Components of Pyrolysis Plant


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Components of Pyrolysis Plant

The components of pyrolysis plant have an important influence on the final pyrolysis effectiveness. Beston offers a series of quality components to customers, including different lines. If customers have demand, we are willing to provide a full component list and flexible design to customers.

Components of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Components of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Components of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

The components of Beston pyrolysis plant are mainly composed of five lines. They are pretreating line, feeding line, pyrolysis line, discharging line and dedusting line. Some of them are not necessary, for example, pretreating line. And some lines have flexible options. Customers can opt for a suitable configuration. Look at their uses and components.

Components of Pretreating Line

Preheating line is used to cut raw materials into small pieces in pyrolysis plants. So that the feeding volume of the reactor can be increased. And the raw materials can be fully pyrolyzed.

Components: tyre cutter, wire drawing machine, tyre dicing machine, shredding machine, plastic crusher, etc.

  • A Tyre cutter is used to separate the tire casing and bead lips. It aims at getting off steel wire of tyre.
  • Wire drawing machines can draw steel wire out. It helps to prolong the service life of the crusher.
  • A shredding machine is able to shred the raw materials into small pieces.
  • Tyre Cutter
    Tyre Cutter
    Steel Wire Drawing Machine
    Steel Wire Drawing Machine
    Tyre Shredder
    Tyre Shredder

    Components of Feeding Line

    Feeding line refers to the method of feeding raw materials. Normally, there are two ways, including manual feeding and mechanical feeding. Manual feeding will cost labor and time. It works with forklift or conveyor. When customers use mechanical feeding, the feeding process is quick and sealed automatically. There are two kinds of mechanical feeder, including screw feeder and hydraulic feeder.

    Manual Feeding Components: feeding platform, forklift, conveyor, and so on.

    Mechanical Feeding Components: screw feeder/hydraulic feeder, conveyor, and so on.

  • When customers take screw feeder, there is the requirement for the size of raw materials. Because of processed raw materials, the time of the tires pyrolysis process can be reduced. So that the time and labor can be saved.
  • Hydraulic feeder has a low requirement for tire size (≤1200mm). It can help to save feeding time.
  • Screw Feeder of Pyrolysis Plant
    Screw Feeder of Pyrolysis Plant
    Hydraulic Feeder of Pyrolysis Plant
    Hydraulic Feeder of Pyrolysis Plant
    Belt Conveyor of Pyrolysis Plant
    Belt Conveyor of Pyrolysis Plant

    Components of Pyrolysis Line

    The pyrolysis line can convert tyres into oil at a high temperature without oxygen. Because this part has a strict safety design, it is easy and safe to use. For pyrolysis reactors, Beston mainly provides four types, including skid-mounted type, batch type, semi-continuous type and continuous type. They are suitable for different feeding ways. If you wanna know the details, contact us. Moreover, Beston casing has good heat resistance and hot air keeping function.

    Components: reducer, motor, spring base, reactor base, reactor, casing, and so on.

    Reducer Base
    Reducer Base
    Pyrolysis Reactor
    Pyrolysis Reactor and Reactor Base
    The Casing
    The Casing

    Components of Oil Condensing Line

    The oil condensing line can separate none-qualified oil gas and heavy oil gas into different places. Then the oil gas can be recycled again, for example, heating chamber under Beston pyrolysis reactor.

    In this part, there is a good device – Three into One Machine. It combines functions of oil tank, condenser and hydroseal. It has a combination pack. If customers choose this part, the installment work is simple.

    Components: manifold, oil condenser, Three into One machine, residual oil tank, hydroseal, etc.

    Oil Sludge Tank of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine
    Beston Residual Oil Tank
    Beston Manifold
    Beston Manifold
    Oil Condenser of Beston Pyrolysis Machine
    Beston Oil Condenser
    Three into One Machine of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Machine
    Three into One Machine
    Hydrodeal of Beston Pyrolysis Machine
    Beston Hydrodeal

    Components of Discharging Line

    Beston has the newest discharger – water cooling dishcharger. It makes the final products low temperature (about 30 degrees). It avoids workers scalding and explosion occurring. The standard line is equipped with two screw discharge devices.

    Components: screw discharge device, high temperature ball valve, water-cooled discharge device, etc.

    Waste Cooling Discharger of Beston Pyrolysis Equipment
    Waste Cooling Discharger
    Oil Storage Tank of Beston Pyrolysis Equipment
    Oil Storage Tank

    Components of Dedusting Line

    Dedusting line plays important role in cleaning emissions. It collects the emission from the tyres pyrolysis equipment. Then it purifies the emission through several procedures. The procedures contain magnetic ring absorption, water spray, and cooling down. Finally, the discharged emission can meet EU emission standards.

    Components: flue condenser, atomizing water tank, atomizing tower, chimney, induced draft fan (centrifugal fan), etc.

    Flue Condenser of Beston Pyrolysis Project
    Flue Condenser
    Chimney of Beston Pyrolysis Project
    Atomizing Water Tank of Beston Pyrolysis Project
    Atomizing Water Tank
    Atomizing Tower of Beston Pyrolysis Project
    Atomizing Tower

    The above-mentioned parts are the main components of Beston pyrolysis plant. If you wanna get their specific parameters or information of other parts, leave a message to Beston. For each model, we offer different configurations for customers. Just specify your requirements in detail, including raw material, feeding capacity, land, final product uses, project location, and so on. In this case, we can offer you a project plan quickly. Besides, see some newest information on Beston Twitter.

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