What Does Pyrolysis Mean

If you are considering how to recycle tyre, plastic and oil sludge, pyrolysis is an advanced technology to tackle these wastes. Now, with the technology up-gradation, pyrolysis is more environmentally friendly and efficient. See the following content to know it in details.

What is Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis refers to the decomposition reaction of organic materials without oxygen under a high-temperature situation. Then the chemical compounds will be recognized. Finally, we can get useful energy.

What is Pyrolysis Used for

Pyrolysis is commonly used to make oil from tyre, plastic, oil sludge, engine oil. These wastes is hard to degrade. Pyrolysis is the greenest way to recycle these wastes. Moreover, the pyrolysis process won’t cause second pollution.

What are the Types of Pyrolysis?

According to the working method of Beston pyrolysis machines, the pyrolysis is divided into mobile pyrolysis, batch pyrolysis and continuous pyrolysis.

What are the Products of Pyrolysis

Materials Tyre Rubber Plastic Oil Sludge
Final Products Oil, Steel Wire, Carbon Black Oil, Carbon Black Oil, Carbon Black Oil, Carbon Black
Waste tyre
Waste Tyre
Waste Rubber
Waste Rubber
Oil Sludge
Oil Sludge
Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Oil
Used Steel Wire
Used Steel Wire
Carbon Black
Carbon Black

What is Pyrolysis Process

1.Is there demand for Raw Materials?

Certain the size of raw materials. Check the need for the shredder or crushing machine.

2.What is Pyrolysis Reaction

3.How to Process Smoke and Gas?

There is dedusting system to clean smoke. Firstly, cool down the smoke’s temperature. Secondly, remove the harmful molecules. Moreover, in order to reach the highest emission standard, add activated carbon absorption to improve its effectiveness.

FAQs about Pyrolysis:

What are the Disadvantages of Pyrolysis?

Firstly, it has the requirement for the raw materials. Adding several kinds of raw materials into the reactor is not permitted. If you pursue efficient pyrolysis and quality products, the components of raw materials are simple instead of complex.

Secondly, safety. Some investors choose the cheap tyre pyrolysis plants. When these plants are put into use, some accidents will happen. However, when you choose Beston as the partner, the safety of machines can be guaranteed greatly.

Thirdly, the budget for the former investment is large.

What are the Advantages of Pyrolysis?

  • Turn Waste into Usable Products which Have High Economic Value
  • Use an Environmental-friendly Way to Recycle Degradable Materials
  • Release the Pressure of Energy Shortage
  • Eliate Waste Pollution and Reduce the Spread of Disease
  • Strengthen the Industry Technology Development


Is Pyrolysis Bad for the Environment?

Of course not. The final smoke and water won’t pollute the environment. Firstly, there are some devices to process smoke, like cooling down its temperature, remove harmful components. As the result, the discharged smoke meets EU emission standards. Secondly, water has used the circle, which isn’t polluted.

Why is Pyrolysis Done in the Absence of Oxygen?

If pyrolysis is done with oxygen, the final molecules we get are different.

Is Pyrolysis Plant Profitable?

Yes. This plant indeed needs a large investment in the early stage. Once it is under normal operation, investors get the benefits quickly because of high-value products. See this ROI of pyrolysis plant.

Analysis of BLJ-16  Pyrolysis Plant To Process Waste Tyre
Material Tyre 15MT/Day $46/MT
Fuel Natural Gas 300M³/Day $0.45/M³
Electricity 81KW/H 18Hour $0.14/KWH Daily consump 1,458kwh
Labor 8 person 1 day $15/person/day
Pyrolysis oil 45% oil yield 6.75MT $410/ton
Carbon black 30% yield 4.5MT $50/ton
Steel wire 15% yield 2.25MT $150/Ton
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total Remark
Tyre Ton 15 $46.00 $690.00
Natural gas 300 $0.45 $135.00
Electricity KWH 1458 $0.14 $204.12
Labor Person 8 $15.00 $120.00
Depreciation day 1 $50.00 $50.00
Other expenses day 1 $50.00 $50.00
Total $1,249.12
Daily Output
Items Unit Quantity Unit price Total Remark
Pyrolysis oil Ton 6.75 $410.00 $2,767.50
Carbon black Ton 4.5 $50.00 $225.00
Steel wire Ton 2.25 $150.00 $337.50
Total $3,330.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $2,080.88
Month Profits (25 working days) $52,022.00
Annual (10 Months) $520,220.00

Which Fuel is Produced by Pyrolysis?

The original oil. It can be directly used in some industries. Besides, it can be processed into non-standard diesel oil by a distillation machine. Contact us to know how to get this kind of oil.

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