Pyrolysis Plant in Botswana

Pyrolysis plant in Botswana can be used to recycle some of the local waste and produce an economically valuable end product. In Botswana, some investors are looking for environmentally friendly ways to dispose of non-degradable waste. Beston waste pyrolysis is a good way. And it also brings customers a variety of products that are widely used.

Invest Such a Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant in Botswana
Invest Such a Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant in Botswana

Waste Management in Botswana

In Botswana, the most common method of disposing of waste is landfill. A small amount of garbage is picked up by individuals and sold to recycling companies. These are inefficient and polluting management methods for the local environment. These methods also do not properly recycle these wastes. Now, many investors are looking for ways to efficiently use all kinds of waste. Waste pyrolysis is one of the efficient ways to treat waste.

Use Beston Pyrolysis Solution to Do Wate Management in Botswana

Benefits of Waste Pyrolysis in Botswana

Waste pyrolysis refers to the treatment of waste under high temperature and confined conditions. The whole process is safe, efficient and pollution-free. It makes full use of waste. It converts these wastes into tire pyrolysis oil/plastic pyrolysis oil/pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and so on. These products themselves have a wide range of applications. If these products are further processed, the economic value will be higher. Therefore, if investors in Botswana adopt this pyrolysis technology, many types of waste are turned into treasure.

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale Bring Benefits for Botswana In Waste Management Industry
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale Bring Benefits for Botswana In Waste Management Industry

Application Scenarios for Pyrolysis Solution in Botswana?

Large Scrap Tires/Plastic Recycling

If investors want recycle large quantities of end life tyres and plastics, then the pyrolysis is a good option. Used tires and plastics are non-degradable pollutants. They pollute the environment for thousands of years. Pyrolysis technology fully reuse these wastes.

Fuel Alternative for Industries

With oil resources increasingly scarce, some investors will look for alternative fuels. Pyrolysis solutions can convert tires/plastics into pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis oil is an inexpensive alternative fuel. It is used as pyrolysis fuel for ceramic/cement/brick/boiler factories.

Oil Sludge/Oil Soil Remediation

Sludge remediation plays a vital role in the maintenance of soil and water sources. The sludge/oil soil is processed by pyrolysis, and investors can get sand, pyrolysis oil and water. This effectively solves the pollution of sludge to the environment.

Tyre Waste
Tyre Waste
Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste
Oil Sludge Waste
Oil Sludge Waste

Beston Pyrolysis Solution for Botswana Customers

Beston provides two solutions to customers in Botswana, including waste to pyrolysis oil solution and waste to distillation oil solution.

Waste to Pyrolysis Oil Solution in Botswana

Machine composition pyrolysis equipment

Pyrolysis process Put the material into the main pyrolysis furnace. When the pyrolysis process is complete, customers could get pyrolysis oil and carbon black.

Final products pyrolysis oil, carton black, steel wire(optional).

Waste to Distillation Oil Solution in Botswana

Machine composition pyrolysis machine and waste distillation machine

Operation process After the pyrolysis process is completed, the pyrolysis oil will enter the distillation equipment. After processing by distillation equipment, customers could get non-standard diesel.

Final products non-standard diesel oil, carton black, steel wire(optional).

Invest in Such a Waste to Pyrolysis Oil Plant in Botswana
Invest in Such a Waste to Pyrolysis Oil Plant in Botswana

Waste Pyrolysis Machine for Sale in Botswana

Beston offers four different types of pyrolysis equipment to customers in Botswana. They include skid-mounted pyrolysis plants, batch pyrolysis plants, semi-continuous pyrolysis plants and fully continuous pyrolysis plants.

Skid-mounted Type

Model: BLJ-3
New Generation Model
Tyre Processing Capacity: 1-3T
Plastic Processing Capacity: 0.5-1T
Oil Sludge Processing Capacity: 3T
Feeding system: manual
Discharging System: manual labor forces

Batch Type

Model: BLJ-6 & BLJ-10
Hot Selling Model
Tyre Processing Capacity: 4-6/8-10T
Plastic Processing Capacity: 2–3/3-5T
Oil Sludge Processing Capacity: 6/10T
Feeding system: platform
Discharging System: one-stage water-cooling discharger

Semi-continuous Type

Model: BLJ-16
New Generation Model
Tyre Processing Capacity: 12-14T
Plastic Processing Capacity: 6-8T
Oil Sludge Processing Capacity: 16T
Feeding system: screw feeder
Discharging System: three-stages water cooling discharger

Continuous Type

Model: BLL-30
New Generation Model
Tyre Processing Capacity: 1.25-1.45T/H
Plastic Treating Capacity: 0.83-1.25T/H
Oil Sludge Feeding: 1.875-2.08T/H
Feeding system: automatic belt feeder
Discharging System: three-stage water cooling discharger

Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Botswana
Batch Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Botswana
Semi-continuous Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Botswana
Continuous Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Botswana

Beston Pyrolysis Projects Over the World

Beston pyrolysis projects have been installed in many countries, such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Romania, Spain, etc. We have established long-term friendly and cooperative relations with these customers. For our customers, Besotn provide the following services.

Factory Visit
Drawing Offer
License Support
Payment Support
Delivery Support
Third-party Testing
Installation Guidance On-site/Online

Why Choose Beston Pyrolysis Solution in Botswana

High-leverl Operation Safety

The mechanical structure and technology are designed to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. And the machines is equipped with a series of safety devices, including alarm system, pressure relief valve, explosion-proof valve and so on.

One-stop Pyrolysis Solution

We can provide customers with one-stop service. We can ensure that our customers have an eco-friendly pyrolysis plant project. From site design to project installation and operation, we provide customers with a full range of services.

Apply IoT Technology

Beston machines are equipped with applied IoT technology. The mobile terminal of the device can monitor the Internet of Things online in real time. This design facilitates customers to operate and control the entire production line.

High Degree of Automation

The whole set of equipment can adopt PLC and DCS remote control system, with data storage and download function. After adopting this system, the control efficiency is high. And this system can help customers save manpower.

Choose Beston Pyrolysis Solution in Botswana
Choose Beston Pyrolysis Solution in Botswana

Invest in Such a Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Botswana Now

Beston pyrolysis plant in Botswana is a project to convert waste into usable energy. If customers are interested in this pyrolysis machine project, consult us! Beston will help customers to deeply understand the whole process of project operation and enjoy private customized services. At the same time, we also provide a series of technical support. We help customers extend the industrial chain to improve the value of end products. And we will help to improve the overall profitability of customers. Your goal is also our goal!

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