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BLL-16 Beston TDU Plants Shipped to Nigeria

In June 2022, two sets of BLL-16 Beston TDU plants were sent to Nigeria. TDU plant refers to oil sludge pyrolysis plant. This model can process 15-20 tons of sludge per day. So far, more than 5 Nigerian customers have chosen to cooperate with Beston and choose our machines. If you are interested in our machines, keep reading.

BLL-16 Beston TDU Plant Shipped to Nigeria in 2022
BLL-16 Beston TDU Plant Shipped to Nigeria in 2022

BLL-16 Beston Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Project in Nigeria

After months of preparation, the two sets of oil sludge pyrolysis machines was delivered to Nigeria in 2022. See the basic information about this project.

Model Raw Material Main Products Uses of Final Products
BLL-16 Drilling cuttings, oil soil and sludge Pyrolysis oil for heating Self-use & for sale

Configuration of Beston TDU Plant to Nigeria

This customer ordered two sets of TDU plant from Beston. They are the standard pyrolysis line, including the standard condenser, reactor, screw feeder, feeding platform and one set of water-cooling discharger.

What Problem Did the Customer Encounter?

Throughout the communication process, the customer was very satisfied with solutions proposed by Beston Group. We have professional solution teams. They can give customer layout plans in time. And in the communication, our senior solution consultant solved the customer’s questions quickly. This customer appreciate our professionalism. And this customer hoped to cooperate happily in future installations.

Payment Method:
Banks in Nigeria have restrictions on foreign exchange. The customer showed that the payment was not smooth. Beston professionals communicated with customers. And within a certain period of time, we gave customers appropriate advice. In the end, the payment channel and payment method went smoothly. This customer expressed his gratitude to Beston.

BLL-16 Beston TDU Plant Shipped to Nigeria
BLL-16 Beston TDU Plant Shipped to Nigeria

The extracted oil pollutes the land and the environment in Nigeria. We need to recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. Beston sludge pyrolysis equipment in Nigeria not only converts sludge into non-standard fuel oil but also brings good economic benefits to investors. If you are interested in this unit, please contact us as soon as possible.

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