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Good Feedback on BLJ-12 Beston Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plants in Chile

A customer sent Beston good feedback on BLJ-12 Beston tyre recycling pyrolysis plants in April 2022. BLJ-12 was a customized model that we launched according to the needs of customers. This customer purchased three sets of BLJ-12 from Beston. Now, this customer successfully installed one set of pyrolysis equipment to process tyre waste. And he sent us feedback. He said the equipment worked well. The quality of the final product also met his expectations. If there is a need later, he will contact us again.

Good Feedback on BLJ-12 Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Chile
Good Feedback on BLJ-12 Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Chile

Good-quality Pyrolysis Oil from BLJ-12 Beston Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in Chile

The following video shows pyrolysis oil in a pipeline and the pyrolysis project. The customer said that the quality of the pyrolysis oil exceeded his expectations. Few equipment can make such high-quality non-standard diesel. Beston tire recycling pyrolysis plant did it. And the whole production process went smoothly. There were no blockages or unsafe conditions in the production process. He was very satisfied with the completed project. See the following video.

Discharged Emission Meets Emission Standard in Chile

The emission of flue gas is one of the focuses of this customer. Beston pyrolysis plant is equipped with a de-dusting system. This system cools the flue gas and removes harmful impurities. The treated flue gas meets European emission standards. The standard configuration has already met this customer’s need for environmental protection. If other customers have more strict requirements in the local area, we can customize the de-dusting system for them. Please see the discharged emission in the video.

As can be seen from the video above, this customer used Beston tyre to fuel machine. The whole site was clean. And after complying with our operation manual, the safety hazard is extremely low. The quality of the final pyrolysis oil is very satisfying to the customer. If you are interested in learning about our pyrolysis plants, please contact us and fill in your detailed requirements. We will reply as soon as we receive the information.

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