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Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Turkey

Here is a good news. BST-50 Beston biochar machine was shipped to Turkey in March 2022. This set of machine will be used to carbonize olive shells and other fruit shells by this customer. In the local area, there are many of shells waste. This customer finds the relevant recycling equipment to recycle them and makes a profit. Finally, he found Beston biochar machine.

BST-50 Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Turkey
BST-50 Beston Biochar Machine Shipped to Turkey

BST-50 Beston Biochar Macine Shipped to Turkey

This customer found Beston charcoal making machine on Linkedin and left a message. After inquiring promptly about his needs, our professionals offered him several options. This client is very satisfied with these options. He also saw that we are very professional in these programs. So we deepened our cooperation. This customer had a lot of raw material to handle. Finally, he chose the largest model.

In this exchange, there are also some concerns for customers, such as delivery time issues. We told him that we have our own factory and we can strictly control the production and delivery time by ourselves. And, we also have our own finance and delivery teams. They will perform according to the contract.

BST-50 Beston Biochar Equipment Shipped to Turkey

Biochar Making Plant Shipped to Turkey
Biochar Making Equipment Shipped to Turkey

We scheduled shipments for around 45 working days. However, the shipment was delayed because of some reasons. We explained the reasons to this customer, and this customer expressed understanding. In the few days, we will overcome obstacles and deliver goods as soon as possible to this customer. Beston will take the best service to customers.

When the equipment arrives at the customer’s site, the customer will install it as soon as possible. If the using experience is good, he will buy our charcoal production line again.

Biochar Making Machine Shipped to Turkey
Beston Biochar Equipment Shipped to Turkey
Beston Biochar Making Equipment Delivered to Turkey

This set of biomass pyrolysis plant is also can be used to process palm kernel shell, coffee bean shell, etc. Investors could use it to process multiple raw materials without change. Accordingly, this charcoal making business is extremely profitable. Contact Beston to get the details.

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