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Ship BST-05Pro Wood Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand in 2023

In August 2023, Beston Group arranged this shipment. A set of BST-05Pro wood pyrolysis plant was sent to Thailand. Thailand and China are relatively close. This time, this customer received our equipment in less than a month. When this customer receives the equipment, our engineers will assist the customer to install it at the installation site. Please see the shipping picture this time.

Ship BST-05Pro Wood Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand in 2023
Ship BST-05Pro Wood Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand in 2023

Apply BST-05Pro Biomass Pyrolysis Plant to Process Wood in Thailand

This customer has plenty of wood blocks. And the source of wood blocks is stable. This customer bought this wood pyrolysis equipment mainly to process wood blocks. The final biochar will be used as boiler fuel.

In Thailand, with the emphasis on the environment, the government has strict requirements on equipment emissions. Beston wood pyrolysis plant is equipped with a de-dusting system. The flue gas treated by it meets the emission standard. Moreover, we support customized de-dusting systems to meet customers’ higher requirements. If you have needs, please contact us.

Pyrolysis of Wood

Ship BST-05Pro Wood Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand in 2023

Beston Group arranged for the shipment when the production of the machine was complete. BST-05Pro processes 0.3-0.5m³ of wood per hour. After entering the normal pyrolysis stage, charcoal can be produced in 15-25 minutes. Our equipment is equipped with a water-cooling discharging system. After three-stage water cooling system, the temperature of charcoal can reach about 30 degrees. If the wood is properly preserved, then customers will not have to worry about the charcoal spontaneously combusting.

In addition to this, Beston Group also offers charcoal briquette forming systems. The natural shape of charcoal sometimes does not meet the needs of customers. When the forming system is used, the natural shape of charcoal can be processed into other shapes, such as charcoal rod, charcoal powder, charcoal cube, etc.

Ship BST-05Pro Beston Wood Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand in 2023

BST-05Pro is the skid-mounted charcoal making machine. It is easy to install and move for customers. Many customers choose this machine because of convience. Besides, Beston Group provide batch type and continue type. If you are interested in these machines, contact us.

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