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Ship BST-50 Biochar Machine to the USA in 2024 – Process Wood

The latest shipping news is updated! Beston Group has successfully shipped a set of BST-50 biochar machine to the USA. The machine is used to recycle waste wood to produce biochar for soil remediation. Beston‘s after-sales team has arranged the installation plan for this customer. When the machine arrives at the project site, our installation engineer will go to the United States for on-site installation guidance. Below are pictures from the shipping site for your reference.

Beston Group Ships BST-50 Biochar Machine to the USA in 2024

Basic Information of Biochar Machine Shipped to the USA

This American customer need a biochar equipment with large processing capacity and high automation. Therefore, our project consultant provided the customer with the model BST-50 to meet the customer’s needs. Subsequently, our technical team implemented the corresponding configuration plan and production process for the American customer. The customer is very satisfied with our technology and solution. The following is the basic information about the equipment:

  • Equipment Model: BST-50 biochar machine
  • Working Capacity: 10-15m³/h
  • Working Method: fully continuous
  • Configuration Plan: 304 stainless steel main furnace + dryer + drum screen
Drum Screen of BST-50 Biochar Equipment Shipped to the USA
Drum Screen
Reactor of BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment to the USA

Market Prospects of Biochar Production Projects

In recent years, biochar production projects are in full swing around the world. As a product with environmental and economic benefits, biochar has shown huge market demand worldwide. This American customer discovers huge potential of  biochar. Therefore, the customer chooses to cooperate with Beston Group, a professional biochar production solution provider. The biochar production project has the following advantages:

Environmental Benefits

  • Biochar production project converts waste biomass into stable carbonaceous materials through biomass pyrolysis machine. This achieves effective carbon sequestration, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Biochar can be used for soil remediation. This can improve soil structure and fertility, and enhance the soil’s water and nutrient retention capacity. It helps soil pollution control and environmental protection.

Economic Benefits

  • Biochar is widely used in various fields, such as agricultural production increase, alternative fuel supply, etc. Therefore, it has considerable commercial value. This brings diversified market demand and benefits.
  • Through carbon sequestration and emission reduction, biochar projects can obtain carbon credits and carbon offset benefits, generating additional economic returns in the carbon trading market.

Market Prospects of Biochar Production Projects

Partner with Beston Group

When this biochar machine enters the installation stage, we will promptly update the latest news. If you already have a business plan to start producing biochar, please choose Beston Group as your solution provider. Our innovative equipment and comprehensive service system are worthy of your trust. Just leave your contact information to get customized solutions.

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