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The Installation of Stalk Charcoal Making Machine is Smooth in Croatia

Some time ago, Beston Group updated the installation process for BST-50 Beston stalk charcoal making machine in Croatia in 2023. Now, the installation of this case has a new progress. The whole installation process was very smooth under the guidance of Beston engineers. If you are interested in this case, take a look.

The Installation of Beston Stalk Charcoal Making Machine is Smooth in Croatia in 2023

Smooth Installation of BST-50 Stalk Charcoal Making Machine in Croatia in 2023

Now, the installation work of stalk charcoal making machine is almost done. Many systems are nearly finished, including the feeding system, stalk pyrolysis system, water-cooling discharging system, and combustible gas recycling system. After the finish of the whole plant, Beston engineers will guide this customer to run this machine.

In order to get high-level automation, this customer added a crushing machine and belt conveyor. After being crushed by the crusher, the straw is delivered to the feeding system by a belt conveyor. This automatic process will help customers to save manual labor costs.

The Installation of Beston Stalk Charcoal Machine is Smooth in Croatia in 2023

BST-50 Meets the Requirement of This Customer from Croatia

This customer found a solution to reuse stalk. Then he found Beston Group online. After communication, this customer had a basic understanding of Beston machines. This customer has the following requirement, including a large feeding capacity, a few labor force, and intelligent control. In this condition, Beston Group suggests BST-50 model to this customer. This customer was satisfied. In the next stage, a customer told his detailed requirements to Beston Group. Through a period of project designing and discussing, this customer reached a deal with Beston Group.

The Installation of Beston Stalk Charcoal Making Machine Goes Well in Croatia in 2023

The Installation of Beston Stalk Charcoal Making Equipment is Smooth in Croatia in 2023
The Installation of Beston Stalk Charcoal Making Plant is Smooth in Croatia in 2023

BST-50 model is a continuous charcoal making machine. Beston Group also provides other continuous models, like BST-20. If you have demand for this machine, leave your requirements to Beston Group, for example, details of raw materials, uses of final products, the local licenses for this machine, grants from government/institutional, etc. Beston Group will give you a satisfactory solution according to your information.

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