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egg tray products

Beston Egg Tray Plant Installed in Ivory Coast

Beston egg tray plant was installed in Ivory Coast under the guidance of Beston engineers. In the installation process, Beston provided a project plan, including occupied area, output, water volume, conveying route, etc. When this project was finished, we provided training about how to operate this machine and gave some safety tips for workers. Finally, this customer was satisfied with our service and the-final products – egg trays.

Here are some egg trays produced by Beston machine. Normally, we don’t additive. If you have a need for egg tray color, it is available to add some additives to change egg tray color.

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Ivory Coast
Paper Egg Tray Machine Installed in Ivory Coast
Egg Trays Produced by Beston Egg Tray Machine
Egg Trays Produced by Beston Egg Tray Machine
Paper Egg Tray Machine
Customer was Pleasure with Egg Trays

Beston provides different models and different drying methods for customers. There are many factors that affect the choice of models and dryers. View some egg tray making machine cases to get the information you want. Or contact us directly to know which model and drying machine are appropriate for you.

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