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Pyrolysis Plant FAQs

What Raw Materials Can Pyrolysis Plant Process?

Tyre, rubber, plastic, medical waste, oil sludge, woven bag, acrylic, tar residue and other meterails which can be decomposed by high temperatures.

Note: chlorine plastic isn’t recommended.

Can Plastic Mixed with Sludge and Food Waste be Pyrolyzed Directly?

Of course.

Can All Kinds of Plastic be Used to Pyrolyzed?

Generally, many kinds of plastics can be pyrolyzed, not including PVC and PET. Hcl and dioxins generated from the plastic containing chlorine will largely reduce the life span of pyrolysis reactor. Besides, they have bad influence on the environment.

Is There Bad Influence When the Tyre isn't Washed?

Impurity on the tyres have a small influence on the pyrolysis. The important thing is that the final impurity will left on the black carbon.

Can Tyre and Plastic be Pyrolyzed at the Same Time?

No, we don’t recommend doing this. It is better to pyrolyze tyre and plastic seperatetively. These two materials have different pyrolysis temperature, which will infect the final result.

What is the Requirement for Material Size?

For manual feeding method and hydraulic feed, the tyre and plastic with less than 1.2m parameter can be feeded directly. For screw feed, the paramters of tyre and plastic should be below than 5cm.

For tyres, when the diameter of tyre is larger than 1200mm, need crushing machine to cut them into small pieces. We offer a drying machine, several types of tyre shredders, and steel wire drawing machine.

What is the Requirement for Material Water?

Normally, moisture is below 10%.

What Things Should We Pay Attention to in the Plastic Pyrolysis Process?

Before feeding, the plastic is better to be packed. Besides, recommend Three into One Machine to condensing oil.

What Steps are Required for Tyre Pretreatment According to Machine Types?

For batch types, take ring cutting machine, thread rolling machine, diehead tyre machine into consideration.
For semi-continuous types, take the integrated machine ( combined with ring cutting and block cut-off ), thread rooling machine, shredder into consideration.
For fully-continuous types, take the integrated machine ( combined with ring cutting and block cut-off ), thread rooling machine, shredder, grinding machine into consideration.

What is Feeding Capacity for Different Materials??
Model BLJ-3 BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16
Tyre 1-3T 4-6T 8-10T 12-14T
Plastic 0.5-1T 2-3T 3-5T 6-8T
Oil Sludge 3T 6T 10T 15-20T
How Many Types of Waste Pyrolysis Machines Does Beston Group Offers?

As so far, Beston offers three types, including skid-mounted, batch, and continuous types.
Note: see parameters.

How to Choose Suitable Models?

When you buy this machine, take the following factors into consideration, capacity, final products, factory area. Besides, you can send the message to us. We will give you a comprehensive layout.

Does Beston Offer Customized Plant Design?

Yes. In order to provide a cost-effective plant, we can customize project layout and machine parts according to customer’s needs.

How to Feed Raw Materials?

Beston offers four feeding ways, including manual feeding, conveyor feeding, hydraulic feeding and screw feeding. Beston will recommend a suitable feeder to satisfy customer’s needs.

How to Choose a Suitable Feeder?
Feed Advantages
Belt The feeding is flexible. Don’t have requirement for the materials size. Moreover, the manual feeding in the reactor will fill the reactor to the most extent.
Hydraulic Feed The requirement for materials size is low. Moreover, it is a safe and clean process.
Screw Feed This machine can be used in the pyrolysis process, which can save reaction time. Besides, it is easy to install and disassemble.
What fuel does this Machine Burn?

Coal, diesel, natural gas, wood, etc.

How Does the Cooling Effectiveness?

It is efficient. Beston offers three types of condensers, for example, tubular condenser, Three in One Machine, integrated condenser.

How About the Temperature in the Pyrolysis Process?

Oil generate:120℃
Max oil output:280-285℃
Max Temperature:350℃-450℃
The temperature of the smoke inlet the flue condenser:300℃+
The temperature of smoke outlet the flue condenser :100℃+
Flue emission:about 35℃

How Long Does the Whole Process Spend?

Take BLJ-16 as an example

Feeding (5tons, 1hour)- Processing (7hours) – Cooling – (4-8hours)

Type Feeding Pyrolysis Cooling Discharging Second Furnace Per Day
Batch 3h 11h 7h 3h 1 Furnace
Semi-continuous 1.5h 8h 2h 2h Feeding (2h) – Pyrolysis (6h) – Cooling (2h) – Discharging (2h) 2 Furnace

Note: The above data is just for reference. Contact us to get details.

Which Safety Measures Does this Machine Take?

Auto explosion-proof measure; electricity cabinet control; safety valve; Anti-tempering design;

What is Oil Output Rates of Tyre?
Materials Oil Carbon Black Combustible Gas Steel Wire
Tyre 35-45% 30-35% 8-15% 8-15%

Note: Contact Beston to get the oil output rate of plastic.

Which Sides Discharges the Carbon Black?

At the end of the reactor. Firstly, the inner design with a screw discharger achieves sealed discharging. This process is automatic and clean. Secondly, this discharging process is easy and time-effective. Thirdly, the discharger is combined with a water cooling system, which realizes high-temperature carbon black discharging.

How to Purify the Smoke?

This project is equipped with a cyclone dedusting system. Through four procedures, final smoke can meet European emission standards. Four steps contain flue cooling, water washing, water spray, and ring absorption.

Can Investors Get Bio-gas?

The non-liquefiable gas will be purified and enter into the combustion chamber. When investors use this part of recycled gas to heat the reactor, 30% of fuel cost will be saved.

What is the Production Rate of Final Products?

There are many factors that influence the production rate, such as materials category, components. Send us a sample. We offer an accurate report for you. Normally, Take tyre as an example, investors can get 45% tire oil, 15% steel wire, 30% carbon black, 8% combustible gas, and 2% water.

How to Improve Final Oil Value?

Use a distillation machine to purify the oil. Final oil has good quality with high value.

What are the Uses of Pyrolysis Oil and Carbon Black?

Pyrolysis Oil

Field Uses
Heavy Industry As the fuel in the steel factory, brick factory, glass factory, concrete factory, etc.
Heavy Equipment (After Distillation) After the distillation, the non-standards diesel oil can be used as the fuel to the heavy equipment or cruise ship.
Heavy Goods Vehicle and Ship (After Distillation) Small part of distillation oil can be added in the fuel of heavy goods vehicle and ship.

Carbon Black

It can be mixed with coal to make fuel.
It can be grinded and as the addictation of regeneration rubber-made product or pigment.

What Grade are the Pyrolysis Oil and Carbon Black? How about Their Quality?

The pyrolysis oil and carbon black generated by pyrolysis plant is primary. Contact us to get SGS report.

Does the Types of Plastic Have Influence to Pyrolysis Oil?

Of course. Tell us what plastic do you plan to process.

How Long can Beston Ship Machines?

Normally, it depends on the model which you choose. Normally, after reiving your payment, we will arrange the shipment in 30-60 working days.

Does Beston Has Experience for this Project?

Beston Group has to install pyrolysis projects in more than 30 countries, including South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, etc.

What Services Does Beston Offer for Pyrolysis Machine?

12-month guarantee.
Installment and training service.
1-year spare parts.
Factory layout design.
Contact us to know other after-sales service Beston offers.

How Long Does It Cost to Install this Machine?

About 60 working days.

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