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egg tray products

BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2022

There is good news a set of BTF4-4 Beston egg tray machine was installed in Indonesia. This set of machine makes 2500-3000 pieces of egg trays. If you have a chicken poultry farm or do an egg business, this machine is a good investment. See details of this project.

BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Shiped to Oman in 2022
BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

BTF4-4 Beston Egg Tray Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2022

This is not the first egg tray machinery from Beston to be sold in Indonesia. Under the guidance of Beston engineers, these machines were installed smoothly and operated well. This set of machine was under the online guidance of Beston engineers on site.

Why Did This Customer Buy This Model?

Combined with the customer’s demand for the supply and production of waste paper raw materials, Baxter recommends customers to purchase this model. The customer stated that this model fit his needs. Because this client has enough space. So the venue is not an important point.

How Did Beston Help Customers?

Beston provides the following documentation and technical support to this customer:

  • According to the factory drawings provided by customers, provide a series of technical documents, including layout drawing, foundation drawing, PID drawing, electrical drawing, 3D layout, installation sechdule, installation manual, operation manual, maintenance manual, etc.
  • Beston provides online and on-site installation instruction services. Installation instructions are carried out by Beston experienced bilingual engineers.
  • When this customer has technical questions, feel free to ask our engineers online. Beston engineers will promptly respond to customer questions.
  • When the entire project was over, this customer expressed his appreciation for Beston service. If you are interested in Beston equipment, please leave your details. Beston will recommend suitable models and production lines according to the specific situation of customers. And Beston will also provide customers with a series of support services, not just equipment.

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