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Wood Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Ukraine

Beston BST-50 wood charcoal making machine was installed in Ukraine. Due to the improvement of the consciousness of waste to energy, this customer from Ukraine purchased this machine from Beston Group. In the near future, he will make profits through making charcoal from waste wood chips. After a period of discussion, we reach a agreement for the plan.

Wood Charcoal Machine in Ukraine
Beston Wood Charcoal Machine in Ukraine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine in Ukraine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine in Ukraine
Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine in Ukraine
Top Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

When the whole project was finished, we assisted them to do a trail operation. And under this customer’ requirement, we offer training and other technical support for workers. The whole process is smooth and pleasant. If you are looking for a wood charcoal manufacturing machine manufacturer, visit Beston Group.

Test Run of Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Charcoal Making Equipment
Wood Charcoal Making Equipment Run Smoothly
Wood Charcoal Making Plant
Wood Charcoal Making Plant Project in Ukraine

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