyrolysis plant. Beston has cooperated with more than 35 customers from all over the world. We have advanced technology and rich experience in this field.

A World Leading Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer – Beston Group

Beston is a top-rated tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer in tyre recycling field. We are specialized in waste to energy field for more than 10 years. And we have strong strength in this field. See what our advantages are.

Beston Possesses the Latest Pyrolysis Technology

Beston possesses advanced pyrolysis technology because of the efforts of the R&D department. This technology makes the whole production more environmental-friendly, high-efficient and energy-saving. Besides, when you take Beston pyrolysis technology, the safety level will be greatly improved. Contact us to know the details of this technology.

Choose Good Materials to Do Pyrolysis Unit

When designing this generation of pyrolysis plants, Beston pays high attention to the materials and their functions. Beston chooses good-quality materials which are suitable for this production line. They have a long life span. The good materials include international plate (16mmQ345R), screw (12mm), insulation cotton (80mm), etc.

Beston Provides One-stop Turnkey Project

For meeting customers’ demand, Beston provides one-stop turnkey pyrolysis plant projects to customers. Customers leave the requirement. And we are responsible for the rest of things, including project design, profit analysis, delivery, installation, training, etc. Finally, an ideal project will be delivered to you under the confirmation of both parties.

Beston Provides Custom Service

Beston, as a tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, will let customers have flexible choices on our machines and auxiliary machine. There are factors and equipment that have wide options, including capacity, reactor door, feeder, discharger, dedusting equipment, PLC, oil distillation machine, etc. Customers can choose the suitable one from Beston.

Excellent Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturers Have Projects All Over the World

Beston has exported 60+ sets of Beston waste pyrolysis plants to 40+ countries. After delivery was finished, Beston dispatched engineers to the customers’ area according to customers’ requirements. With the professional assistance of engineers, the project was finished smoothly and safely. Besides, we also provide technical guidance for workers.

Africa: Uganda (BLJ-10), Nigeria (BLJ-16), Zimbabwe (BLJ-6), South Africa (BLJ-10, BLL-30 & BLL-16), Egypt (BLJ-10 & BLJ-6), Sudan (BLJ-16)
Europe: Ukraine (BLJ-10), Hungary (BLJ-10, BLL-16), UK (BLL-16), Romania (BLL-30)
North America: Dominican Republic (BLJ-10)
South America: Brazil (BLJ-6, BLL-16), Paraguay, Chile (BLJ-10), Argentina (BLJ-6)
Asia: South Korea (BLJ-10), Philippines (BLJ-6, BLJ-16 & BLL-16 & BLL-30), Indonesia (BLJ-10), Malaysia (BLJ-10, India (BLJ-10, BLL-30 & BLL-16), United Arab Emirates (BLJ-10), Turkey (BLJ-6), Iraq (BLJ-6), Jordan (BLJ-6)
Oceania: Astralia (BLJ-10), Canada (BLJ-10)

Beston Helped a Customer to Install Four Sets of BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant in Shaanxi, China

BLL-16 Beston oil sludge pyrolysis machine was installed in Shaanxi, China in November 2021. This project is used to process oil sludge.

A Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer Helped the Installation of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in Shaanxi, China
A Waste Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer Helped the Installation of Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in Shaanxi, China
A Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer Helped the Installation of BLL-16 in Shaanxi, China

Beston Assisted a Customer to Install BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant in Zimbabwe

BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant was installed in Zimbabwe in September 2020. This project is used to process tyre waste.

Why Choose Beston as Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer?

Beston Factory – Leader to Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Beston, as a top-rated waste tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, has our own manufacturing factory. It is located in Shangqiu city, Henan province, China. It is divided into three manufacturing buildings and one office building. The total area is 15, 000㎡. In the following video, one of our managers has a detailed description of Beston factory.

  • Factory Front
  • Factory Layout
  • Warehouse
  • Exhibition Shelf
  • Pyrolysis Reactor
  • Feeding Design
  • Manufacturing Area
  • Gears
  • Stock Area

A Group of Beston’s Professional Team

Beston is a trustworthy pyrolysis reactor manufacturer for more than 10 years. We have a mature organizational system to serve customers. We have a sales team, marketing department, delivery department, comprehensive service center, financial department, workshop team. They are professionals in this field. They have certificates and qualifications related to this field. Moreover, they have served more than 40 customers perfectly. They have rich experience. After discussion with customers, they can provide the most suitable project for customers.

100+ Customers Visited Beston Manufacturing Factory

More than 100 customers have paid a visit to Beston manufacturing factory. These customers come from Colombia, Oman, South Africa, India, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ukraine, Bengal, Singapore, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, Dominica, Syria, Botswana, Chile, Guatemala, Vietnam, etc.

Beston arranged everything well for these customers, including air tickets, airport transfer, accommodation, food, professional company, sample test, run trail, etc. If you need these services, leave your requirement to Beston in advance.

A Waste Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer Welcomed a Customer from Syria
A Customer from Syria
A Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturer Welcomed Customers from Hungary
Customers from Hungary
Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers Welcomed Customers from UAE
Customers from UAE
A Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturer Welcomed Customers from Bengal
Customers from Bengal
A Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer Welcomed Customers from Australia
Customers from Australia
A Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturer Welcomed Customers from Malaysia
Customers from Malaysia

Excellent Pyrolysis Oil Plant Manufacturer Provides Multiple Options

When you choose Beston as the tire pyrolysis plant manufacturer, you will have flexible options on machines, raw materials and applications of final products.

Beston Provides Multiple Options for Pyrolysis Plant

Beston, as a pyrolysis plant manufacturer, provides 5 models. They are divided into skid-mounted type (BLJ-3), batch type (BLJ-6 & BLJ-10), semi-continuous type (BLJ-16), and continuous type (BLL-30).

  • Skid-mounted type is composed of a mini reactor. It can process 1-3 tons of raw materials per day.
  • Batch type is composed of manual feeder, rotary reactor, manual discharger, dedusting tower. It can process 4-10 tons of materials per day.
  • Semi-continuous type is composed of automatic feeder, rotary reactor, automatic discharger, dedusting tower. It can process 12-16 tons of raw materials per day.
  • Continuous type is composed of automatic feeder, horizontal reactor, automatic discharger, dedusting tower. It can process 30-35 tons of materials per day.

Wide Options of Raw Materials Can be Applied to Pyrolysis Plant Produced by Beston

Beston pyrolysis machine can be applied to pyrolyze many kinds of raw materials, including tyre, rubber, oil sludge, engine oil and plastic. Among these materials, customers can’t get quality oil from some kinds of plastic. Accordingly, when you consult this project, tell us the components of raw materials.

Waste Tyre
Waste Tyre
Waste Rubber
Waste Rubber
Oil Sludge
Oil Sludge
Waste Plastic

Wide Applications of Final Products Generated by Beston Pyrolysis Machines

When you get a pyrolysis system from Beston, the final products are pyrolysis oil, carbon black, combustible oil, and steel wire (optional). They have wide applications in agriculture, daily life, construction field. Besides, the pyrolysis oil can be processed further by the oil distillation plant. Finally, customers can get high-value pyrolysis oil.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Oil
Tyre Pyrolysis Oil 35-45%
Carbon Black
Carbon Black
Combustible Gas
Combustible Gas
Steel Wire
Steel Wire

Professional Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer Provides Complete Certificates & Qualification

Beston is very professional in waste pyrolysis. We have some professional certificates and qualifications related to patented pyrolysis technology and production license. They include ISO, CE, technology patents. Besides, when customers set up this project and need some certificates or qualifications, Beston is willing to help customers to get the related certificates and qualifications. Some customers will need the assistance of pyrolysis plant manufacturers on land use rights, environmental protection project certificates, and so on.

Beston Certificates4
Beston Certificates3
Beston Certificates1
Beston Certificates2

Responsible Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers Provide Authoritative Reports

Beston, as a waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier, is able to provide several reports from certification authorities to customers. They are sample tests, benefits analysis, gas emission test reports and so on. If you need other reports, leave a message on our web.

Oil Production Rate for Customers from a Waste Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer

When customers take Beston pyrolysis reactor to treat waste, the raw materials are all kinds of tyre, rubber, plastic and oil sluge. The components and deree of wear have influence on oil rate. Look at the some types of tyre oil rate from the following table.

Material Item Fuel Oil Steel Wire Carbon Black Combustible Gas
Tires truck tires 45%-50% 15%-20% 30% 5%-10%
car tires 40-45% 10%-15% 40% 5%-10%
motorbike bike tires 30%-35% 5%-10% 10% 5%-10%

Benefit Reports from a Reliable Waste Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer – Beston

Beston has rich experience in this field. We make a benefits report according to China’s market. From the table, the final profits are considerable. If you wanna get a report on the basis of your area, contact us right now.

Benefits Analysis of BLJ-16  Pyrolysis Plant from Beston
Material Tyre 15MT/Day $46/MT
Fuel Natural Gas 300M³/Day $0.45/M³
Electricity 81KW/H 18Hour $0.14/KWH Daily consump 1,458kwh
Labor 8 person 1 day $15/person/day
Pyrolysis oil 45% oil yield 6.75MT $410/ton
Carbon black 30% yield 4.5MT $50/ton
Steel wire 15% yield 2.25MT $150/Ton
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total Remark
Tyre Ton 15 $46.00 $690.00
Natural gas 300 $0.45 $135.00
Electricity KWH 1458 $0.14 $204.12
Labor Person 8 $15.00 $120.00
Depreciation day 1 $50.00 $50.00
Other expenses day 1 $50.00 $50.00
Total $1,249.12
Daily Output
Items Unit Quantity Unit price Total Remark
Pyrolysis oil Ton 6.75 $410.00 $2,767.50
Carbon black Ton 4.5 $50.00 $225.00
Steel wire Ton 2.25 $150.00 $337.50
Total $3,330.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $2,080.88
Month Profits (25 working days) $52,022.00
Annual (10 Months) $520,220.00

Note: the above data is just for reference. Contact Beston to get the pyrolysis project report.

After-sales Team - Beston Group

Beston Provides Comprehensive Sales Service

In order to fully meet customers’ requirements, Beston provides a series of pre-sales services, sales-on services and after-sales services.

Pre-sales Service:

  • 24-hour Online Consultation
  • Site Visit
  • Several Quotation Plans

Sales-on Service:

  • Free Drawing
  • Business Analysis
  • Sample Test

After-sales Service:

  • Installation Assistant
  • Training Service
  • Long-term Tracking Service

How to Find Fair Pyrolysis Plant Cost from Pyrolysis Plant Suppliers?

When customers order a pyrolysis plant, the pyrolysis plant cost is in an important position. When you wanna find a competitive cost, a waste pyrolysis plant manufacturer is an important factor to consider. There are some tips for you.

Contact with Experienced Waste Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers

There are many waste pyrolysis plant suppliers. Try to get contact with experienced waste pyrolysis plant manufacturer – Beston. Firstly, an experienced manufacturer can provide a suitable plan for customers. Secondly, an experienced manufacturer has more mature technology and group. Thirdly, an experienced manufacturer has a stable price. Customers will get the most valued machines and services from this manufacturer. Beston has more than 10 years of experience. It is a good option.

A Full Discussion with Tire Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturers

Before purchase, investors should have a full discussion with the manufacturer. When you contact Beston, you can know Beston’s services are professional and professional from the discussion. Moreover, Beston actively cooperates with customers and provides suitable plans. Finally, you can get the ideal pyrolysis plant project at a competitive price from Beston.

Fully Understand Your Requirement

When you invest in a pyrolysis plant, a clear understanding will help you to save production line costs and running costs in the future.

  • How many tons of raw materials do you plan to process?
  • What are the size and moisture of raw materials?
  • What is the most economical fuel in your local?
  • What is the requirement for the automation level?
  • What are the uses of final products?

Why Culture Has Big Influence on Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers?

Company Culture banner

What is Company Culture of Beston?

Beston Mission

To focus on the fields of resource regeneration, to continuously provide our customers with optimal solutions and improve global ecological environment.

Beston Vision

Be a global leader in resource regeneration.

Beston Values

Customer-centric, Striver-oriented, Persistent team collaboration.

Beston Strategy

Stay with customers to provide them with satisfactory service in time;
Product quality is the foundation of our survival; we will continue to optimize product experience, and create greater value for customers;
Continuous management innovation, efficient process-based operation, end-to-end satisfaction of customer needs.

Why Culture Has a Big Influence on Beston?

Culture represents a company’s attitude to industry, customers and future. Beston is engaged in waste recycling field for many years. We are seeking more efficient technology to recycle waste. And we provide the most eco-friendly machines and customer-oriented services to customers.

All in all, when you find a reliable waste tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, Beston is the top choice. We offer quality machines at a competitive price. Moreover, our services are the first-ranked in this field. Many customers sent good feedback after several years. Contact us to get this machine right now. Besides, see more pyrolysis pictures on Beston Pinterest.

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