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BLJ-3 Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Argentina

A set of BLJ-3 Beston mobile pyrolysis machine was shipped to Argentina in July 2022. This equipment is used to dispose of local tires and plastic drums. It can process 2-6 tons of raw materials per day. The final pyrolysis oil can be used as a alternative fuel for the plants. This machine is easy to install and move. It is good option for mobile pyrolysis project. If you’re interested, keep reading.

BLJ-3 Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Argentina
BLJ-3 Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Argentina

Waste Tyre and Plastic Recycling Solution for Argentina Customer

This customer contacted us through our website. He sent us the basic information. Then our senior project consultant gave a preliminary project according to this customer’s situation. This customer is very interested in our mobile pyrolysis plants. As a result, this customer deepened the communication with Beston. During this period, customers continued to ask some technical questions. Our senior project consultant patiently answered one by one. And in the end, this customer chose to work with Beston because of our solutions, service and machine quality.

Pyrolysis of plastics is a difficult problem. The first one is that the ingredients are complex. The second is that the oil is not well controlled. Beston R&D team has been overcoming this problem. Up to now, after repeated deliberation, experiments and verification, we have achieved some results in this field. Beston machines can handle some types of plastics in an safely, efficiently and eco-friendly way.

Tyre Waste
Tyre Waste Recycling Solution
Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste Recycling Solution

Good Feedback on Beston Tyre & Plastic Recycling Solution

Based on the feedback provided by our customers, we offered several options to our customers. And, we discussed the feasibility and practicality of the recycling solution through video conference. This customer and his partner gave us positive feedback. See a part of feedback on social media.

Feedback on BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Equipment Shipped to Argentina
Feedback on BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Equipment Shipped to Argentina

In addition, Beston offers other types of pyrolysis machines such as batch and continuous pyrolysis equipment. These machines are the latest generation developed through years of experience of our R&D department and engineers. These machines are energy-efficient, safe and efficient to operate. And we provide customized services. If you need it, please contact us.

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