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Paper Egg Tray Machine Delivered to Saudi Arabia

BTF5-8 Beston egg tray machine was shipped to Saudi Arabia. It has the capacity of 5000-5500 pieces/h. Beston has manual type and continuous model for your selection. This machine not only can makes egg trays but also produces bottle trays, cup trays, apple trays, etc.Therefore, it has high value. The following pictures show the process of shipment.

paper egg crate making machine
Preparation for Shipping Paper Egg Crate Making Machine
paper tray machine
BTF5-8 Beston Paper Tray Machine Shipped to Saudi Arabia
paper tray forming machine
Delivery of BTF5-8 Beston Paper Tray Forming Machine

paper tray making machine

egg tray forming machine

egg tray machine

egg tray manufacturing machine

egg tray moulding machine
Beston Egg Tray Moulding Machine Shipped to Saudi Arabia
paper egg tray machine
Shipment of Paper Egg Tray Machine to Saudi Arabia
paper egg tray making machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Delivered to Saudi Arabia

Besides of the required number, we will prepare some extra parts. We also can provide installation service and other models. Tell us your demand as soon as possible. And we plan the appropriate egg tray making project for you.

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