Sample Test of Beston Charcoal Making Machine

In May 2022, a customer contacted Beston and expressed interest in Beston charcoal making machine. This customer wanted to use Beston charcoal making equipment to test the quality of the final carbonized charcoal. The raw material is biomass pellets. Then he would consider the cooperation. So Beston arranged this sample test.

Details of Sample Test

The carbonized samples this time were pellets mixed with several kinds of biomass. The biomass particles were small in size and flow well. The weight is about 1-2 tons. When this biomass pellet was put into the feeder, the whole process went very smoothly. And the quality of the final biomass charcoal was also very good. The final yield can be more than doubled if investors use this kind of biomass pellets. This mixed biomass pellet is a good choice of raw material.

If you want to know the final biochar quality, please contact Beston. You can send part of the raw materials to Beston. When we received it, we use Beston biomass charcoal machine to test it. We can also send the final biomass charcoal to a professional testing organization. This organization is able to test its components and issue relevant reports. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Small Mixed Biomass Pellets
Small Mixed Biomass Pellets

Why This Customer Chose Beston Charcoal Making Machine to Do Test?

  • In this industry, customers have learned that Beston biomass carbonization equipment has a good reputation, as well as the brand.
  • This customer searched the web for our biomass carbonization machines. The functionality of Beston carbonization equipment matched his needs.
  • Beston provides sample testing and related certification services.
  • When the test was completed, Beston immediately sent the relevant information of this test to our customer. And we communicated with him. We looked forward to the follow-up cooperation. Through this test, it can be seen that the carbonization effect of the mixed biomass particles is better than that of normal biomass raw materials. If you are interested in this carbonization process, contact us right now.

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