Smash the Golden Egg and Enjoy a Luck Draw with Beston

Good news for everyone. In June 2022, Beston has held an activity – Smash the Golden Egg and Enjoy a Lucky Draw! Many customers joined this activity and won the prize home because they put orders from 2022.6.6 to 2022.7.7. This is the first time smashing the golden egg. In early July, we will contact customers to hold a golden egg activity again. Please watch the video of the golden egg activity on site.

Smash the Golden Egg and Enjoy a Lucky Draw with Beston!

  • Participation conditions: Between 2022.6.6-2022.7.7, customers who purchase machines from Beston Group enjoy the golden egg activity one time.
  • Participation time: customers’ project consultant will pre-book and notify customers in advance.
  • Prizes in the golden eggs: Huawei mobile phone, apple air podspro, Mi brand, apple watch, etc.
  • Participation form: through online video, our project consultants will help customers to smash customers’ selected golden eggs.
  • Prize distribution form: prizes are sent directly to customers’ area.
  • Note: there are no empty prizes in the golden egg! and the final interpretation right belongs to BESTON GROUP CO., LTD.

    Beston Activity Banner 2022.6

    More Surprizes for Customers!

    If customers place orders between 2022.6.6 to 2022.7.7, customers not only enjoy the golden egg activity one time but also could get discounts, free accessories, and more services for free. If you wanna see the details, go on Mid-year Sale of 2022 is Coming!

    Beston machines include pyrolysis plant, charcoal making machine, egg tray making machine. These machines are used to recycle different kinds of waste into useful energy. Beston project consultant will offer suitable waste to energy solutions, layout design, suitable waste to energy lines and other services. Don’t hesitate! Contact us right now to see the details and join this activity!

    Finally, when you need Beston machines, hold this golden opportunity! After customers send the detailed requirements to Beston, Beston senior project consultants will provide one-on-one services and provide suitable project solutions to customers. Just send your demand to Beston right now!

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