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BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Zambia

Great news! BTF1-4 Beston small egg tray making machine was shipped to Zambia in August 2021. This customer has a small demand for egg trays. He thought making egg trays by himself is a good business with a small budget. So he found this machine online. After a series of discussions and comparisons, he cooperated with Beston finally.

BTF1-4 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Zambia
BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Zambia
BTF1-4 Beston Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Zambia

This customer ordered a set of standard egg tray making machine from us. We got the data about eggs from this customer. Beston mould dies are suitable for these eggs in the local area. So this customer didn’t customize egg trays. We offer two kinds of moulds, including plastic mould and aluminium mould. The aluminium mould can serve more than 3 years.

Besides, this customer told us that there is a large demand for egg trays in local trays. The machine cost is fixed and the paper waste cost is low. So this business is profitable. If he decide to expand the business, he will contact us and cooperate with Beston.

If you are familiar with this machine and wanna machines with large production, we recommend BTF4-8, BTF5-8 and BTF6-8. For egg tray dryers, we recommend a metal egg tray dryer. Consult us to get more information now.

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