Join Indo Water Expo & Forum with Beston

During July 15th-18th, 2019, Beston will go to Indonesia to take part in Indo Water Expo & Forum. The main purpose of this exhibition is to show more equipment to manage the waste. We will bring four machines to recycle different waste. If you are interested in this exhibition, contact us (Zoe Zhang, Fredo Wang ,Sophie Liu or Mr. Zhou).

Indonesian Exhibition
Beston Will Join Indonesian Exhibition from 15th to 18th, July, 2019

After finish of this exhibition, our salesperson will visit some local customers who have interested in our machines (pyrolysis machine, charcoal making machine, egg tray equipment or municipal solid waste sorting machine). All our machines converts different waste into new products, which creates economical benefits for local area. Accordingly, contact them as soon as possible.

Exhibition Time in Indonesia:
15th-18th, July, 2019

Visiting Time in Indonesia:
19th-26th, July, 2019

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