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Trial Run of BLJ-3 Portable Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine in Japan

BLJ-3 Beston portable skid-mounted pyrolysis machine has been successfully installed in Japan. This equipment will be used for processing on-site waste tires. Currently, the machine is in the trial operation phase. Both parties are looking forward to its smooth operation.

Trial Run of BLJ-3 Beston Portable Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine in Japan in 2023

Trial Run of BLJ-3 Beston Portable Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine in Japan in 2023

This portable pyrolysis equipment was successfully installed with the guidance and assistance of our engineers. Additionally, we conducted a trial run of the equipment. The machine is designed to process waste tires, some of which need to be recycled responsibly in the local area. Once operational, this machine will convert the tires into pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and other products. Please watch the operation video for more details.

End-of-Tires Management in Japan – Use Pyrolsis for Tyre Recycling

Japan has a strict waste management and recycling system, including for used tires. This country has well-established recycling centers specifically for used tires. There are various methods to recycle tires, but why choose pyrolysis for tire recycling? Here are the reasons:

  • Reducing tire volume: A large number of tires take up significant storage and processing space. Transforming tires into pyrolysis oil helps reduce the storage space needed.
  • Resource utilization of used tires: Many tires can be converted into valuable products like pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. These new products find applications in energy production, chemical products, and so on.
  • Substituting traditional energy with pyrolysis oil: Pyrolysis oil and combustible gas can serve as alternative sources of energy. It replaces conventional sources like petroleum and coal. This approach contributes to the recycling and reuse of energy resources.

Trial Run of Portable Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine in Japan in 2023

Tire recycling involves various aspects, such as environmental impact, product quality, safety, and so on. Beston Group can provide you with a comprehensive solution. You just need to let us know your requirements. Through our collaborative planning, a customized solution that meets your specifications will be presented to you!

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