Pyrolysis Plant FAQs

Raw Materials

1. What Raw Materials Can Pyrolysis Plant Process?

Tyre, rubber, plastic, medical waste, oil sludge.

2. What is the Requirement for Materials?

There are some requirements for size and water. Normally, moisture is below 15% and size is below 2.5cm. We offer a drying machine, several tyre shredder, and steel wire drawing machine.

Pyrolysis Machine Types

3. How Many Types of Waste Pyrolysis Machines Does Beston Machinery Offers?

As so far, Beston offers three types, including skid-mounted, batch, and continuous types.
Note: see parameters.

4. How to Choose Suitable Models?

When you buy this machine, take the following factors into consideration, capacity, final products, factory area. Besides, you can send the message to us. We will give you a comprehensive layout.

5. Does Beston Offer Customized Plant Design?

Yes. In order to provide a cost-effective plant, we can customize project layout and machine parts according to customer’s need.


6. How to Feed Raw Materials?

Beston offers four feeding ways, including manual feeding, conveyor feeding, hydraulic feeding and screw feeding. Beston will recommend a suitable feeder to satisfy customer’s needs.


7. What fuel does this Machine Burn?

Coal, diesel, natural gas, wood, etc.

8. How Does the Cooling Effectiveness?

It is efficient. Beston offers three types of condensers, for example, tubular condenser, Three in One Machine, integrated condenser.

9. How About the Temperature in the Pyrolysis Process?

Oil generate:120℃
Max oil output:280-285℃
Max Temperature:350℃-450℃
The temperature of the smoke inlet the flue condenser:300℃+
The temperature of smoke outlet the flue condenser :100℃+
Flue emission:about 35℃

10. How Long Does the Whole Process Spend?

Take BLJ-16 as an example

Feeding (5tons, 1hour)- Processing (7hours) – Cooling – (4-8hours)

11. Which Safety Measures Does this Machine Take?

Auto explosion-proof measure; electricity cabinet control; safety valve; Anti-tempering design;


Which Sides Discharges the Carbon Black?

At the end of the reactor. Firstly, the inner design with a screw discharger achieves sealed discharging. This process is automatic and clean. Secondly, this discharging process is easy and time-effective. Thirdly, the discharger is combined with a water cooling system, which realizes high-temperature carbon black discharging.

Environmetal-friendly Treatment – Dedusting & Gas Recycling


12. How to Purify the Smoke?

This project is equipped with a cyclone dedusting system. Through four procedures, final smoke can meet European emission standards. Four steps contain flue cooling, water washing, water spray, and ring absorption.

13. Can Investors Get Bio-gas?

The non-liquefiable gas will be purified and enter into the combustion chamber. When investors use this part of recycled gas to heat the reactor, 30% of fuel cost will be saved.

Final Products

14. What is the production rate of final products?

There are many factors that influence the production rate, such as materials category, components. Send us a sample. We offer an accurate report for you. Normally, Take tyre as an example, investors can get 45% tire oil, 15% steel wire, 30% carbon black, 8% combustible gas, and 2% water.

15. How to Improve Final Oil Value?

Use a distillation machine to purify the oil. Final oil has good quality with high value.

16. How Long can Beston Ship Machines?

Normally, it depends on the model which you choose. Normally, after reiving your payment, we will arrange the shipment in 30-60 working days.

17. Does Beston Has Experience for this Project?

Beston Machinery has to install pyrolysis projects in more than 30 countries.

Service & Delivery

18. What Services Does Beston Offer for Pyrolysis Machine?

12-month guarantee.
Installment and training service.
1-year spare parts.
Factory layout design.
Contact us to know other after-sales service Beston offers.

19. How Long Does It Cost to Install this Machine?

About 60 working days.